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Home Pest Control Frisco TX: How To Keep Pantry Pests From Bugging You

Home Pest Control Frisco TX

Home Pest Control Frisco TXPart of home pest control Frisco TX is doing your best to prevent insect problems in your home from happening in the first place. Though calling your favorite Plano pest control company to help you handle a pest problem once it happens is a good idea, the first thing you should always think about is the best way to keep your home from being attractive to crawling, flying bugs. This is especially important when it comes to storing your foods because insects that infest stored foods often carry diseases that can be life-threatening.

Home Pest Control Frisco TX: Bugs You’ll Find In Your Pantry

A number of insects fit into the category of pantry pests but the most common pests in Texas are the cigarette beetle and the drugstore beetle. In addition, you may find Indian meal moths, merchant grain beetles, flour beetles and rice weevils in your stored food. Though most of these pests, including beetles, weevils, and moths, don’t pose serious health threats to humans, that doesn’t mean that you want them in your pantry as they are not only unappetizing to find in your stored (or prepared) food, they also multiply quickly and can become more than just a minor nuisance in a short amount of time.

Pest Control Service in Frisco TX: What They Like To Eat

Cigarette and drugstore beetle larvae feed on beans, flour, grains, nuts, seeds, spices, tobacco, dried fruits and vegetables and potpourri. Indian meal moths prefer nuts, cereals, dried fruit, bird seed, dog food, powdered milk, chocolate, and candy. Merchant grain beetles infest bird seed, dried pasta, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, cereal and flour products. Like Indian meal moths, flour beetles eat nuts, dried milk, dried fruit, and chocolate but they prefer to eat milled grains like flour, rather than whole grains. Rice weevils prefer their grains whole and food made from processed grain like dried pasta.

Pest Control Company in Frisco TX: How To Keep Them Out Of Your Pantry

Though there’s no foolproof way to keep all pests out of your pantry, there are some steps you can take to make your home a little less attractive to them. These steps include:

  • Purchasing proper storage containers. Invest in good-quality plastic or glass storage containers that have tight-fitting lids. These can keep out insects and even highly-motivated rodents.
  • Properly storing seasonal decorations. Larger airtight containers are also a good idea when it comes to storing decorations like potpourri, dried foliage and Indian corn, which many pantry pests will eat.
  • Inspecting groceries. Most of your pantry pest problems originate in the grocery store. Check out all of your grocery items as you’re putting them in your cart to look for tears in the packaging or even bite marks.
  • Using bay leaves. Add a bay leaf to containers of flour, rice and other grains as the plant’s pungent smell can repel many insects.
  • Seal cracks. Check your home for cracks or holes, especially around pipes, that make your home more easily-accessible for insects and rodents.
  • Keep your pantry clean. Cleanliness is your best weapon when it comes to keeping bugs out of your pantry. Don’t leave food or excessively dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink overnight. Keep your floor free of pet food spills and food crumbs and make sure all garbage makes its way into tightly sealed garbage cans.
If you do have a problem with a pantry pest infestation, call the experts in home pest control Frisco TX, Safe Pro Pest Control, at (972) 435-0700. To find out more about our services, visit us online at

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