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Plano TX Carpenter Bees Pest Patrol and July 2019 Update

Pest Patrol Carpenter Bees: Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton County, Dallas County and surrounding areas

Carpenter bees look like bumble bees. They get the name from their nesting habits. Most dig tunnels into dead wood (like your house!) They excavate nearly perfect circular holes about a half inch across by vibrating their bodies as they rasp their mandibles. The bee tunnels in about an inch, makes a turn then burrows 4 – 6 inches along the grain. Unlike termites, they don’t eat the wood. Some is used to form partitions between eggs or food compartments, all else is pushed out of the hole. In fact, one way to tell if you have a carpenter bee problem is if you see sawdust around your home on plants or the ground.

Carpenter bees are not dangerous to humans. Males have no way to sting: females do but won’t unless manhandled. And they are important pollinators. But even though they are not dangerous to you and are valuable to the environment, they are still major pests. Hordes of carpenter bees will descend on a home looking for suitable wood. One house can suffer dozens of tunnels a year, harming the structural integrity, allowing in moisture and accelerating decay. Many carpenter bee issues we see are on Pergolas, awnings and fences, not just the home. If an infestation goes undetected, carpenter bees can cause substantial damage. And the species tends to return to the same place year after year making it all the more important to control. To kill current bees and larvae, Safe Pro technicians apply an insecticide into each tunnel openings using a hand duster (even on high eaves!) This is an additional service, not included with the quarterly pest control maintenance service. If you think you may have a carpenter bee problem, call us for a free inspection, plans and prices!

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Welcomed Praise!

Geoff Ka’alani of Dallas said, “Safe Pro has been treating our fixer-upper for the past 2.5 years. We’ve disturbed a lot of territory from all of the work we are doing in and around our house.

Everyone we’ve dealt with from the folks in the office to the techs has been professional, friendly and thorough. Ron has personally treated our house for the last couple of years and has seen all of the activity. Ron is especially knowledgeable and patient–he spends the time necessary to explain the situation, how he would treat it, and answers our questions and concerns. He even gives us tips to self-treat until they’re able to come out and use the industrial grade stuff. They’re as responsive as possible, especially when Spring and Summer roll around and everything comes out of hibernation at the same time. We’ve used them for a rat exclusion and quarterly service. They came highly recommended from family members. We’ve been happy as well.”

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On a Personal Note

Recently Safe Pro conducted a customer service survey and the response was tremendous! A BIG thank you to the hundreds of people that took time out of their busy day to let us know what we are doing well and how we can better serve you. We truly appreciate the compliments and constructive feedback. As promised, we drew a random survey response for a $100 prize. The winner was Mary Kaufman, shown at left with a big smile and $100 cash! Congratulations to Mary!!

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