Plano TX Buffalo Gnat Pest Patrol and August 2019 Update

Pest Patrol Buffalo Gnat: Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton County, Dallas County and surrounding areas

There are a few gnat species; some bite, some do not. But all of them are unwanted in and around your home. The Buffalo gnat (also called a black fly) is a biting variety, especially around the neck, ears, and ankles. Females live on the blood of humans, pets, birds and livestock: males eat the nectar of flowers. Their bite is considered more painful than a mosquito’s because they slice the skin open to suck your blood. Your best defense is to apply insect repellant to people and pets.

The fungus gnat is a non-biting variety that prefers living near sources of moisture in and around your house like in overwatered houseplants or near drains or leaky plumbing. It is most active in summer but can flourish anytime if conditions are right. The fungus gnat’s attraction to moisture means it will target your eyes, nose, mouth, wounds and exposed genitals of pets.

They can spread pinkeye (conjunctivitis) too. One female can lay up to 1,000 eggs so even though their lifecycle is short, their reproduction cycle is frequent. Your steps to control this pest are:

  • Repot all plants
  • Remove any standing water.
  • Clean drains with boiling hot water, baking soda, vinegar, then boiling hot water (in that order)
  • For the garbage disposal, start with ice first
    In rooms affected, make traps with small cups of apple cider vinegar covered in plastic with small holes poked through.
  • Do NOT put chemicals down drains. That is illegal.

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