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How The Difference Between Mice & Rats Affect Rodent Removal Service

Rodent Removal Service Frisco TXUnless you are an expert in rodent removal service, you might think that mice and rats may look similar. In fact, they differ in physical features, size and behavior. If you have a rodent problem, it’s important to know which type of rodent you are dealing with to successfully control the issue.

Rodent Damage and Disease

Rodents are found in restaurants, supermarkets and factories as well as in homes. Their gnawing and burrowing activity can create a great deal of damage to any structure. They have been the source of some awful diseases throughout history. Thankfully, today’s advances in sanitation and rodent control have greatly reduced the potential for damage and disease from these pests.

Do I Have Mice or Rats?

The common house mouse is generally about an ounce in size and typically has a slender body. Rats range in size between five and eighteen ounces depending on the species. Some rats and mice can be mistaken for one another, however, upon closer inspection, it is possible to tell them apart. While the feet and heads of younger rats are larger when compared to their bodies, the feet and heads of mice are proportional to their bodies.


Both mice and rats are active at night and tend to reproduce quickly. In a stable environment mice and rats display limited movement. Rats move about within an area ranging between one hundred and one hundred fifty feet. House mice travel in smaller circles, ranging from ten to thirty feet. If the environment is unstable and there are changes taking place within a structure, these rodents may increase their areas of movement. They may also increase their movement in protected regions like sewers and building passageways. Mice use their tails to balance on their hind legs. They stand up to determine their location, eat and fight. They are great at jumping, swimming and climbing. They can even get themselves up vertical structures. Rats are also strong swimmers and can enter buildings through toilets and drains. They climb in order to find shelter, food and water.

Food Habits

While mice prefer to eat small amounts at a time, rats tend to enjoy eating larger meals at one time. Mice are curious about new objects and rats are typically cautious. Both mice and rats can fit through small openings between one-fourth and one-half of an inch in size. The scat created by mice and rats varies as well. The excrement droppings of mice are quite distinct. They create large amounts of small bead-like droppings. Rats excrete smaller amounts of larger droppings.

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