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6 Great Tips To Keep Your House Rodent Free

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The weather warming up means it will be the time for mice and rats to find shelter. It will be the best time for the service for rodent control Frisco, TX team to come to your home and ensure that there are preventive measures for possible rodent issues. Controlling rats is not mere trapping to kill, it also involves avoiding them altogether. Below are rodent control tips that greatly works for any home:

1.Find potential entry points.

Mice and rats can get into tight spaces. If their head can fit through, then the rest of the body will follow. Repairing and covering these holes with metal mesh to cut rodents off from using the holes as an entry point would be an incredible approach to such entry points.


2.Never plant ivy.

Rodents love ivy as shelter and source of food. Ivy that grows on walls is used by rodents to climb up and move around your attics and through windows. If ever you have already planted some of it and is in love with the aesthetics it gives, you can always block any possible entry points your house can have.

3.Remove possible water and food sources.

Keep away your foods like crackers or cereals in sealed containers. Do not leave food for your pets overnight to reduce the food source of rodents. Leaking pipes allow the rodents to have a water source, thus fixing your pipes is a great move for rodent control.

4.Utilize snap or electric traps.

This form of prevention is known as kill traps, these are well recommended to remove rodents unlike the glue and live traps. Rats and mice that are trapped in live traps can still pee and will increase the likelihood of spreading diseases. Moreover, a lot of people would consider glue traps as an inhumane treatment due to the long-suffering of the animals, making them feel like being tortured rather than a quick death.

5.Never use rodenticides.

Rodenticides are deadly for both mice and rats. However, there is a threat to other pets and even humans. Animals that would feed on a poisoned rat can get poisoned too. If you are considering using rodenticides to address your problem, do not try it! Let the Plano pest control professionals do it. You can get service for rodent control in Frisco, Texas. Let them be the ones to do it so they can use it properly.

6.Get a cat.

Cats are an incredible help for keeping your house free of rodents. They are the predators of rodents in your home. It will keep them off your house and you have a lovely pet all the time besides you. They offer you a great company and a big help for keeping rodents at bay.

 If you are having a rodent problem and are unsure about what to do, contact Safe Pro Pest at (972) 435-0700 or online at Call now and let us handle all your rodent control needs and keep the rodents out this summer and for the rest of the year!


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