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Three Signs It’s Time to Call a Rodent Removal Service

Rodent Removal Service Frisco TX

Ants, cockroaches, beetles, and termites are common complaints to pest control professionals, but your home may also be in need of a rodent removal service. From field mice or rats to raccoons and possums, there are many rodents that can wreak havoc on your home. If you are noticing one or more of the following signs, you have a rodent problem that requires Plano pest control professional’s help.


One of the most common signs that you have a rodent problem is the sight of droppings. Droppings, or fecal matter, may appear differently depending on what rodent is in your home. This guide will help you determine which rodent or rodents are inside your home:

  • Mice : Droppings from mice will have a granular shape, measuring between 3 to 6 mm in length. It is usually black or dark brown in color.
  • Rats : Rat droppings will obviously be larger than mice droppings. They usually have rectangular ends and will be found in small groups.
  • Raccoons : If one or more raccoons is coming into your attic or basement, you may notice droppings that measure about 2 to 3 inches long.
  • Possums : Possums will have feces that look most similar to the fecal matter of dogs. It will range in diameter and length, depending on the size of the possum.

It is important to note that you should never touch the droppings since many rodents carry diseases that could make you and your family ill.

Puddles of Urine

Although droppings are the most common sign of rodents, puddles of urine may also be seen in a home with these pests. Rodents have weak bladders, which means they will repeatedly urinate, whether their bladder is full or not.

If your home has rodents, you may notice puddles of urine, or you may feel damp spots in different areas of your home. A rodent removal service may use a black light flashlight tool to determine if these damp spots are urine or an underlying leak of sorts.


Most rodents will travel down the same paths when they enter and exit your home. These paths may be marked with not only their dirty feet but also with traces of food.

Small footprints, which measure around 3/8 of an inch are most likely mice while prints that measure about an inch in length could be rats. Any footprints that are larger are usually stemming from possums or raccoons.

If you believe you have a rodent problem, do not attempt to deal with the situation on your own. For an effective and efficient rodent removal service, contact Safe Pro Pest in Frisco, TX at (214) 773-9548

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