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Preventative Pest Control Versus Pest Extermination

Preventive Pest Control Frisco TX

Most homeowners don’t really know the difference between “preventative pest control” and “pest extermination”. And, it’s totally okay! When you have pests in your home, your priority is to just get rid of them. But we’re going to show you why preventative pest control is key to pest extermination with the help of pest control Plano, TX professionals in pest control services.

Dealing with pests is not an easy task for homeowners. When there is a pest infestation homeowners typically experience a significant amount of property damage. Not to mention the time and money necessary to rid the property of vermin effectively. There are several methods to get rid of pests that use chemicals even though they have serious negative health effects for humans and four-legged creatures alike.

That’s why many people seek non-toxic product alternatives for natural pest control. Fortunately, non-toxic extermination can be safe and effective.

Safe Pro Pest Control can help you handle different kinds of pests in your house or commercial property. We have specialized exterminators who use non-toxic methods to rid your property of vermin and pests. We guarantee to take care to make sure your family and pets are safe while exterminating the pests that are bugging you.

What Is Preventive Pest Control?

It is no secret that pests tend to appear more often in certain types of weather, building structures, and locations. Pests can range from ants to small rodents. Whatever the case may be, it is important to set up preventive measures of pest control within your commercial or residential buildings.
Preventive pest control is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It will not only create a cleaner, safer environment for families, employees, or individuals but can aid in the reduction of future pest emergencies. With a more pristine space and measures taken in advance to rid pests, healthier homes and buildings will emerge.

What is Pest Extermination?

It is exactly what it sounds like: a process of eliminating pests. But here’s the catch— bugs will always come back. How long will it take for them to come back? That depends on how much attention you’ve given to preventative pest control.

Hiring someone to rid your home of pests over and over can get expensive. So why not invest in preventing pests from coming into your home in the first place? Not only will it save you a lot of time and money, it’s unlikely that an exterminator will guarantee that after a treatment your house will be free from a pest infestation forever. Because it’s not possible. Let’s say that fumigation has been applied to your home this will get rid of any kind of pest currently occupying your house. Within two to four years, they’re bound to come back and with a much larger army. 

Why? Because you haven’t been doing the routine checks that were needed to prevent them from returning. This “routine check” can also be referred to as the “preventative pest control”.

How Important is Preventive Pest Control

For residential pest control circumstances, homeowners are faced with a variety of issues. Between upkeep and building maintenance, keeping the inside surfaces clean, and ensuring that equipment, mechanics, and structures are up to code; it is advantageous to have an easy preventative pest control routine. With set methods in place, it will be painless to put up or exact cautionary practices to avert rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants, beetles, mosquitoes, and many more unwanted guests from even entering your home.

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Preventative Pest Control— A better alternative

Would you rather pay a smaller sum on a monthly or quarterly basis to decrease the flow pests pay a heftier sum to exterminate the bugs and pests that have invaded your house in addition to repairs necessary to fix the damage they have caused?

Probably the former— and, it’s a wise decision too. By routinely conducting a preventative pest control check, you’re decreasing the chances of a build-up of pest infestation in your Texan house. It is much more cost prohibitive to remove an invasion of insects every two years versus routine preventative pest control checks that help reduce severe structural change. 

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While you might still need to conduct pest extermination— as you should anyway— it will be providing you a one-time solution to an immediate problem. It’s still better to do it every once in a while after having a professional perform routine checks throughout a couple of months.  This is especially true of termites as they cause substantial damage to your house and routine checks will help you avoid any future costly repairs caused by a major pestinvestation. 

Even though preventative pest control is likely to be far less expensive than extermination it doesn’t mean you should choose one and ignore the other. Both together can provide an effective solution. However, should a pest infestation spread on a large scale, you should call a professional and seek their advice as to what steps should be taken next. 

Call us today at 214-773-9548 to schedule an appointment and get in touch with one of our experts!

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Effective Pest Control Services in Frisco, Texas

As one of the most trusted pest control services within the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex, we pride ourselves with 100% satisfactory service that our experts provide. We provide quotes off-site and online as well!
So, if you have a feeling that there’s a pest infestation and you  need someone to conduct a preventative pest control check, whether it’s on a large scale or small, we would love to make your house a better place to live. So contact SafePro today at 214-773-9548!

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Types of Pests and the Damage They Inflict

Unwanted pests can cause irreversible damage to your home. Moths and silverfish, for instance, are drawn to clothes and a range of fabrics.
If one of these nuisances finds its way inside of your home, your clothes, rugs, blankets, linens, and even furniture with specific materials may be at risk. Your favorite outfit may suddenly appear to have numerous holes or patches missing, which can result in money loss or deprivation of sentimental items.

On the other hand, carpet beetles that make their way inside often burrow their bodies inside carpeted areas. Further reinstallation of carpets may be a necessary added cost if these bugs are not prevented. Also, carpet beetles have the potential to lay eggs within carpets easily, so one or two bugs may turn into a huge issue of hundreds, still multiplying.

Another example would be termites as they can be an issue to the structural foundation of homes as well.
Finding reliable, efficient preventive pest control is advantageous for those in residential or commercial areas.

Safe Pro Pest Control is your one-stop-shop for tips, pest control prevention, and pest extermination. With this superior service, your home will become a safe, welcoming environment for you and your family once again.

Safe Pro Pest Control is one of the best exterminators in the Dallas Metroplex. We serve a range of cities, including Plano pest control services.
We consistently follow core ethical values and procedures that are cut above the rest. Safe Pro follows the model of attending to the needs of our customers first and foremost with beneficial services.

Safe Pro also advocates for preventive pest control. Many other residential pest control services want to get in and get the job done in the least efficient and most costly way possible.

Our service is unique in that we want to provide tips, methods, and procedures to give consumers so they can begin the process of prevention before extermination is ever necessary.


Pest Extermination Vs. Pest Prevention

Sometimes situations are so far gone that pests’ extermination is the only point to start at. However, SafePro Pest Control follows a more distinctive, efficient model of prevention.

First, we want customers to recognize the difference between the two services. Additionally, providing tips for residential pest control and management will further provide customers with the necessary steps to defend their homes before an infestation fully occurs.

Pest extermination is the process of ridding bugs, rodents, or any unwanted creatures that have accidentally entered your home. Investing in preventative control of pests is advantageous for individuals for two significant reasons.

First, a lot of time and money is saved when applying Safe Pro’s preventative tips to your house routine. Outside exterminators can be costly and the turnout may not prove to be as beneficial as one originally thought.

Secondly, there is no guarantee, even with credentialed exterminators, that the pests will be gone for good. Preventive pest control ensures that the individual will save on investment, efficiency, and will stop pests from infesting before the insect removal becomes too involved and widespread.
Preventive pest management services are a low-cost investment with high efficiency and little risk.

Typically, the pest management services involve professional, routine checks to lawns, the outside perimeter of homes, and the inside quarters. The routine checks may include a spray that is non-toxic to humans but will prevent pests from reaching that area.

Safe Pro’s preventive pest control is valuable and useful not only for saving money but for keeping your home pest-free before pests even have a chance to enter. This is particularly beneficial for Texas houses during the summer.

Using Safe Pro Pest Control will guarantee efficient prevention that firmly halts all pests from breaking through. Call us at 214-773-9548 to schedule an appointment with one of our high-level, certified pest experts today.

Do-It-Yourself Tips for Homeowners for Pest Management

Since Safe Pro Pest Control is one of the leading services in the Dallas metroplex for the pest extermination and residential pest control; our mission is to not only actively aid in prevention, but to provide tips as well.

Offering advice to homeowners so they may practice pre-prevention methods, even before hiring an effective pest control service, is what Safe Pro aims to assist in.

Safe Pro is unique when compared to alternative pest services, due to all of the preventative measures taken in advance.

We want to help you learn how to keep your home safe and our service aims to aid you in every step of the process, being as transparent as possible.

Another advantage to prevention is the idea that this is the most humane way to treat pests since extermination is not necessary if proper prevention techniques are put into place.

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Sealing Areas in The Home That Contain Cracks, Holes, or Splits

Particularly during the warmer months, it is common for houses to have foundational shifts. These shifts can often cause cracks and holes to arise not only in the outside base of the home but also inside.

Sealing up cracks within the house, especially if that particular wall or spot is facing the backyard or an outside area with a lot of grass/plants, it is important to use an efficient paste to effectively cover any open patches. This will prevent any unwanted pests from slipping through the outside into the home.

Repairing any broken windows by replacing the glad or frame, or even utilizing a mesh covering can prevent a lot of sneaky pests from entering.

Repair All Leaky Faucets

Certain insects and pests are more attracted to damp, dark places. Drainpipes are very commonplace cockroaches, for instance, hide. They tend to follow the path of water upward toward the light.

So, if there is even one leaky faucet residing in your home, there is always a possibility that will attract specific insects. Repair leaky faucets or dripping pipes before an infestation occurs.

Regular Cleaning and Upkeep

Since certain pests like to hide in carpets, it is beneficial to consistently vacuum. This will not only create a cleaner space for your family but prevents any pests from residing in your carpet for a long period.

If any bugs were to hide in your carpets, there would be no possibility of infestation (unless this point has already begun), since the insects would be stopped before too much reproduction occurs.

Discarding and Decluttering

Discarding unnecessary materials such as; paper, cardboard, or under maintained wooden scraps will prevent pests from hiding out in the stacks.

After decluttering, properly storing needed materials in plastic bins, instead of cardboard, prevents insects from chewing through wanted items.

Recycling and Garbage

Keeping inside garbage bins from overflowing and ensuring lids are always shut stops pests from being attracted to damp, old food.

This also includes any clean recycling, since they can be attracted to certain materials like cardboard, plastic, and paper. It is good to keep those materials out of the house or stored away as much as possible.

Outside garbage bins should be maintained as well. Ensure each night that these containers are sealed tight to prevent bigger pests like rodents, raccoons, and opossums from scavenging through your old food.

Rinsing out the recycling, inside, and outside garbage bins will also prevent the buildup of aged food and the accumulation of liquid at the bottom.

Food Storage

Many pests are attracted to old, spilled, uncontained, and even fresh foods. Any products containing food that lie on the counter or reside in the fridge, pantries, or cabinets should be sealed in an enclosed item. Whether this is a storage bag, concealed container, or in a glass dish with foil; all food should have some type of cover.

Ensure that dirty dishes do not have any caked-on, dried, or miscellaneous food on them. If so, rinse and put away to keep from attracting pests.
Groceries, even newly bought, are another contributor to pest infestations. Since there are so many different ways insects can attach themselves to grocery bags or the packaging of foods, it is important to do a preliminary check before placing food within the fridge or cabinets.

Ensure no pests are clinging onto your groceries that have either made their way in from the outside or were attached before the manufacturer sealed and covered the food item.

Finally, pet food should also be kept in concealed, dry spaces. Pests, particularly insects, are attracted to pet food almost as much as the food we eat. This can be eliminated by keeping wet or dry food on a shelf in an airtight or properly concealed container.

Doing this will not only get rid of the possibility of infestation through the pet food but will further protect your pets from contracted diseases or being harmed.

If these do-it-yourself at-home tips just aren’t cutting it, Safe Pro Pest Control will provide additional preventive pest control along with your at-home remedies to guarantee a pest-free establishment before an infestation breaks out. Get a free inspection and quote with Safe Pro today.

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Residential Pest Control: Protecting Your Family and Homes Against Pest Infestation

In addition to harming homes, clothing, and carpeting, bugs can also carry a range of diseases. While this is less likely than home damage, it is still a possibility.

For instance, mosquitoes can track the West Nile Virus. As temperatures rise, mosquitoes are more prevalent.
These pesky insects are attracted to the skin of individuals and, sometimes without notice, make their way indoors.

Other more troublesome pests, like rodents, may carry a deadly disease called the Hantavirus. This illness completely degrades an individual’s immune system and makes them very ill.

Searching for mice control near me by hiring the best pest control Plano has to offer will prevent these diseases from spreading and reaching your family.

Termites are another type of bug that causes extreme damage to homes and buildings. While pest prevention will eradicate any possibility of destruction, it is important to recognize the severity of impairment that can occur when these bugs enter homes.
It is believed that termites are attracted to wood and pine structures or surfaces. However, termites are specifically fascinated by the cellulose within the wood.

Once termites have infested a particular area of the home, the possibility of extreme destruction becomes likely. Since termites are so willing to bite until they reach the molecular level, the wood will be damaged beyond repair, regardless of type. This will be the point where repair moves to a replacement, causing further investment in rebuilding areas of the home. Distinctive damage to sub-home wooden foundational parts may cause issues with other parts of the home.

Why Should I Consider Preventive Pest Control Solutions?

Preventive pest control is the key to keeping your home pest free.
Residential pest control in combination with preventative methods will keep yourself, your family, and pets safe from diseases and uncleanliness tracked by pests.

Not only will preventive pest control keep you and your family safe, but it will reduce later costs.
Prevention is much more cost-effective than extermination, especially in terms of residential pest control. Providing do-it-yourself prevention tips at home, while offering exponential pest prevention services at a low price is what makes Safe Pro Pest Control stand out above the rest.

Safe Pro Pest Control prides itself in high-quality service in an effective, timely manner. We are an excellent, family-owned business with technicians and employees willing to go the extra mile, so you can receive the greatest service possible. Our mission is to utilize our well-trained, licensed experts to prevent, control, or manage a variety of pest situations. 

For more information, visit our services tab to understand the range of expert pest control services Safe Pro offers.

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