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Exterminator Frisco TX: What You Should Know About Cockroach Allergies

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Exterminator Frisco TXDid you know that you can alleviate some of your springtime allergy-related sneezing and wheezing by calling an exterminator Frisco TX. Though ragweed, mold and pollen from trees, grass and weeds can make you miserable from spring through winter, there’s another allergen you may not know about that can trigger serious, sometimes life-threatening, symptoms: cockroaches, specifically cockroach saliva, skin and droppings.

Exterminator Frisco TX: Cockroach Allergies Are Common

The National Pest Management Association says that cockroaches are a leading trigger of allergies and of asthma attacks in the United States. In fact, 63 percent of American homes contain cockroach allergens, with that number climbing higher, between 78 and 98 percent for homes in urban areas. Anyone who lives in a home that has cockroaches — and most people do at one time or another — can be exposed to cockroach allergens, even in suburban or rural neighborhoods. Children are most vulnerable, especially children who have asthma. It’s thought that early exposure to cockroach allergens like cockroach feces and saliva can even cause asthma to develop in very young children. That’s why a two-pronged approach to cockroach control is important.

Frisco TX Exterminator: The First Prong Of Attack Is Home Cleaning And Maintenance

Cockroaches want what humans want — food, water and warmth — so keeping your home clean will make it less appealing to roaches. Keep garbage cans inside and outside the home covered. Don’t leave food debris anywhere in the house, especially on kitchen counters and under and behind appliances. Don’t leave pet food out longer than necessary, and clean up any spills. Vacuum at least once a week. Keep food in pantries and on counters sealed in airtight containers. Check under cabinets and around appliances that use water to make sure you don’t have any leaks. Eliminate as many warm hiding places as possible. Don’t let newspapers or grocery bags pile up, and make sure cracks in walls are sealed.

Extermination Service Frisco TX: The Second Prong Of Attack is Professional Pest Control

Your best efforts to keep cockroaches out of your home will always be thwarted by the sheer number and adaptability of cockroaches. That’s why you need a pest control company to help with professional-grade insecticide that will kill roaches but will also be safe for your pets and family. Plano pest control experts also know where to look for signs of a cockroach infestation and can give you tips for keeping them out of your home.

If you see one cockroach, you can be sure that there are hundreds more hiding in your home that you can’t see. That could mean thousands of cockroaches leaving allergens everywhere in your home that can trigger allergy and severe asthma attacks. For help with your roach problem, call the best exterminator Frisco TX, Safe Pro Pest Control, at (972) 435-0700 or visit

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