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3 Health Hazards of Pests When You Don’t Use an Extermination Service


If you’re having concerns about what’s creeping around your home at night, it might be time to hire an extermination service in Frisco, TX so you can rest easier. Not only does having pests in your home make it feel uncomfortable, but there are also several health risks you’re being exposed to. Here are 3 health hazards of having pests reside in your home:

  • Asthma and Respiratory Issues
  • West Nile Virus
  • Hantavirus & Leptospirosis

If you’ve noticed even just the initial signs of pests, it is important for your health to have the problem addressed sooner than later. Call Safe Pro Pest Control today at (214) 773-9548 to have your property inspected. Or visit us online at

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