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Extermination Service Experts Explain What Attracts House Centipedes

Extermination Service Frisco TX

Extermination Service Frisco TXIf you’ve ever encountered a house centipede, you were probably tempted to run to the phone as fast as possible and call an extermination service. These small pests have a daunting appearance and the reputation of a painful bite that may be intimidating. If you have a house centipede invasion, Safe Pro Pest in Frisco, TX wants to help. The first step in determining how to get rid of pests in your home is understanding what attracted them to your residence in the first place. Safe Pro Pest shares the items and conditions in your home that may be to blame for your annoying infestation problem.

  • Humid Air. Moisture in the air appeals greatly to house centipedes. It may be wise to invest in a dehumidifier if you often encounter centipedes indoors. Furthermore, make a habit of running your bathroom fan(s) as much as possible to keep your home dry.
  • Damp Debris. Moist outdoor debris like mulch, soil or even full gutters can attract house centipedes (and other pests!). If you have a pile of compost or firewood you can’t bear to part with, move it as far away from your home as possible to deter house centipedes.
  • Cracked Foundation. Any cracks or crevices in your foundation are ideal entry points for house centipedes. Buy a tube of caulk and make a point to seal up these areas to prevent more pests from entering your home. Be sure to check the seals on your doors and windows as well, and implement door-sealing products underneath doors if you see any cracks or openings.
  • Other Pests. It may come as a surprise, but house centipedes feed exclusively on other pests. Unlike roaches or flies, centipedes won’t try scurrying around in your trash or dirty dishes to find a meal. These many-legged creatures eat insects like cockroaches, moths, termites and more! House centipedes may be a sign that you have other pest problems in your home. If you encounter an abundance of them, you may need to call an extermination service to treat your house for a variety of pests.

If you’re battling a house centipede problem, it may be time to call in some reinforcements. At Safe Pro Pest, we focus on delivering quality pest control services in Plano & nearby areas that won’t break the bank. For more information on house centipedes or any other pests, visit us online at or give us a call today (972) 435-0700.

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