Pest Control Tips for Texas residents . . . February 2019

Pest Control Tips for Texas residents . . . Delivered with a Smile!

Pest Patrol Centipedes and Millipedes: Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton County, Dallas County and surrounding areas

Millipedes look like worms with legs; centipedes tend to be have flatter bodies. Both have many legs but nowhere near as many as their name implies. (Centi is Latin for 100 and Mille means 1,000.) And both have long lives – 5 to 10 years for some species! Millipedes eat decaying plant matter, fungi or plant fluids. They are harmless to people. Mostly they are garden pests.

Millipedes favor cool, damp areas but they will invade your home, especially after a heavy rain or in times of draught.

Centipedes also prefer a cool, moist spaces. They are found in leaf litter, under stones and inside decaying logs. They are carnivorous and eat other pest.

Centipedes will invade your house looking for shelter and food. Unfortunately, they are venomous and some will bite humans. The bite can be very painful like a bee sting (but not usually fatal.) Never handle a centipede!

Although neither centipedes nor millipedes damage homes or property, both are unwanted pests. Your best do-it-yourself defense against an infestation is to keep firewood, rock or wood piles away from the house. Their favorite? Where mulch meets the foundation. A band of gravel between flower beds and the house will combat that. Also seal potential entry points to your home. These can be VERY small and easily missed by an untrained eye. If you spot a centipedes or millipede inside your home, call Safe Pro for a thorough inspection for access points. Our quarterly pest control service will keep this invader outside your home where they belong. Call for plans and pricing.

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Brook M. of Frisco said, “We have used Safe Pro for a few years now. We really appreciate their reliable quarterly bug service. And if that quarterly service isn’t enough one quarter, they come back for additional treatment at no extra charge.”

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8 Steps for a Do-It-Yourself Rodent Inspection

rodent removal inspection

So what’s that scratching noise coming from your attic? It might be rats (or possibly squirrels). Texas rats are a huge problem here in the greater Dallas, Texas Metroplex. If you think you may have one living in your home or commercial property, you might want to try this do-it-yourself rodent inspection.

There are some telltale signs you can spot on your own to determine whether or not you have a Texas rat infestation. Twice a year do these eight steps:

Signs Inside the Home:

Signs Outside the Home:

Usually if rodents are in the crawl space they get in the attic as well. It is very rate that they stay only in the crawl space. Most rats hide out in your attics. And remember that your house can have several attics. 90% of the houses in Texas have an attic opening.

Here’s another way to check hard-to-reach places for evidence of rodents…

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Have Your Other Service Providers Look For Signs of Rats

Another excellent preventative action is to ask your airconditioning, roofing, plumbing, electrical and other home service providers to tell you about any signs of pest problem they see.

Since servicing specialist are more likely than you to access hard to reach areas, ask them to be your eyes and ears. When they visit your house, provide them with this checklist of signs indicating rat problems and have them report back on what they find.

Here at Safe Pro Pest Control, to help fight the Texas rat problem, we are educating fellow service providers in the greater Dallas areas to detect red flags of a rat infestation.

One extra-mile service that makes Safe Pro Pest Control special is that when we do pest inspections, we return the favor. We look for plumbing, electrical and other issues for you because most homeowners don’t have the opportunity to see what we see.

If you believe there might be a rat in your house or commercial property, contact Safe Pro Pest Control at (214) 773-9548

If you don’t want or are unable to do this rodent inspection yourself, call us and we’ll do it absolutely FREE! No cost. No obligation. And if you call (214) 773-9548 before the end of this month, we’ll give you $50 off the Rodent Maintenance Service, if that service is needed. (Mention this flyer to get the discount)

Also, we offer an optional Lifetime Warranty against any future re-infestation. Ask about it!

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