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Plano Texas is a suburban city nestled in the greater Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. Because the city of Plano is a geographically flat terrain, has very few trees and few other variations to the terrain, the name ‘Plano’ stuck with when settlers were reviewing various names to call the area.

Plano, Texas was incorporated in 1873. Because there were vital establishments that included a Gristmill, a sawmill, and a store in the 1940s, Europeans were drawn to this area.

Since 1800s, this is the Plano that’s flourished into one of America’s top cities to live. As a matter of fact, has an algorithm which found that Plano W. is “The Best Pl. to live in the United States for livability of the year 2013.”

The growth and development of Plano, Texas as a desirable city to live in was further fueled in the 1980s with the help of companies that include Frito-Lay and J.C. Penney’s, which both moved their headquarters to Plano, Texas in that time period.

The city of Plano is vital to the Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex and is located just 20 miles from downtown Dallas. If you believe that you have a pest control problem then you should reach out to the rodent removal service that more Plano residents trust, Safe Pro Pest Control.

Rodent Control Plano

While the city of Plano has many wonderful accolades that keep its 259,841 residents happy, there is a problem that the city has, which is not so pleasant, not unlike many other cities around the country.

That problem is the rodent control issue.

You see, Plano Texas, as most of Texas, has a relatively warm and subtropic climate that makes the area a prime location for Texas rodents. The area has pretty mild winters and long, warm summers which give pests plenty of time to populate and multiply.

It is in this perfect climate for an abundance of wildlife that, Plano, Texas began to develop and build. As more people have occupied the city over the years up to today, the development of more roads, commercial and residential facilities have brought an increased amount of displacement for pests.

Common household pests that are displaced from all the development and that give residents of Plano the most trouble include – a rat with big ears, mice, ants, termites, spiders, roaches, beetles, snakes, wasps, squirrels, raccoons and possums.

Though the winters are rather mild in Plano, Texas, at Safe Pro Pest Control we always know when the weather is turning towards winter, because we all we see a spike in phone calls from residents complaining of pest problems.

While we may not notice it, mice definitely pay close attention to when the weather is turning cold for the upcoming winter. During the summertime rodents including mice, squirrels, raccoons, rats and others spend most of their time foraging outside for food. For the most part they are content to camp out in residential areas, seeking to stay undetected by humans.

However, when the season is changing towards winter, these rodents will shift their day to spending 80% of their time hunkered down in warm and safe areas, in just 20% of their time outside foraging for food.

That’s when the trouble starts for you. Rodents such as mice and rats, can find many ways to enter homes and nest in the attic area. They can lead from tree limbs that are close to the gutter and roof of your home, they can squeeze in through openings that are around your home and pry their way in.

In fact, mice and rats are so flexible that full-grown rodents can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime and nickel. This is roughly the size of their skull, which is the only non-flexible part of their bodies.

Why Rats Are a Serious Problem

Hole damage

The roof rat Texas problem that many residents of Plano and surrounding areas have, should be addressed quickly if you detect an issue in your home.

You should know the difference between mice and rats.

There are over 70 species of rats, but there are just three species that give commercial and homeowners issues.

These three species include Polynesian rats, roof rats, and Norway rats. Mice are much smaller than rats with and are dumber, too. This is important to know because the intelligence of rats is one of the biggest factors that make them harder to exterminate.

Because they are bigger, badder, and smarter than mice, homeowners should be more concerned if they a rat problem than a mouse problem.

But that’s just the beginning of the issue. You see, rats can build huge colonies faster than you can count. Since they mate up to 20 times each day, you read that right, day…

…and since they can produce as many as 20 offspring per litter, which are all full-grown and ready to reproduce within just 3 to 4 months, you can see how a small rat problem turns into a huge rat problem, quickly.

One single rat couple can produce as many as 12 litters of offspring each year. So, it is safe to say that rats and mice are here to stay. They have figured out how to survive and thrive among humans.

It is true that rats are omnivores, however, when there is an abundance of food they become picky eaters. And yet, in lean times when the pantry is low rats will turn on their own young and eat them to survive.

With the whole mission and goal of rats, mice and other rodents that invade your home for the winter is to survive, breed, and grow their colonies completely undetected.

These are just some of the reasons that rats are a serious problem for Plano, Texas residents.

Rodent Removal

Given all of this information about a pest you may currently have a serious problem with, you will certainly want to be quick and vigilant about exterminating rats.

While we know rats and other rodents to be crude pests, they are smart, acrobatic, and wary of their environment and changes therein.

Since rats have such strong noses, they can easily smell the sweet scent of humans, which makes baiting your own rat traps difficult. Noticing every slight change in their environment, and detecting human scent on the traps, they simply avoid them.

When they get really desperate for food they will intelligently use their own young to test food sources, which are your traps. These are called test-rats. Scandalous, I know, but true. Hey, that’s just another reason they are called ‘rats!’

So, while you may catch a rat are too, the colony can still survive and thrive in your attic since the full-grown leaders of the colony remain at-large.

The other reality of rats is that they are not clean creatures. In fact, they are known to carry diseases. There are 15 diseases that rats can hold, which include rat bite fever, salmonella, and Lyme disease. 10 diseases are directly transmitted by rats, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Signs You Have Rats

You may have detected that you have a rat or mouse problem. There are some telltale signs that you can use to with find out for sure.

You can check for black droppings in your attic area. If you find solid black droppings then you may have a rat problem. However, if these droppings have a white line in them, then you may have a lizard problem.

Also, most people don’t realize that their air-conditioning lines, attached to the furnace in the attic, provide the perfect road to invasion for rats and other rodents. You should check to see if there are holes outside your home.

You can also spot a router problem if you have tunneling in your insulation. It will look as if they have been walking through the snow making pathways.

If you detect a rat problem then you should contact rodent control services to inspect the issue and exterminate them.

Rat Removal service

What Damage Can Rats and Rodents Do to Your House?

They Chew Everything:

Looking at their tiny size, you might not guess the serious trouble they can cause to your home. Rats have a natural habit of chewing everything that comes their way. It could be anything! For instance, they can chew important documents, clothes, wood, electronics, and more.

As they are small creatures, they can also enter inside your car or other small spaces to chew on wires. Not only is this irritating but it can be a fire hazard.



In addition to destroying your property, rats can also contaminate your home and food items. Basically anything they come in contact with. 

If they find food stored in your pantry, then there is a strong likelihood they will contaminate your food. Rats carry germs and diseases, so you can imagine how this could affect the health of your household members.

For example, rats have been known to carry over 35 diseases and transmit them to humans including rat-bite fever, hantavirus, LCM, and tularemia.

For this reason, we always recommend a professional rat removal service at the first sign of a rat so you can make sure your loved ones are safe and healthy in your home.


Damage to Water Pipelines:

Water pipes are basically highways for rats. They use drains and pipes to enter your home and travel to their habitat.

Also, rats use these pipes as a means to carry materials they have gathered to build their nests. Since most homes have a network of pipes, you can imagine just how much of the home they have access to just from one small pipe.

Rats are not known for being tidy, so even if they are not physically active in your pipe, they can leave debris like fur, droppings, and nesting materials which could clog pipes and cause plumbing issues in your home.



Rats can do serious damage to the electric wires in your home. They are not afraid to chew through electric wires and leave them exposed. Unfortunately, exposed wires are prone to short-circuiting and could easily cause major concerns for you, your home, and your safety.

Unfortunately, you may not notice the damage in time and could short circuit appliances or even cause a fire.



Obviously, rats are not clean! They bring dirt, contaminated food, droppings, and all the nasty things you might expect. If you have a rat infestation, this is a serious problem as their breeding environment is likely full of diseases and they carry that in and out of your home, contaminating everything in their path.

Even if you don’t come in contact with a rat directly, they are still spreading germs throughout your home. A professional rodent exterminator will locate the infestation and make sure that they don’t have access to the rest of your home.

Spotted a rodent in your home? Get them exterminated quickly to not only avoid monetary damages but damage to your health as well. 

SafePro Pest Control offers high quality rat removal services to help you get rid of these troublesome creatures.

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How to Get Rid of Rats Outside Your Home?

Before rats are able to enter your home, they have to come from somewhere, right? That’s why you want to make the outside of your as least hospitable as possible. If a rat is not lured onto your property then the likelihood of a rat coming into your home is decreased.

That’s why when you call SafePro Pest Control, our expert exterminators will always do an inspection of your entire property. A rodent infestation usually starts from outside areas like gardens, yards, and garages.

Let’s see how you can help exterminate rats before they enter your property.

Food Storage:

Food is what primarily attracts rats and mice to your property. Any uncovered food is a direct invitation. Thus, it’s always a great idea to store your food on shelves or in the refrigerator according to perishability.

If food is inaccessible to rodents they are less tempted to enter your home.


Rat Traps:

If you have spotted rats on your property and wish to start the extermination process, a humane rat trap is your best option.

However, rat traps are not a substitute for calling a professional exterminator. While a humane rat trap will capture rats, it may also attract more rats over time. A pest control professional can advise you on the best method of getting rid of rodents in and around your property.  

Block Entry Points:

The best way to keep rats out of your property is to prevent them from finding a way in, in the first place. Thus, seal all the entry points such as holes, cracks, and open pipelines to restrict the entry of any remaining rodents.

They are probably hundreds of ways a rat could enter your home. From your attic to your garage, and beyond – you’ll want a professional to fully investigate your home for possible entry points. Once detected you can use various building materials to block entries.


Remove Animal Feeders:

If you love to feed birds and other animals in your backyard, you could also be feeding rodents. Unfortunately, bird feeders and bird baths will also attract rodents onto your property as they can nibble on bird food or drink the bird bath water.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up attracting birds to your yard, you just have to be more diligent about making sure rats don’t see these as invitations to move into your home.

Pest control service

I Need Help Finding Rat Removal Services Near Me!

Are you looking for rat pest control near you? From television ads and home mailers, you probably already know that you have plenty of exterminators to choose from.

However, how do you know which pest control company is right for you?

Here are some tips to help you choose the best rodent exterminator in the north Texas area including, Plano, Richardson, and Frisco.


Level of Infestation:

Your exterminator will choose the rat removal treatment based on the severity and quantity of the infestation. Have the exterminator show you the evidence that indicates the severity of the infestation.

Just because you see one rat, doesn’t necessarily mean there have to be others, but if you are seeing lots of damage and multiple nests, you’ll know to just what extent the steps that are necessary to get rid of them.

Also, rats are good at hiding and staying undercover for a long period of time. Our experts at SafePro Pest Control know where to look and always inspect your home thoroughly to provide a treatment plan that works for your situation. 


Chances are you have not budgeted for a rat removal service. And while it would be nice to know exactly how much rat extermination will cost, it does vary. For professional rat control Texas, it depends on the level of infestation, area of your property, and service provider.

A minor rat infestation could cost you around $150-400 while it could go up to $1200 in the case of a major infestation. So, when searching for a professional rat exterminator, make sure they properly inspect your home and within their quote they explain why your home needs that particular treatment.


Rats are smart and sometimes traditional removal techniques do not work. Thus, we recommend choosing an exterminator that has plenty of experience in your area. 

North Texas rat control methods are not the same as those in other areas. Make sure the professional you call has been in business in this area for more than 5 years.

Ask them what methods they use and how much experience they have getting rid of rodents. For example, depending on the circumstance, SafePro Pest Control will use game cameras to track the activities of rodents to help aid in the removal of rodents on a particular property.



Experience matters but so do knowledge and expertise. There are multiple certifications and licenses that a professional pest control expert will need to acquire.

Ask the company what qualifications they have as well as any specialized licensing certificates. Ask for references or read online reviews to get an idea of the company and how they handle customer complaints.

Rodent Exterminator

Safe Pro Pest Control is one of the most trusted rodent control exterminators in the Plano, Texas and Dallas, Texas area for many reasons, with 350+ 5 star reviews on Google.

This rodent removal service is different than the rest because our team of technicians are all licensed, bonded, insured and full-time. This means they are well trained, highly intelligent, professional and exterminate rodents on a daily basis.

We have a culture of providing white-glove service for our valued customers, so don’t wait another moment, give Safe Pro Pest Control a call to schedule your free inspection today. Call us at 214-773-9548!


The following are a few tips to help get rid of rats:

  • Use rat traps with bait made of peanut butter, chocolate, cheese, and seeds.
  • Use ultrasonic rodent repellents that deter rats.
  • Store your food securely on shelves or in the refrigerator to discourage rats.
  • Use natural repellents like ammonia as it creates a repulsive smell 
  • Consult a professional rat exterminator with expertise and experience.

Rats are really stubborn and keep coming back to their nests even after removal. They are creatures of habit so they stick with the method that got them easy access to food, comfort, warmth, and a place to hide.

Rodent removal usually depends on the level of infestation and area of your property. For instance, the removal of a small rat infestation may cost you around $150-400. If there’s a larger infestation, you may have to pay around $500-900. However, the rat removal cost may go up to $1000-$1200 in case of a major infestation or multiple infestations on your property.

You can use various rodent control techniques like repellents, rat traps, and ultrasonic systems, however, they are just temporary fixes. Here hiring a professional rat exterminator is the most effective rodent control. A pest control professional should have everything you need to control a rodent infestation in your home.

Well, there’s no particular number of rodents that would be considered an infestation, but since rodents breed quickly and keep growing their population, it doesn’t take much

Even if you have spotted a single rodent, it may have a nest for its babies. A pest control expert will determine the severity of the rodent infestation.

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