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If you live in Savannah, Texas, you might have experienced or heard about annoying pest problems. The credit for this goes to our unique subtropical climate and nearby fresh water supply of Denton County. Whether you have a rodent or mosquito infestation, we are the one to call for pest control Savannah, TX. Our exterminators inspect, exterminate and discourage pests to invade your home in the future.

Expert Pest Control Services in Savannah, TX

Exclusive pest control services

At SafePro Pest Control, we pride ourselves on offering a complete range of pest control services. Our pest control includes inspection, extermination, damage fixing, and maintenance for every type of pest.

Also, you can schedule annual inspections for rodents, termites, mosquitoes, bugs, and other pests. Our pest control service aims to rid you of troublesome pests and ensure protection from them in the future at an affordable price.

Well-trained professionals

At SafePro Pest Control, we have friendly and licensed exterminators trained for both residential and commercial pest control.

Our in-house team of professionals hold multiple years of experience in pest inspection and extermination. 

Unlike other exterminators, we have expertise in using professional resources and conducting pest control for the highest peace of mind.

Professional and ethical conduct

Having professional pest control at your home should be a gamble. We pride ourselves in training our exterminators to be humble and ensure there’s no damage to your property during the process. For an extra piece of mind, all of our exterminators have cleared background checks, as well as insured and bonded.

Additionally, our exterminators wear proper PPE kits and gloves to prevent cross-contamination and keep your family safe. Making sure your health and your home is protected is our number one priority. That is why when you’re looking for the best pest control Savannah, TX, you’ll find SafePro at the top of the list.

Next-gen extermination methods

When it comes to exterminating stubborn pests, DIYs, sprays, and traps may not be enough. That’s why we have invested in the industry’s leading-edge extermination methods. When appropriate, our experts utilize high-tech resources such as ultrasonic repellents and misting foggers for extermination.

In addition to that, we implement resources like game cameras, flash torches, and electric traps as a companion to our pest inspection. We make sure we avail every method to make sure we’re providing accurate and effective pest control.

What Are The Most Common Pests In Savannah, Texas?​

American cockroaches

An American cockroach is known for being one the most dreaded pests and yet they are very common. For Texans in Savannah and across DFW, our hot humid climate is the prime habitat of these hated creatures.

American cockroaches may not sting or bite like other pests, however, they are known to contaminate food and spread over 33 kinds of bacteria to humans.


Mosquitoes are famous among Texans for being not only annoying but aggravating once they’ve “bitten” you.
Additionally, Savannah residents may not realize this, but mosquitoes can spread more than 35 diseases, including West Nile and Zika virus. Mosquitos are more than just a nuiscence but a deadly one.

While there are more than 85 mosquito species, only four of them typically make their home in Texas.

  • Yellow fever mosquitoes
  • Asian tiger mosquitoes
  • House mosquitoes
  • Southern mosquitoes


Silverfish are another common pest you may notice at your home in Savannah. The good thing about silverfish is they don’t harm humans in any way.

However, they can build their nests in unsealed packets of pasta, oats, and cereals, making them unhygienic.

In addition to this, silverfish have a great ability to destroy your clothes, carpets, and more with their droppings. It’s better to get them exterminated before you find holes in your clothes and your wallet.


Rodents, especially rats and mice, are among the most destructive pests of all. Thanks to their sharp teeth and undying urge to chew, they can destroy anything that comes their way.

It’s no surprise rodents gnaw clothes, plastic items, foods, furniture, and even electric wires. But that’s not all, rodents like rats are notorious as disease carriers and can transmit illnesses through food contamination and rat bites.


Stinging pests

As the name describes, stinging pests are a group of insects known for their biting abilities and allergic reactions. In Texas, you may experience stinging pests such as wasps, bees, ants, and caterpillars.

Of those listed above, fire ants are probably the most common in Savannah Texas. These ants travel in colonies and have a painful and toxic stinger.

Additionally, they can also destroy crops and spread allergies to humans.
If you’ve ever stepped in a fire ant mound, you know exactly how painful these guys can be.


Termites can be a nightmare for Texans. Termites can be quite troublesome as they create multiple colonies and can chew through wood.

In fact, their ravenous appetite has been known to collapse a complete building. Thankfully, this does not happen overnight, but as they are hard to detect they could be causing damage to your home as we speak.

Unfortunately, thanks to the humid climate of Savannah, a termite infestation is not uncommon but with regular inspections and maintenance they can be prevented.


Bed Bugs

Last but not the least, bed bugs are little vampires that feed on human blood. These pests keep traveling from one location to another. So, if there’s a bed bug infestation in your neighborhood, you may also have bed bugs.

Like mosquitoes, bed bugs bite humans for their blood and can cause skin irritations. Since they are typically found in bedding and become active when we’re sleeping, they can also cause psychological effects like phobia, anxiety, and loss of sleep.

Don’t leave your home and your family’s health to chance. Hire the best and highest recommended pest control, Savannah, TX, has to offer. And that’s SafePro Pest Control!

SafePro Pest Control has the experience, knowledge, and resources to exterminate pests professionally from your property.

American cockroaches
an image of 3 roof rats together
stinging pets
bed bugs

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Residential and Commercial Pest Control:

Pests can infest any place as long as they find food and shelter. SafePro Pest Control can help you with both residential and commercial pest control service near Savannah.

Here’s what we do!

Pest inspection

Whether it’s rodent control or termite treatment, every pest control service starts with a pest inspection. Our experts look for places where pests make their habitats and signs of infestation, such as droppings, property damage, and more.

For instance, during a rat inspection, we may install game cameras near the attic, bushes, and overhangs to confirm the infestation. In case of infestation, you will get a complete report about the intensity, type, and cost of extermination from our professionals.

Extermination services

If there’s a pest infestation on your property, it’s always a great idea to get rid of them before further damage. SafePro Pest Control offers an exclusive range of pest control services that cover rodents, mosquitoes, termites, and other common pests.

In pest extermination, we use next-gen methods, including In-2-Care, ultrasonic repellents, and fumigation. That allows us to neatly kill rushing and hidden pests without causing any health hazards to your family or pets.

Structural fixes

As discussed earlier, an infestation of pests like rodents and termites can lead to severe structural damage. Structural fixing is necessary because a damaged wooden piece or wall crack can invite a new colony to infest.

At SafePro Pest Control, we understand this and make necessary structural fixing for your convenience. During structural fixing, you can expect our professionals to fill wall cracks and holes, and replace the damaged piece of wood to prevent future infestation.

Prevention and maintenance

Structural fixing might help to prevent future infestation, but pests are smart enough to make their way back to your home. Therefore, SafePro has included modern preventative measures such as soil treatment, electrical traps, fogging tanks, and more in its pest control Savannah, TX.

In addition to that, we may also recommend pruning of vegetation and flower beds, removing stagnant water and food sources to discourage pest infestation.


A pest control document reflects the inspection and extermination history of pests on your property. Additionally, it serves as a receipt, allowing you to claim any warranty offered by the service provider and make real estate deals.
Being one of the professional pest companies in Savannah, SafePro Pest Control can provide a verified pest control inspection document. The documentation we provide includes the date of pest control, name of the professional, type of service, and warranty period.

SafePro Pest Control has a wider approach to pest control than this. If you want to know more about the best pest control Savannah, TX, you can contact our experts and request an estimate for your property.

Pest Control Services
Alex spraying safe pest control
Termite Inspection

When to Ask for a Professional Pest Inspection in Savannah, TX?


Spotted an infestation

If you have spotted an infestation, it’s a good idea to call a professional for pest inspection instead of doing any DIYs. It could be anything from rats to termites destroying your property. So, initiating to remove them on your own may be hazardous.

An experienced professional has the proper tools like PPC kits and licensed extermination resources. Some home remedies actually cause cross-contamination and further spread of the infestation.

Signs of infestation

Whether it’s rats or termites, most pests can easily prevent themselves from getting spotted. But they do leave clues and telltale signs that can alert a professional exterminator to a pest infestation at your home.

For instance, we look for signs such as chewed foods, clothes, papers, and paw prints, that might indicate a rodent infestation. Signs of infestation may vary from pest to pest, so it’s better to call for a professional exterminator to identify the intensity.

When to call

It’s an answer to the most frequently asked question, “when is the best time of the year to call for pest inspection?” Most pests, especially mosquitoes and termites, are inactive until spring.
Therefore, spring may be the best time to destroy mosquitoes and their nests and colonies.

However, we recommend you call a professional anytime of year if you see signs of a pest infestation. It’s always a good idea to have your home safeguarded from pests before a serious problem develops.

Annual inspection

Even after professional pest control Savannah, TX, pests never leave your property forever. An annual inspection can help you ensure recurring infestations. At SafePro Pest Control, we can schedule full, partial, and quick inspections and take decisions in case of infestation.

Our annual termite inspection includes a detailed analysis of the indoor and outdoor of your property. We look for early signs of infestation and take quick actions like clearing standing water.

Real estate inspection

Real estate transactions in Texas may require a legal document of pest control Savannah, TX. If you’re selling your property and don’t have a pest control document, you can call for a pest inspection to get one.

Make sure the document features the name of the professional or service provider, date of inspection, type, and extermination conducted.

Why go elsewhere when you can get a highly professional pest control service near Savannah? SafePro Pest Control is a one-stop solution for inspections and exterminations related to every type of pest. Let’s interrupt the rocking party of these troublesome pests at your property!

Need Help with Pest Control in Savannah?

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Savannah, Texas

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