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Everything You Need to Know About Rodent Control in your House

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The most common pest that will get into your attic is a rodent. Once they are inside your house mice and rats can create all sorts of problems including scratched walls, droppings, chewed electrical wires and health problems for your loved ones. If you have rodents in your attic, the following tips can help.

Inspect Your Home

Carefully inspect your entire home. Look for any openings where rats or mice could enter the structure. These might include gaps in roofing and foundations as well as kitchen, bathroom and utility room vents. Once a rodent has found entry into your home, it can make its way behind your walls and through your ceiling until it reaches your attic. There it will build a nest and start to multiply.

Seal All Openings

Use a sealant to close any openings into your home from the outside. Be sure to use a material that rodents cannot chew. If necessary install metal enclosures that you can bolt into place. A metal enclosure will prevent rodents from getting into your house and making a home for themselves.

Trapping the Rodents

Once you have sealed off all of the openings, consider trapping and removing them. Snap traps are a useful device for catching rodents.  These traps can be set at varying sensitivity levels and placed on a variety of surfaces. It is important to check your attic to see where the rodents are moving before you set the traps. Rodents follow the same pathways and leave droppings along the way. Place the traps along these pathways to increase your chances of trapping them. If you are unsure about setting the traps yourself, contact a rodent control service about having the job done for you.

Removing the Rodents

Once you have trapped any rodents, remove them from your home. Continue the process until you no longer hear any sounds of rodents in your walls or see any signs of rodents living in your attic.

Clean the Attic Space

When all of the rodents in your attic have been trapped and removed, clean the space thoroughly. Rodents that have been living in your attic space will leave behind urine and droppings, nesting material and food debris. If left alone, these can cause health problems for you and your loved ones.  It is vital to properly clean and decontaminate your attic once your rodent problem is solved. If you are doing the work yourself, be sure to wear a filter mask. This job can become quite extensive. Consider hiring a Plano pest control service to clean your attic for you.

If you have rodents in your attic and are in need of rodent control services, contact the experts at Safe Pro Pest. Call (214) 773-9548 today!

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