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Being a sub-tropical region, Texas is a hub of various types of pests, including rodents, mosquitoes, ants, and termites. Chances are, you’re looking for a professional solution to get rid of these troublesome creatures. SafePro Pest Control is the answer to pesky pest problems with our detailed and customizable services and years of expertise. Here’s how we do it!

Searching for the Best Pest Control Company in Plano, TX?

Are you looking for quality pest exterminators in Plano, Texas? If ants and mosquitoes are bothering you more often or if you’ve noticed signs of creepy crawlies infesting your office, you already know that you need pest control services as soon as possible.

Choosing an exterminator in Plano, TX can be difficult with several companies advertising and claiming to be the best service, which is why you can trust our 600+ customers which gave us 5 star reviews on Google. To guarantee that you’re making the best choice when choosing a preventative pest control service, you’ll want to review some of these basic guidelines first.

Call Safe Pro Pest Control now at 214-773-9548 for a full, top-to-bottom inspection of your home or office absolutely FREE and with No-Obligation!

If an infestation is determined, our Frisco pest control experts will assist you with professional extermination at an affordable price.

Know Your Pest Problem

Residential spaces and business premises can be infested by various types of pests. From termite damage, ants and bed bugs seeping through cracks and crevices, mosquitos becoming a problem in your yard, cockroaches living in the kitchen and wall cavities, to house mice nesting in warm and quiet places, gnawing away at furnishings – the space you occupy, whether that be a home or business can have them all.

Many of us are unable to identify what’s bugging us in the first place. Calling a pest professional can help you understand whether the problem is indoors or outdoors and the best course of action to rid your property of unwanted pests safely and effectively.

When shopping around for pest control services in Plano, it’s important to look for a fully licensed and accredited business. At Safe Pro, we’re proud to be family owned and operated as we hire only the best trained, licensed, and experienced technicians. While price is important, you’ll also want to check out the pest control service’s customer service record, guarantees and maintenance plans. There’s no value in going with a company that doesn’t put you and the safety of your family first.

At Safe Pro Pest Control in Plano TX, our superior customer service representatives are available to take your call, address your queries and concerns. We work with your schedule and ensure our technician reaches onsite at the earliest time possible to inspect the situation.

Stop battling pests at your home or office alone. We do full-service indoor and outdoor pest removal. Call us at 214-773-9548 for a completely FREE inspection of your premises. Book for a no-obligation inspection for free today!

Common Plano Pests that Invade Your Home


When talking about Plano pests, rodents, especially rats and mice are what come to mind. But there are hundreds of varieties of rodents and insects that are bothersome. In this section, we’ll discuss the most common pests in north Texas and how SafePro can help you!


Rats are the most common pests that enter your home and cause severe destruction of property. From destroying electric wires to gnawing on furniture and property, they can contaminate just about every area of your home.

Rats are notorious for being chewers and they can destroy just about anything with their sharp teeth.

In addition, they can carry a variety of diseases and transmit them by contaminating your food and property. That’s why SafePro Pest Control has included a separate program for rat extermination in its rodent control, Plano services. Read more about types of rats here.


When it comes to invasion, mice hold the same level of reputation as rats. Mice may be smaller than rats, but what they lack in size, they make up for in intelligence. Mice are really clever at finding hiding spaces in your home and can go undetected unless you know what to look for.

Fortunately, our Plano exterminators know how mice think and they can determine where and how mice get into your home.

Thanks to our years of expertise and professional training, we will not only eliminate mice in your home but also keep them from coming back by sealing the entry points to prevent future infestation.


When we say mosquito, you’re probably thinking of the annoying red and itchy bumps that mosquito bites leave. However, not only are they annoying, mosquitoes can carry over 35 deadly diseases, including West Nile, Malaria, and Dengue fever.

Some pest control Plano services may say they get rid of mosquitos, but SafePro means it. Whether you’re looking for indoor treatment or backyard mosquito control, Plano, TX, SafePro Pest Control will get you the best out of your investment.


Termites are silent wood eaters and are highly destructive to your home or business. Surprisingly, they can eat furniture or any wooden structure from the inside and won’t stop until they put a hole in your wallet.

That’s why we recommend you schedule annual or half-yearly termite inspections in Plano. You can schedule a professional inspection by SafePro experts and keep your house safe from these troublesome creatures.

Other General Pests

In addition to the above-mentioned pests, there are other creatures that invade your home and may create trouble for you. This list includes cockroaches, ants, millipedes, and paper wasps.

Looking at the large list, SafePro pest control Plano, TX acts as a on-stop solution to keep your home safe from all pests. If you want to know more about our free no-obligation inspection, contact SafePro experts and ask for a consultation now!

Roof Rats

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Why You May Need Pest Control Services In Plano Texas

Are you concerned your home may be making you sick? Are you concerned about the air quality in your home? Have you seen evidence of pest droppings?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you may need a quality pest control service to inspect and determine if there is an underlying pest problem.. disease-carrying pests of all kinds can easily find their way into homes and offices and can be very difficult to get rid of. This is when our Safe Pro Pest Control service professionals can come into the picture.

We rely upon our up-to-date training and years of experience when dealing with unwanted pests. Using our effective pest extermination treatments, we eliminate these unwanted guests from households and commercial buildings in the Plano, TX area. Our technicians specialize in non-chemical-based methods to treat disease-spreading pests that are safe to use around you and your family.

Professional Pest Control

What Everyone Must Know About Pests

Pests like ants, mice, cockroaches, termites and rodents not only invade your home and spread diseases, they are attracted to areas around your food, destroy wire cables, clothes, furniture, documents and more. Not only do they carry germs that can create health problems for your family, but they can be potentially dangerous and thus making your home unsafe.

Pest control is no longer optional, but a necessity. Due to the climate changes and conditions viable for their growth, pests at your premises – home, business and lawn are rapidly multiplying. As their menace increases, local health authorities and other government bodies suggest using the specialized services of pest control companies that are most familiar with where you live – that includes Plano and the surrounding area.

“For homeowners, pest prevention and treatment is critical to protect your investment. That’s why our termite treatment and warranty is fully transferable if you ever sell your home. As long-term Texas residents know, when it comes to termites it isn’t if termites will show up but when you will have termites. For newer constructions, around the 10th year is when we start to see termite problems creep up.”

Professional pest extermination services have the right tools and experience to get rid of pests completely.

Safe Pro Pest Control service employs eco-friendly techniques to prevent rodent infestation in Plano. Residents don’t need to evacuate their homes as our chemical-free and non-toxic solutions do no harm to you or the environment but are tough on these creatures.

We inspect the pest affected area thoroughly and then conduct effective pest extermination in your Plano, TX property.

Deciding which pest control service to use in Plano, TX is a big decision. As you do your research, take into account those businesses that have an established history of excellent customer service. Your pest control service should be familiar with the pests in your area. A complimentary quote should include not only extermination solutions but preventative ones as well, and then only after a thorough investigation of your home.

Exterminator Treatment TX

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Residential Pest Control in Plano, TX

Home Inspections

Pest control Plano, Texas starts with a thorough home inspection to identify the pest and level of infestation in your home. We offer professional home inspections for rodents, mosquitoes, termites, and other invading pests.

Even if you’re looking to schedule an annual inspection, our experts will ensure regular checks on pests and make sure they stay away from your home at an affordable price.


Found a pest infestation during the home inspection? Don’t worry! Our professional and experienced exterminator Plano from our team will help you out. Regardless of the type of infestation, our experts will ensure there are no pests left after the extermination.

SafePro Pest Control professionals use advanced techniques and resources that are capable of finding and exterminating any pests inside and around your home.

Structural Fixes

Pests, especially rodents and termites are famous for their destructive habits. In structural fixing, we take care of filling all the structural gaps that work as a highway for pests. This includes holes, cracks, openings, yard vegetation, and anything that encourage pests to enter the home.
The structural fixes not only repair your home but also prevent a future infestation and ensure safety.

Preventative Solutions

Along with structural fixes, SafePro Pest Control also implements various preventative solutions for better protection from pests. We offer solutions such as ultrasonic repellents, mist foggers, and more.

Although DIY pest control Plano TX may temporarily help, our professional solutions are more effective and offer better value for your money.

Commercial Pest Control in Plano, TX

Just as we take care of your residence our commercial pest control services offer the same professionalism and expertise. You’ll receive a professional inspection, extermination, and pest control for your business – big or small.

Commercial buildings generally don’t experience large infestations because of less food than residential houses. However, they get more areas to hide and may cause bigger destruction.

Therefore, we have customized our inspections and preventative solutions according to the nuances of a commercial building. Our experts take care of any entry points and areas that are prime for hiding pests in your office, storage, or warehouse.

Similarly, if you have run a food service operation or a restaurant, we apply effective solutions that work around consumables.

Are you looking for commercial pest control in Plano, TX for your business? SafePro Pest Control is here to help you with its professional services. Call us today and request an estimate for your business without a consultation charge.



Comprehensive Pest Control In Plano, TX

Texas Rats And Rodents Control

A rat infestation poses several health risks. These creatures can be very dangerous as they are not only disease-carrying and could contaminate food, but they can destroy your property and cut wires causing electrical mayhem, including possibly a fire. Pest control services that take preventative measures to combat rats is an effective way to rodent-proof your property.

Being a professional team of Plano exterminators, we understand the level of destruction and inconvenience that rodents can bring to your property. That’s why we offer our extensive rodent control services to help you be rid of these troublesome creatures.

Our rodent control, Plano, includes rodent inspection, sealing entry points, extermination, and installing preventative measures to prevent infestation.

Mosquito Extermination

Do mosquitoes ruin your quiet evenings on the patio? Have they annoyed you and your guests during a backyard barbeque? They are not only annoying but they’re disease-carrying pests as well. That’s why hiring an mosquito exterminator who is familiar with Plano, TX and the type of environments mosquitoes like to congregate are important for mosquito control in this area.

When it comes to spreading diseases and annoying humans, mosquitoes have the highest rank among all the pests. From sprays to repellents, there might be several DIY options to get rid of mosquitoes. But if you’re not familiar with mosquito habitats and how they thrive in Texas, it will be a battle you’ll never win.
Our professional pest control Plano can help you! At SafePro Pest, we use advanced solutions such as backpack foggers, In-2-Care, and Mist-Away Mosquito Fogging to remove the infestation.

Termites Control

Once creatures like termites and insects have found a food source, they can leave a trail behind for an army to enter your home. They feed on anything from wood to furniture, which can be evidenced by surrounding wood dust. Once they begin destroying your home they don’t stop. These usually hide in walls by digging a deep trench and cause major destruction. The longer you wait to address your termite problem the more expensive the damage will be.

Termite control Plano becomes really important for Texas residents especially if your house is older than five years. The reason is termites are great at hiding themselves and bringing silent destruction to your property.
As termite specialists, we have included everything in our termite control services, from home inspections to extermination using professional resources.

Other Common Pest Extermination

Maybe you’ve noticed insects or other pests that scurry about your kitchen, living room, bath, attic or lawn. Bugs and pests and a wide-range of creepy crawlies can be found in and around your property causing significant harm not only to the space where they thrive but also its occupants.

Safe Pro Pest Control in Plano, TX examine and track these household pests. We take preventative measures to ensure these creatures do not enter your home again. Our residential and commercial pest control solutions are helping residents deal with stubborn pests never to find them returning!

Plano, Texas is one of the most preferred residential neighborhoods for many like you. Hence, it is important to safeguard your family and live in a pest-free environment in your home. Call us today at 214-773-9548 to understand how we can help you deal with various types of pest problems in Plano, TX and beyond.

Preventative Pest Control , Plano TX

How to Protect Your Home from Infesting Pests in Plano

Keep Your Food Covered

From rats to mosquitoes, most of the pests that infest your home are in search of food and shelter. Keeping food covered will aid in keeping them away from and out of your home. Also, it will prevent contamination and the spread of diseases that pests transfer to humans.
Store your food and any pet food in air-tight containers in a secure location. The more you make it inaccessible to pests, the better.

The same is true for outside. Eliminate sources of food for pests like garbage or vegetation. If your place is inhabitable those pests will likely move on to someplace else.

Discourage their Entry

It’s natural to put all your focus on exterminating pests and getting rid of them. But have you ever wondered how they entered your home in the first place? Whether it’s termites or rodents, every pest uses structural gaps like holes, cracks, and open pipelines to gain entry.

Fortunately, you can fix these access points easily and discourage the entry of pests into your home. Make sure you use high-quality and durable materials to seal the entry points for the best results.

Keep an Eye on Signs of Infestation

Identifying the infestation early and calling experts for pest control Plano is the best way to prevent extensive destruction. Fortunately, pests leave many signs of infestation that make them identifiable before irreversible damage is done.

If you see gnawed wood and droppings, and hear unusual sounds, it could be a rodent infestation in your home. You don’t have to actually see the pest to know that they are there.

Termite Proofing

Termites are secret troublemakers and you may not notice any signs of infestation in the early stages. That’s what makes them the most destructive pests of all! Termites work underground in hidden areas that are nearly impossible to detect unless you’re a trained professional.
In addition to termite extermination, you’ll want to make sure your home is termite-proof. There are sprays and coatings to ensure the invulnerability of wood and keep termites away from your home.

Use Repellents

Another solution to keep pests out of your home is to utilize repellents. There are both natural and chemical repellents that produce fragrances or sounds unlike pests.

As you can imagine, there are a variety of deterrents, but what works for one pest may not work for others. For instance, mosquitoes tend to avoid certain fragrances, which is why some plants are considered mosquito repellent.

Likewise, rodents are sensitive to sound and an ultrasonic device that produces a low-density sound could act as a repellent for mice and rats.

Contact Plano Exterminators

If you have tried all of the DIYs and still pests bothering you, a Plano exterminator for pest control is always a worthwhile decision. Some of the DIY methods discussed above may work temporarily but you might discover that over time they are actually a poor investment.

SafePro Pest Control, Plano will get you the best out of your investment while keeping the pests away from your home. Schedule your inspection now!

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Why Choose SafePro Pest for Pest Control in Plano, TX?

Service at Multiple Locations

There’s no doubt that we offer our high-quality pest control services in Plano, Texas. But our approach is beyond just one location. SafePro Pest control offers its services all over north Texas, from McKinney, Plano, TX to Frisco, TX.
Regardless of the location or type of property, the quality of our pest control services stays the same, making your investment worthwhile.

Treatment for Every Pest

Texas is home to various pests, including rodents, mosquitoes, termites, ants, and more. As we mentioned earlier, every pest needs a different type of treatment during the inspection and extermination process.
SafePro Pest Control, Plano, TX, features an extermination program for every type of pest for better prevention. So no matter what kind of pest is bothering you, SafePro has a solution for you.

Next Gen Resources

Pests are becoming more resourceful and learning how to circumvent your DIY pest control Plano, TX. Considering this, we use the industry’s most advanced resources for permanent pest treatment.
SafePro Pest Control has access to resources such as game cameras, In-2-Care, Mist Fogger, Ultrasonic repellents, and more. Whether you have mosquitoes or rodents on your property, our expert solutions will get you rid of them and prevent future infestation.

Experienced Exterminators

Successfully ridding your home or commercial property of pests once and for all demands in-depth knowledge and experience as an exterminator. SafePro Pest Control knows this and hires highly experienced exterminators equipped with professional tools.

Our exterminators have extensive knowledge about the areas infested by various pests and which methods or tools to use during the extermination process. Also, our exterminators have experience in dealing with every type of pest and ensure a complete pest and animal removal Plano, TX.

Annual Inspections Available

An annual inspection will help you and our experts keep an eye on the early stages of an infestation and take corrective measures on time.

SafePro Pest Control offers annual inspections that can include the identification of pests, sealing entry points, installing protective measures, and more.

Being a professional pest control

company, we also provide the certificate of inspection which includes the name of an exterminator, extermination type, and everything you need to prove a termite inspection took place should you need it for real estate purposes.

Want to know more about our pest control services? Just contact our experts for detailed information and to schedule a consultation.
It’s time to make your investment worthwhile with professional pest control, Plano, TX. Click the button below and request a free estimate now!

What’s Different About Safe Pro Pest Control?

Our Safe Pro Pest Control technicians are among the top 1% pest extermination services in the Texas region as reported by Angie’s list for 10 years in a row. Residents of Plano prefer our services for several reasons:

Our team of professional exterminators are trained, and licensed by Texas government bodies and employ the best non-toxic solutions for our chemical-free treatments provided to homes and offices. We understand the importance of getting rid of common garden pests for proper lawn care and can work with you to prevent rodent infestations.

We provide reliable white-glove customer service using treatment methods that are toxic to pests but doesn’t cause any ill effects on your family’s health.

We are a family-owned business and have long operated in the region. Our team understands your pest infestation situation and will provide the most effective treatment to ward off these insects from your property once and for all.

Our service is focused on long-term customer satisfaction and preventing the problem. We offer a 100% limited lifetime warranty on all our pest control services. Learn more about our pest control service in the Plano, TX area by calling today at 214-773-9548.

SafePro Professional and Experts

About The Plano, TX

Would you like to stay in one of the most popular cities in the U.S with decades of enriching Dallas history? Plano is a sought-after destination for real estate proprietors and buyers alike due to the immense growth and exciting ambiance of the city. There are large corporations headquartered in the city that employ many of the residents. If you find Plano an exciting place to live and enjoy a peaceful life, then you may want to explore the place a bit.

The esthetically clean city houses several beautiful buildings, parks and tourist attraction sites. Come live in a city with a rich culture and strong employment opportunities. From premium apartments to modernized homes, Plano, Texas provides a wonderful atmosphere to live and call home. Be a part of a renowned city that has been associated with the history of Texas since 1873.

The upscale localities of Willow Blend attract many fashion and high-street style shoppers to the shopping destination. The Art Center in Plano calls for the creative, while you can find serenity at the Arbor Hills Natural Reserve.

When in Plano, look out for these popular restaurants serving the most delectable dishes – Chipotle Mexican Grill, Salis Pizza & Pasta, and Houston’s.

There’s plenty to do in Plano – arts, amusement, peace, culture and environment. This is a place for you to live life and enjoy yourself. Indulge in a stress-free and healthy lifestyle with a clean and pest-proof home to live.

Check out the nearby attractions around our Safe Pro Pest Control office with directions to visit us!

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