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Why Pest Inspection is Crucial for Homeowners: Avoiding Costly Infestations

A pest inspection is when a licensed pest professional thoroughly inspects and examines all aspects of your property to identify any presence of pests. A pest inspection is not only valuable, but it is a small preventative measure that can save you a lot of money and hardship down the road. Regular pest examination by a qualified company offering pest inspection near me can help you keep ahead of pests and minimize any costly fixes. If you are located in the Dallas Texas, Collin and Denton counties then you’ll want to call Safe Pro Pest Control at 214-773-9548 to schedule Read more
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Most Common Types of Rodents that Invade Homes

“Rodents” is a word that reminds everyone of gnawed clothes, chewed food, and numerous diseases they spread. Short and simple, they are the most unwelcome guests that are ready to join every party like a rockstar. We all know and have seen various types of rodents in our homes and offices. But have you ever wondered how many types of rats exist? Which rodents invade our homes? How can a professional rat exterminator help? Too many unanswered questions! Considering this, we have created an extensive guide to help you find most of the answers. This guide will lead you toward Read more
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DIY Guide: How to Get Rid of Rodents in the Attic

From mice to rats, rodents bring numerous diseases and intense destruction with them. Despite their small size, they can transmit over 35 diseases to humans and pets. Especially the rats party harder than the rockstar while gnawing at everything that comes their way. Considering their activities, you may never welcome them in your home or office. But they are tiny and can squeeze themselves to enter your property even through a small hole. So, it’s finally a question, how to get rid of rodents in the attic? If you also have the same question on your mind, this guide will Read more
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Say Goodbye to Mosquito Infestations: A Homeowner’s Guide to Mosquito Treatment

When it comes to discouraging mosquitoes, residential mosquito treatment is the most appreciated solution worldwide and Frisco & Plano, Texas aren’t any different. Mosquitoes are famous for quick breeding and infecting people with more than 35 deadly diseases including Zika and West Nile. Mainly, they make your backyard their home and can easily ruin a family gathering or BBQ with incessant swatting and itching. Here the treatment comes into the picture as a lifesaver from these notoriously unpleasant pests. In residential mosquito treatment, exterminators use professional resources like mosquito foggers and misting clouds to safeguard your family from these party Read more
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How To Get Rid of Flying Termites

As the weather changes from winter to summer, and the humidity level rises, so does the risk of termite infestation in your home.  As homeowners, you should know how to get rid of flying termites in case of any termite infestation. If you see swarms of flying termites around your home, it should be a warning sign that: You may already have an existing termite problem Your home may be at risk of potential termite infestation. The actual swarmer themselves do not cause damage. It is their offspring, which have the power to cause structural damage if they find solid Read more
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Effective Mouse Traps You Can Use

Pests are a common problem for homeowners in the US. Statistics show that all American homeowners are going to suffer from pests at least once in their lives, and the most common pests are rats. Rats are generally nocturnal animals that seek shelter in homes to nest and reproduce. And if a rat has found a way into your home, you’re likely looking for ways to get rid of them. Rat traps are one solution for pest control. These devices are typically used to catch or kill rats. There are several types of rat or mouse traps, such as toxic Read more
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Top 5 Types of Rat Traps to Buy in 2022

Having a rat infestation in your home is the thing of nightmares for every homeowner in Texas. From spreading diseases to structural damages, these unwelcome guests may create serious trouble for you. But how do you get rid of rats? Most homeowners consider rat traps and mousetraps as their first line of defense against these stubborn creatures. With regard to rat traps, you may have a standard wooden mousetrap on your mind. However, it may surprise you that there are a variety of rat traps that you can buy. Even if you’re looking for an electric or ultrasonic trap, you Read more
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What is a Roof Rat

Summary Rodents are the most common pest in the US, representing 30% of all pest infestations in America. Mice and rats are the most frequently seen rodents in residential and commercial properties. One particular kind of rat has been especially troublesome, and that is the roof rat. You might be wondering what is a roof rat? A roof rat is a type of rat that was named due to its tendency to hang out on roofs and higher elevations in buildings. Like other rodents, roof rats can cause damage to your house and your family’s health. In this article we Read more
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Where do Mosquitoes Go in the Winter

Where Do Mosquitoes Go in the Winter? Temperatures are cooling down and the hot summer nights are finally fading away. North Texans welcome the winter season with open arms as mosquitoes and other insects become less of a nuisance. Since mosquitoes are more prevalent during the summertime, one might think they die off during the winter. However, these blood-sucking creatures have been in existence for far too long, and have learned to hibernate during cold or harsh weather. So, where do mosquitoes go in the winter? Contrary to popular belief, the cold weather doesn’t kill them. Unfortunately, just like the Read more
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Rat Removal

Are you looking for a way to get rid of rats in your home? Rats can be a significant problem and make life miserable.  In addition to being filthy and unpleasant to look at, they often carry diseases and bacterial infections that pose a health risk to your loved ones. They can also be destructive – chewing through insulation, electrical wiring, and walls. Unfortunately not all rat removal techniques are created the same so you’ll want to consult an expert to determine what is best for your situation. Also, you may not notice the sign you have a rat problem Read more