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Protecting Your Home From Termites


When it comes to your home inspection before purchase, no one wants to discover that there are multiple issues that need to be resolved. The outlay of cash can be frustrating for performing needed repairs, and knowing that some aspect of your future home needs repair can take a bit of the shine off the homebuying process. However, it is critically important to face any evidence of things like termite damage head-on and prevent it in the future. Here are some tips for finding and evaluating termite damage, as well as for mitigating and avoiding it in the future once you own your home.

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Look for Termite Damage During Your Home Inspection

There are many areas of a home inspection that are well worth your focus, but termite damage is one of the top items on the list of what to look for in a home inspection. Termite damage doesn’t affect you by just having a few bugs in your home; because most of them eat or chew through wood and create colonies beneath the home, they’re actively destroying the house. Just a couple of termites, maybe brought in with a piece of furniture, don’t have to be a major concern, but if there is any evidence of termite damage, asking for more information can be very helpful. 

A Specialized Termite Inspection Is Worthwhile in Many Cases

Pest inspections aren’t required in every single home purchase, mainly because some home inspections find no signs of pests or potential pest damage. However, the importance of termite inspections goes up if there were some tell-tale signs in the general home inspection. A trained pest inspection specialist can dig deep into the extent of the damage and help you estimate the kinds of repair and long-term mitigation might be needed. Will elements of the foundation need to be rebuilt, for instance? Will you need periodic Plano pest control service from a professional pest control company?

These estimates are not only good for you to know what you are getting into. They also allow you to open up negotiations with the home seller about potential improvements they are willing to do themselves. They also may drop the price of the home in order to let you do the treatments for termites yourself.

Sign Up for Termite Mitigation and Renewal

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Once you own a home that has termites of any kind, it is a good idea to get three quotes from exterminators or pest management specialists. See what treatments they recommend, their projected efficacy, and their cost. Because professionals use a variety of chemical-based and heat-based treatments to kill termites, they may vary in price, but a good pest management professional will be able to explain why they employ the strategies they use.

Unfortunately, termites are a long-term problem, so after an initial treatment, you’ll want to create a plan for warding off these creatures in the future. A professional will gladly treat the perimeter of your home with a termite-repelling substance or insecticide. You can also learn the ins and outs of the process and periodically treat your own property, though in such a case, you’d want to get inspections occasionally to make sure your treatments are effective.

Remember, as well, that sometimes the needed changes will involve rebuilding elements of the house or reinforcing the structures that are already there. Ask about ways to treat those rebuilds to make them less enticing to termites, or whether there are non-wood materials available that will thwart the termites.

Need Immediate Help With Termites?


Make Common-Sense Modifications to Avoid Future Termites

In addition to actually killing the bugs themselves and repelling them away from your property, there are ways to make your property less appealing to them. Maintaining a dry environment helps, since moisture is appealing to termites. Sealing cracks and maintaining screens on your doors and windows can help make it harder for them to get in. You’ll also want to keep wood away from your foundation; no leaning firewood against the side of the home, and reduce contact between wooden elements of the house and the foundation.

While you cannot completely ensure that no termites will get into your property, given how widespread they are across the country, keeping a vigilant eye and getting anti-termite repairs done to your home can help dissuade them from their interest in your house. These steps will help you face any termites, whether there are many or just a few, head-on.

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