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Pest Control In Frisco, TX: Bugs You’ll Need Help With This Winter

With our usually mild winters, pest control in Frisco, TX is something we North Texans have to think about all year round.  Though some pests have their own form of cold-weather hibernation, many continue to hang around bothering us from January to December. Of those pests, some are can be handled with a fly swatter or a heavy shoe but others require professional pest control in Frisco, TX. Bed bugs are tiny, flat and notoriously hard to find. They only appear in the wee hours of the morning, usually between 3 am and 5 am, to feed on human or Read more
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There Is Only One Place to Go for Pest Control in Frisco, TX

Finding pests in your home is never fun. If you have pests, call for some pest control in Frisco, TX immediately. However, it’s important that you don’t choose just any company; call Safe Pro at (972) 435-0700 first. We can ensure that your home is free of pests, rodents or other critters that you find nonessential for you home. Don’t wait to obtain pest control in Frisco, TX, because the longer you wait, the more the problem grows. Take action right away, and remember that even one bug can mean literally thousands hiding elsewhere in your home. It takes professionals Read more
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Pest Control In Frisco, TX: Are You Making Your Home A Bug Magnet?

Experts in pest control in Frisco, TX know that bugs, like burglars, choose homes to invade that are easy targets. If you’ve noticed that your pest problems seem to be growing, take a look around your home to see if you’re putting out the welcome mat for termites, spiders, roaches and more. A Messy Outside Area can Cause a need for Pest Control in Frisco, TX If the outside of your home is littered with debris and overgrown shrubs and grass, you’re asking for pest problems. A number of pests, from termites to rodents, live in the shade and cover Read more
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Pest Control In Frisco, TX: Banish Pests From Your Home This Winter

With winter coming and pests looking for a safe, warm haven from the cold weather, you need pest control in Frisco, TX. It’s your house; you shouldn’t have to share it with rodents, insects and spiders. When you call the experts at Safe Pro Pest Control, we can take care of all your pest problems before, during and after winter. No matter how big or small, from the tiniest ant to the hairiest spider to the fattest rat, we can banish them from your home. Call us at Safe Pro Pest Control in Frisco, TX at (972) 435-0700 to schedule Read more
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Pest Control In Frisco, TX: Safeguard Your Home This Winter

Many people think pest control in Frisco, TX is something they only have to worry about in the spring and summer; but, in reality, pests are a problem year-round. In the colder months, your biggest pest problem in North Texas is going to be with the kind of pests that want to be in your warm house with you.  Which pests are looking to hunker down for the winter with you? Rats, mice, raccoons and squirrels will enter your home through any available opening to escape the cold and, once inside, they’ll shred any materials they can find to build Read more
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Pest Control In Frisco, TX: Why You Need Winter Pest Control

You might think that pest control in Frisco, TX isn’t necessary when cold weather hits North Texas because all of the summertime pests you know and don’t love seem to fade away with the heat. The problem is, however, that many spring, summer and fall pests can still cause problems even in the dead of winter. That’s why you should continue to have regular pest inspections no matter what time of year it is because professional help can find and treat these winter pest issues: Infestations of pests that live inside the walls of your home Insects and other pests Read more
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Pest Control Frisco, TX: 5 Things To Know About German Cockroaches

At Safe Pro Pest Control in Frisco, TX, we think about cockroaches every day – along with a lot of other pests, of course. We think about how to prevent cockroach infestations and how to take care of the ones that do happen. We think about roach species, habitats, lifespans and all of the other important things we, as professionals, need to know to control them. For most people, knowledge of cockroach minutiae is limited to knowing that the bigger ones make a louder crunch when they’re squished. In Texas, there are 30 species of cockroaches including the oriental cockroach, Read more
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Keep Your Home Safe and Germ-Free with Pest Control in Frisco TX

Even if you clean your home like a pro, it helps to hire pest control in Frisco TX to inspect your property for hidden bugs and rodents. Roaches, ants and other insects may hide in cracks and crevices, in the attic or under floorboards. Weather that’s too hot or too cold may drive vermin in from outdoors, bringing germs and disease into your home. No matter what precautions you take, an annual inspection can ensure your property is safe from mice, spiders, roaches, ants and other pests. Safe Pro Pest Control in Frisco TX offers termite, pest and rodent control Read more
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Pest Control Frisco TX: 4 Reasons You Need Help With Your Flea Problem

Summers in North Texas last forever so that means that bugs other parts of the country start to see less of in August and September, we continue to see into the fall and none of these is more annoying than fleas. But just because fleas are annoying, does that mean they’re dangerous and require the help of professional pest control in Frisco TX Yes! Here’s why: 1.  Fleas transmit diseases. Flea bites don’t just irritate the skin of the people and pets they bite; they can also trigger allergic reactions in people who are extra sensitive to them. These allergic reactions, if Read more
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Rid Your Home of Pests with Professional Pest Control in Frisco TX

Cockroaches and other insects love hot weather, and you may find you need pest control in Frisco TX to rid your property of these germ-carrying invaders. Roaches swarm toward food in your cabinets and even feed on pet food. They leave microbes on surfaces that can cause disease. Eliminating stubborn roaches on your own is difficult and time-consuming. Calling in a professional pest control service will keep your family healthy and your home safe. Safe Pro Pest Control in Frisco TX offers pest, termite and rodent control for your house and yard. We’re insured, licensed and we offer eco-friendly products Read more