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Preventive Pest Control Frisco TX: Common North Texas Yard Pests


Preventive pest control Frisco TX means stopping bugs before they invade your space. This summer, you’ll want to protect your yard the most. Gardening is a great hobby and caring for your lawn is an excellent way to beautify your yard and increase the value of your home; but yard pests can destroy lawns, shrubberies and flowers and make outdoor work and living miserable. Although it’s virtually impossible to eliminate all insects from your yard, getting help from our professional Plano pest controllers at Safe Pro Pest Control can reduce the number of invaders.

Preventative Pest Control Frisco TX can help with these common Texas Pests:


The black widow and the brown recluse spiders are the only venomous spiders in Texas. Though they’re not aggressive toward humans, they pose a threat to both humans and animals who might make inadvertent contact with them.


There are many ant species in Texas that include leafcutter ants, carpenter ants and raspberry crazy ants. Leafcutter ants can defoliate an entire plant over the course of a summer. Carpenter ants weaken structures by consuming and nesting in wood. Rasberry crazy ants invade yards and lawns and are attracted to electrical equipment. Swarms of these ants may cause electrical short circuits. The most destructive ant in Texas is the fire ant, which has the largest impact of any species in the state. These ants disturb turf grass, threaten animal habitats and can even swarm and attack humans. Their mounds, if left undisturbed, can reach up to 18 inches high.


Fleas usually live on a host animal but can live in moist soil. They jump and will bite lower legs, leaving a red, itchy spot.


Ticks are small parasites that survive on blood. They carry diseases like Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis and Relapsing Fever. Often, controlling ticks in your yard means controlling rodents or other invaders that they feed on. Our experts at Safe Pro Pest Control can find and eliminate the hosts and the ticks in your yard.


Like ticks, mosquitoes are disease-carriers that can transmit West Nile virus, Zika virus, malaria and encephalitis. Mosquitoes breed easily in any standing water, including bird baths and puddles. Only female mosquitoes bite people and animals and to locate us more easily, they can smell the carbon dioxide we breathe from 75 feet away.


Chiggers are small, red bugs that lay their eggs on the soil. After the eggs hatch, the larvae crawl onto humans and bite, leaving a secretion that causes an itchy, red skin whelp. They thrive in tall grass and weeds.

At Safe Pro Pest Control, we can treat the outside of your home and create a barrier to keep pests out. The same treatment will also eliminate pests already in your yard and near your home. Call us at (214) 773-9548 or visit us online at to learn more about us and to find valuable coupons.

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