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Pest Control Frisco TX : Signs You Have a Flea Infestation

Pest Control Frisco TX

As a homeowner, you most likely understand the importance of your investment, so pest control Frisco TX can ensure your home is free from unhealthy, unappealing pests. Considering fleas are common pests that quickly infest a home’s interior and exterior space, understanding the signs of these problematic insects is smart. Using this guide on common signs of a flea infestation, you will know when to contact the professionals for help.

Pest Control Frisco TX: Watch Fido (and Other Pets)

Most flea-infested homes have pets, but fleas are attracted to more than just dogs. While surprising to hear, your cat, ferret, gerbil, and rabbit may also have fleas. Due to this, it is important to watch your pets for signs of irritation.

If your pet is scratching constantly, inspect their coat for fleas that may be crawling around. Use a comb to move sections of hair on your pet, allowing you a better look at their skin and coat.

Pay special attention to hidden areas of their coat, such as under their arms or behind the ears. Fleas are most common on the head and neck of cats and the back legs of a dog. Since these are warm, quiet areas of your pet, fleas will find these spaces most appealing.

You may also notice flea eggs on your pet. Eggs may appear as small red or black speckles on the skin and in between your pet’s hair. Check your pet’s bedding, as well, for signs of fleas and eggs.

Contact the professional pest control Plano TX specialists to treat your home for fleas if you notice this unusual behavior from your pet.

Check your Carpet ( and Furniture, Rugs, Curtains, and Bedding)

Fleas may also hide in between carpet fibers, rugs, furniture, window treatments, and your own bedding, too. Inspect these areas for moving fleas or the small speckles that may be signs of eggs.

For the best results, stand on your carpet or rug wearing white socks. Remain silent and still for a few minutes while watching your socks. If you notice small specks move and then jump around on the white socks, you most likely have fleas in your home.

Shampooing your carpet may seem like a great idea, but the soapy water may not kill fleas AND their eggs. However, it is helpful to wash all washable rugs and linens in hot water with laundry detergent.

Fleas affect you, your home, and your pets, so treating your home is essential. For the most effective removal of fleas, contact pest control Frisco TX specialists of Safe Pro Pest Control at (214) 773-9548.

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