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3 Tips For You To Save Money On Termite Pest Control

Termite Pest Control Frisco TXDiscovering termites in your home often comes with a devastating cost. Here are three tips on how to save money on termite control.

  1. Have termite inspections. Having regular inspections can make a big difference. Termite damage can cost upwards of $4,000, while a simple inspection may only be $150.
  2. Choose to get a pretreatment on a new home, whether you’re buying or building. A pretreatment will help your home to be more termite-proof and avoid future damage. Pre-treatment will also cost less than any post-treatment inflicted by termite damage.
  3. Always keep an eye out for termites. Termites are quiet and can do serious damage before anyone notices. Keep firewood away from your house, and throw out rotting wood.

Always remember to fight off termites before they come to you! Call Safe Pro Pest for more information on termite pest control today at 972-435-0700.

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