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With an excellent road network, Paloma Creek is a great place to live and start your business in Texas. The city is located near Lake Lewisville and has 1500 acres of wooded land, offering an incredible location for outdoor fun.

But that’s what collaborates with the subtropical climate and makes Paloma a prestige for pests. You may experience a large collection of pests infesting your home in Paloma, Texas, from ants to termites.

Fortunately, you have SafePro Pest Control Paloma Creek, TX, to get you rid of these troublesome pests. We are Angie Super Service Award Winning Paloma pest control company known for professional inspection and extermination.

With a vast range of pest control services, SafePro Pest Control might be the best solution to your pest problems. You have reached the right place!

Effective Pest Control Service in Paloma Creek

Pest Inspection

A pest inspection is the first thing you can expect from a pest control service Paloma Creek. In pest inspections, we inspect both the indoors and outdoors of your home looking for a sign of infestation. But the locations we search and analyze may vary according to the type of infestation.

For instance, a termite inspection includes a detailed analysis of flooring, ceiling, foundation, and furniture. SafePro Pest Control experts use flashlights and proper PPE kits for safe and effective inspection.

Professional Pest Control Services In Lucas, TX

Professional Extermination

When it comes to exterminating troublesome pests, having a pro at your side is always worthwhile. Being a professional Paloma pest control company, SafePro Pest Control offers high-quality extermination services.

We can help you with effective extermination, regardless of the type and intensity of infestation. Our extermination services include rodent control, mosquito extermination, and termite treatment.

Structural Fixing

In addition to pest inspection and extermination, SafePro Pest Control Pest Control Paloma Creek, TX can also fix structural damages. We know how pests like rats and termites can significantly damage your essentials. Meanwhile, these damages can make way for new pest colonies and lead to re-infestation.

After exterminating the termites, our professionals seal structural gaps such as holes, cracks, and broken pipelines. We destroy habitats, remove stagnant water, destroy floor beds, remove nests, and replace damaged wooden pieces for complete protection.

Pest Shield

At SafePro Pest Control Paloma Creek, TX, we don’t stop even after exterminating all the pests from your property. Our professionals also install effective preventative measures to discourage pest infestation in the future.

We have access to the industry’s leading pest-prevention solutions, including ultrasonic repellents and high-tech traps. For instance, you can take our innovative In-2-Care mosquito treatment as an example.

Legal Documents

Providing a legal document after the service is an exclusive part of our pest control Paloma Creek, TX. From real estate deals to warranty claims, a pest control document can help you in numerous ways.

The legal document SafePro Pest Control provides lists all the details about pest services Paloma, TX. For instance, it may include the history of pest inspection and extermination with respective dates.

Hiring different companies for different pest services is an unworthy option when you have a one-stop solution. SafePro Pest Control proudly offers a complete set of pest control Paloma Creek, TX services to meet your needs.

Let’s protect your sweet home from troublesome pests together!

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Residential & Commercial Pest Control in Paloma Creek, Texas

Whether it’s a 100-yard home or a 9-floor building, SafePro Pest Control can handle infestation at any place. Thanks to our access to experts and professional resources, we can get you rid of pests infesting your home or office. Here’s how we do it!

Rodent control

Rodents are the Texan rockstars that can convert any place to their party location. Especially in the winter, they look for a warm and comfortable place with sufficient food. If you look around, your home or office might be prestigious for them!

SafePro Pest Control Paloma Creek, TX got your back with professional rodent control services in Paloma Creek. Thanks to our game cameras, we can identify the hidden infestation and exterminate rodents accordingly.

Types of pests we cover in our rodent control:

  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • House mouse
  • Polynesian rats
  • Woodrats
  • Deer mouse

Mosquito Extermination

Being a Texan, you may have experienced the annoying whispering and allergic bites of mosquitoes. Our mosquito extermination services feature proper inspection, extermination, structural fixing, and prevention.

We use new-gen mosquito control solutions, including In-2-Care, Backpack Fogger, and Mist-Away Fogging Tank. In addition to that, our experts also have access to BG-sentinel traps, gravid traps, and CDC light traps for better prevention.

Types of pests we cover in mosquito extermination:

  • Aedes Aegypti (Yellow Fever Mosquito)
  • Aedes Albopictus (Asian Tiger Mosquito)
  • Culex (House Mosquito)
  • Culex Quinquefasciatus (Southern Mosquito)

Termite Treatment

We may have mentioned termites in the end, but no pest is more troublesome than them. Considering the silent destruction, SafePro Pest Control dedicated itself to handling termite colonies using safe and effective methods like fumigation.

Our termite control services include spot treatment, general pest control, and full treatment. As termites infest your property in colonies, we recommend the full treatment for better results. It covers every single part of your property and has a valid warranty of one year.

Types of pests we cover in termite treatment:

  • Swarmers (Termites with Wings)
  • Subterranean Termites
  • Drywood Termites

Professional pest control service Paloma Creek starts with SafePro Pest Control! Our exterminators use their years of experience to control pest infestation and ensure safety in the future. Whether you want to schedule an inspection or extermination, you’re just a click away.


Common Pests in Paloma

Acrobat Ants

From carpenter to fire ants, Texas is home to over 250 species of ants with different aesthetics and eating habits. But acrobat ants are the most common among all! People call them acrobat ants because they raise their abdomen over the head and do acrobatic moves.

Despite their 1/8th inch of length, they infest your property in colonies and can contaminate your food and cause short circuits. The good news is acrobats are not dangerous because their bites don’t cause any health problems or allergies.


If we are exploring common pests in Texas, you can’t skip the cockroaches. Most Texan households may have experienced American cockroaches walking on their floor. Fortunately, these cockroaches don’t bite or sting humans or pets.

But they can contaminate your food and surface with several allergies and diseases. From shedding skin to foul smell, an infestation can disturb your home’s environment in multiple ways. So, you should call professional pest control Paloma Creek, TX before these pests scare your wife!


No doubt, the pests discussed above commonly invade homes in Paloma Creek. Yet, mosquitoes are always at the top of every hit list in pest service Paloma, TX. These troublesome pests hold popularity for gradually annoying humans and spreading deadly diseases. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can pose certain health risks, including malaria, dengue fever, West Nile, and yellow fever, to humans and pets. Surprisingly, the yellow fever mosquito can breed inside your home and bite you anytime throughout the day.


In Texas, you can experience an infestation of five beetle species including drugstore beetles, cigarette beetles, confused flour beetles, and sawtoothed grain beetles. These pests might be garden-friendly as they act like natural pesticides and kill destructive aphids.

However, beetles can bite humans and pets and may cause Paederus dermatitis with their toxins. If a beetle bites you, it can lead to burning off the skin, itchiness, bubbles, and more.


Thanks to their great hopping abilities, most people confuse crickets with grasshoppers. The common Texas pests have powerful legs and long antennae. Fortunately, they don’t infest inside of your home but may feed on some crops in your garden.

Crickets have a natural habit of chirping and chewing clothes, blankets, and rugs. As they move in large numbers, they can gradually damage your houseplants, such as corn, wheat, and barley fruits.


In the list full of insects, rodents are the mammals with the most different aesthetics and destructive behaviors. Rodents like rats and mice generally infest Texas homes in the search of a warm and comfortable location with the desired food.

It’s no surprise that rodents have a great tendency to chew and destroy your essentials. Whether it’s your food or electricity wires, rodents can destroy anything in their way. Additionally, a rodent infestation can also lead to several diseases, including rat-bite fever and leptospirosis.

Stinging Insects

In addition to insects and rodents, stinging pests are also a part of pest control Paloma Creek, TX. Pests like yellow jackets and paper wasps use their stinger to defend themselves. However, the sting can be painful and may trigger several allergies in humans.

You can take the red swelling and small pimples as examples! Fortunately, most stinging insects are only active in summer and hide as the early fall begins.


Termites are giving a perfect finish to our list being the most troublesome pests of all time. Despite their small size, they travel in colonies and have incredibly sharp teeth. These silent destroyers use any imperfection in the wood and can even destroy a complete building in a while.

Termites, especially subterranean termites, can travel through the soil and reach your foundation for destruction. While termites don’t bite or sting, they can still spread allergies and lead to unexpected mishaps by degrading your wooden essentials.

After reading the above section, you may get an idea of how each pest has different abilities to create inconveniences. SafePro Pest Control covers all of them and even unlisted pests in its pest control service Paloma Creek to keep you safe.

Let’s say no to these troublesome pests!

Rodent control

Need Help with Pest Control in Paloma Creek?

Schedule an appointment today for your immediate help for any pest control solutions in Paloma Creek, TX.

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Why Choose SafePro Pest Control for Expert Pest Solutions in Paloma, Texas?

Best-in-class services

SafePro Pest Control hadn’t restricted itself to a single service or only one type of pest. As a Paloma pest control company, we dedicated ourselves to helping you with a range of pest services. We offer inspections, extermination, and maintenance services for almost every type of pest out there.

Not just for your home or garden, but you can also contact us for commercial pest control. Our exterminators have experience in controlling infestation on an 8-9 floor office building. Regardless of the type of infestation, we are here to keep your property safe from these troublesome pests.

Innovative Extermination Resources

With the upgrade in technology, we have invested in the industry’s latest resources for inspection and extermination. SafePro Pest Control has access to new-gen traps, ultrasonic repellents, and innovative foggers.

For instance, you can take the example of In-2-Care that we use to exterminate mosquitoes. The In-2-Care is designed to attract female mosquitoes and infect them with fungus to kill them. We install, service, and maintain In-2-care stations for the best results.

Expert professionals

Undoubtedly, modern extermination resources are efficient and safe. But it’s about the professional who knows how to use them! SafePro Pest Control features highly experienced and licensed exterminators in its team.

From wearing PPE kits to discussing pest solutions, they are experts at everything you might expect. SafePro Pest Control experts will inspect and exterminate all the pests from your property without creating any health hazards for you.

Reputed customer experience

Thanks to professionalism and experience, Texans consider SafePro Pest Control as one of the elite top 1% companies. We stand out in the industry by winning Angie’s List Super Service Award for eight years, including 2022.
In addition to this, we have over 1300 5-star reviews on Google, representing our high-quality pest control service Paloma Creek, TX.

Preference for Health & Safety

As discussed above, our professionals wear proper PPE kits and take necessary safety measures during pest control. The reason is pest infestations are prone to infectious diseases and contaminations.
If you hire an ill-trained exterminator, it may lead to cross-contamination, and pest control can cause infections. Furthermore, we also ensure our exterminators clear the whole mess and give a neat and clean place after the completion.

Are you looking for pest control Paloma Creek, TX? You need not look further than SafePro Pest Control! Call us TODAY at 214-773-9548 to get an estimation for your property.

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