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Five Professional Tips for Rodent Control in Your Home

Rodent Control Service Frisco TXThe weather is warming up, and it’s that time when rats and mice are looking for shelter;  it might be a good time to have a rodent control service in Frisco, TX come over and make sure preventative measures are in place if you tend to have rodent issues. Controlling rodents is not just using traps to kill current rats and mice, but also preventing them from entering your home in the first place. Here are ten tips to control rodents:

  • Identify possible entry points. Rats and mice can fit into some very tight spaces, as long as their skull can fit through, so can the rest of their body. Repair or cover these holes with quarter inch metal mesh to cut off rodents from using a hole as an entry point.
  • Do not plant ivy. Rodents often use ivy for food and shelter, and ivy that is growing up walls can be used by rodents to climb up and move into attics or through windows.
  • Mitigate possible food and water sources. Keep food items such as crackers and cereals in tight containers, and do not leave pet food out overnight to reduce potential rodent food sources. Leaking pipes give a water source to rodents, so fix leaking pipes quickly.
  • Use snap or electric traps. Sometimes referred to as kill traps, these are recommended to remove rodents compared to live and glue traps. Mice and rats trapped in glue and live traps can still pee which increases the risk of spreading diseases. Glue traps are not recommended due to rodents still being able to urinate and pose a threat to other animals, pets and children. Additionally, most people consider glue traps as the most inhumane due to the suffering of the trapped animal.

Use extreme caution or do not use rodenticides. Rodenticides are poisons for rats and mice, but are a threat to many other animals, pets and humans. Animals that feed off a poisoned rodent are also at risk of poisoning as well. If you are looking to use rodenticides to treat a current rodent problem, leave that to a professional, and have a rodent control service in Frisco, TX be the ones to make the call, and properly use it.

If you are having a rodent problem and are unsure about what to do contact Safe Pro Pest at (972) 435-0700 or online at https://safepropest.com/ to handle all your rodent control needs, and keep the rodents out this summer.

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