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Pest Control Frisco TX: 4 Reasons You Need Help With Your Flea Problem

Pest Control Frisco TX

Summers in North Texas last forever so that means that bugs other parts of the country start to see less of in August and September, we continue to see into the fall and none of these is more annoying than fleas. But just because fleas are annoying, does that mean they’re dangerous and require the help of professional pest control in Frisco TX Yes! Here’s why:

1.  Fleas transmit diseases.

Flea bites don’t just irritate the skin of the people and pets they bite; they can also trigger allergic reactions in people who are extra sensitive to them. These allergic reactions, if severe enough, can lead to anaphylactic shock, which is life-threatening. The health threat from fleas doesn’t end there, though; fleas are also carriers of many deadly diseases like murine typhus, rickets, tularmia and even plague. They can also carry tapeworm eggs that hatch to become tapeworms in human or pet hosts who accidentally ingest them.

2.  Fleas are hard to find.

Fleas are tiny – usually about an eighth of an inch long – so finding them inside your home or in your lawn is impossible unless you find them on your socks or shoes. The easiest way to find out if you have a flea problem is to check your pet’s fur. Part your pet’s fur and look for flea droppings that look like small specks of dirt.

3.  Fleas are prodigious breeders.

As with many types of insects, fleas are efficient breeders. The female flea starts laying eggs two days after her first blood meal and goes on to produce an average of 27 eggs a day for a total of about 5,000 eggs in her lifetime.

4.  Fleas won’t be eliminated by home treatments.

When you face an enemy that breeds quickly and well plus has the ability to conceal itself from you, defeating it requires a multi-layered attack and the kinds of weapons only professional pest control in Frisco TX can bring. First, you must work with your pet’s veterinarian to treat fleas that are feeding on your pet; this will eliminate the blood meals that fleas need to survive. Next you will have to work with pest control experts who have the right chemicals to eliminate fleas in every stage of growth in your lawn and in your home. Many Plano pest control companies offer eco-friendly, but effective, chemicals that you won’t find in your local hardware store.

If you still see your dog or cat scratching and you find little, red welts on your ankles or feet, it’s time to call in the pros. At Safe Pro Pest Control in Frisco TX, we can help you rid yourself of your flea problem. Call us at (214) 773-9548 or visit us online at to request a quote.

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