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Preventative Pest Control Versus Pest Extermination

Most homeowners don’t really know the difference between “preventative pest control” and “pest extermination”. And, it’s totally okay! When you have pests in your home, your priority is to just get rid of them. But we’re going to show you why preventative pest control is key to pest extermination with the help of pest control Plano, TX professionals in pest control services.

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What is Pest Extermination?

It is exactly what it sounds like: a process of eliminating pests. But here’s the catch— bugs will always come back. How long will it take for them to come back? That depends on how much attention you’ve given to preventative pest control.

Hiring someone to rid your home of pests over and over can get expensive. So why not invest in preventing pests from coming into your home in the first place? Not only will it save you a lot of time and money, it’s unlikely that an exterminator will guarantee that after a treatment your house will be free from a pest infestation forever. Because it’s not possible. Let’s say that fumigation has been applied to your home this will get rid of any kind of pest currently occupying your house. Within two to four years, they’re bound to come back and with a much larger army. 

Why? Because you haven’t been doing the routine checks that were needed to prevent them from returning. This “routine check” can also be referred to as the “preventative pest control”.

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Preventative Pest Control— A better alternative

Would you rather pay a smaller sum on a monthly or quarterly basis to decrease the flow pests pay a heftier sum to exterminate the bugs and pests that have invaded your house in addition to repairs necessary to fix the damage they have caused?

Probably the former— and, it’s a wise decision too. By routinely conducting a preventative pest control check, you’re decreasing the chances of a build-up of pest infestation in your Texan house. It is much more cost prohibitive to remove an invasion of insects every two years versus routine preventative pest control checks that help reduce severe structural change. 

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While you might still need to conduct pest extermination— as you should anyway— it will be providing you a one-time solution to an immediate problem. It’s still better to do it every once in a while after having a professional perform routine checks throughout a couple of months.  This is especially true of termites as they cause substantial damage to your house and routine checks will help you avoid any future costly repairs caused by a major pestinvestation. 

Even though preventative pest control is likely to be far less expensive than extermination it doesn’t mean you should choose one and ignore the other. Both together can provide an effective solution. However, should a pest infestation spread on a large scale, you should call a professional and seek their advice as to what steps should be taken next. 

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