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The Exterminator Left; Now What? Cleaning Tips for After Treatment

Exterminator Frisco TXIt’s only been a few minutes since the exterminator left your home, but you’re already thinking, when can I clean? And it’s only natural. After all, in addition to freeloading off of you, the bugs that infested your home may have been carrying diseases that could transfer to you and any other residents or family. What’s more, a pest control professional just applied potentially dangerous chemicals to various areas of your home. Yikes!

Although you don’t want to remove any of the treatment the exterminator left behind accidentally, you certainly don’t want to neglect your cleaning duties for the next several days.

Fortunately, a happy medium does exist. You can keep your house in tip-top shape while still maintaining the integrity of the treatment.

Put in Some Prep Work

Remove the stress and worry of contaminated surfaces by performing a deep cleaning before the exterminator arrives. Washing areas where bugs have likely touched each day is a good idea right now, so get your daily clean in right before the extermination is scheduled to begin. Plus, you’ll want to wash away all dirt and food debris that may interfere with treatment application. Give the exterminator a clean canvas to work with, and chances of bug elimination success are high.

After Application

Before your exterminator departs, you should receive information regarding what type of treatment they applied to your home. Which method determines the appropriate cleaning procedure. For instance, pest control technicians often spray treatments along baseboards. Cleaning the area before the spray dries thoroughly could result in removing the treatment entirely. The result is a wasted exterminator visit.

Typically, cleaning of the treated area can safely take place about three to five days after application.

If the exterminator left bait around your home, cleaning is typically safe, as long as you stay away from the pieces.

Talk to your exterminator before any cleaning takes place to find out for sure which cleaning procedures are okay. Light cleaning and wipe downs are often okay few days after application, but your pest control technician can offer tips and specifics.

Pest infestations aren’t something you can take lightly, nor is your cleaning technique after an exterminator visits your home. Instead of wasting money on ineffective extermination due to premature cleaning, talk to your exterminator about the best approach to take. You’ll likely find that simply waiting a few days and using caution will prevent treatment removal.

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