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Everything You Need to Know About Rodent Control in your House



Rodent Control Service Frisco TX

Rodents are considered the worst pests by many homeowners and business and for a good reason. They can cause massive damage to valuables such as clothes, carpets, curtains and even interior décor. 

A professional rodent pro can help you get rid of them completely and at an affordable rate. In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of a rat in your home and additional information about rodent control services.

When to Inspect House for Rodents

It is imperative to inspect your house for rodents regularly and seek help from a professional rodent pro if you see any of the following signs.

1: Droppings

Droppings are the easiest signs that your home is infested with rats and other rodents. Droppings from mice are usually dark brown, small and with unique pointed ends. They are usually 0.25 inches in length while rat droppings range from 0.5 to 0.75 inches in length. Be sure to put on gloves when cleaning up to avoid contamination.

2: Tracks

Like termites, rodents leave behind tracks as they walk around your home. Look out for tiny footprints, especially in areas that have accumulated dust. While at it, check for greasy marks on walls or streaks – they leave them when running around at night or when nobody is home.

3: Chew Marks on Wooden Items and Surfaces

Rodents love to gnaw on wood so check out for marks on cardboard, wood flooring and other wooden items.

4: Bad Odor

Rodents have an inherent musky odor that will increase and spread to all rooms as their number increases. You will also smell a rotting odor if one or more dies inside your house. Don’t hesitate to contact the rodent pro company when you identify this kind of smell for a comprehensive inspection of all spaces, including the attic.

5: Unusual Pet Behavior

If you have a dog or cat in the house, watch out for changes in their behavior. Odd actions such as erratic movement and scratching of walls could be a sign that they are sensing the presence of rodents in the house.

6: Holes on Thin Materials and Walls

As mentioned earlier, rodents can cause great harm if not eradicated immediately; you notice signs of their presence in your home. Rats and mice seem to enjoy punching small holes on thin materials and walls to create entry points to their haven.

7: Allergies

There are so many causes of allergies, and in most cases, pest allergies are ignored. Rodent fur and droppings have been proven to be capable of causing allergies in not only children but also adults. Allergists are also of the idea that keeps your home free of rodents is one of the sure ways of resolving recurring allergy problems.

Rodent Control

How to Get Rid of Rat Safely

Rats and mice are the most common rodents that attack homes. Here are tips on how to get rid of a rat safely.

1: Use Peppermint Oil

Rats can’t detect or smell peppermint oil. Go ahead and create several cotton balls then spray each of them with peppermint oil. Place the cotton balls in all the areas that you suspect the rat uses as an entry point to your home. The oil will keep them at bay – do this for several days to get the best results.

2: Onions

Yes, onions can help get rid of rats in your home as they hate the pungent smell. The only downside is that they can rot quickly, especially during winter of if placed in areas that are constantly humid. It is recommended to replace them daily.

3: Use Hot Pepper Flakes

In the past, farmers used to sprinkle pepper on plants to keep animals away. Turns once this hack also works magic on rats. Once you identify the entry points and tracks, lay down pepper flakes to discourage it from entering your home.

4: Clove Oil or Raw Cloves

Like the pungent smell from onions, rats hate the smell of clove oil and raw cloves. Place several of them in a muslin cloth or sprinkle some in a pantyhose and place it near the rat entry points, tracks, or holes.

5: Ammonia

By now, you already know that rodents cannot withstand strong smells. Pour ammonia into a small bowl and place it on the rat tracks and entry holes. Rest assured that the smell will motivate it to look for other grounds to live in and breed.

6: A Mixture of Cocoa Powder and Plaster of Paris

Rats gnaw on just about anything that they come across, including any powder that looks like food to them. A mixture of powder of Plaster of Paris and Cocoa powder will do the trick. Once they lick the mixture, they will run out to look for water to quench their thirst before they die.

These are the six safe ways of getting a rat safely. A rodent pro can help you identify the ideal spots to place the bowl of ammonia or any of the other five ways of keeping rats at bay. 

Basic Steps to Remove Rodents from the Attic

Start by Inspect the Home

A comprehensive inspection of your home will help you to identify the routes that the rodents use to move around your home and into the attic. For example, you may notice gaps in the foundation and roofing as well as utility room vents. Hire a rodent pro company to do this inspection for you to know the best control measures to apply.

Consider Sealing All Openings

The inspection will help you to identify openings that the rodents use to access the attic. Seal them off using a robust sealant or any other material that they cannot gnaw on to create new entry points.

Lay Snap Traps

Sealing the openings will keep rodents that are outside from getting access to the attic. How about the rodents that are already inside? Lay snap traps to catch and kill them. The traps should be placed along their usual pathways as they often follow a specific routine.

Clean Up

Once you trap all the rodents, remove them from the house and continue monitoring to see if any evaded the traps. When sure that all of them are eradicated, clean the attic thoroughly to get rid of droppings, urine and other forms of debris that can result in a musky odor. 

Go an extra mile to decontaminate the entire space to kill bacteria and other pathogens that cause infectious diseases on both human beings and pets.

Ask Help from Professional Rodent Control Team

Rodents are some of the wittiest and hard to get rid of pests. Even though the above tips can help you get rid of them yourself, it is highly recommendable to hire a rodent pro to do it. The expert has the skills, expertise and equipment required to get rid of them safely. More importantly, measures will be taken to prevent them from infesting your home again.

Get in touch with Safe Pro Pest Control for the best rodent control services today.

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