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An Ultimate Guide to Termite Treatment Cost

termite treatment

With a subtropical climate and humidity, Texas has the highest termite population in the US. And that’s one of the things that strikes fear into the heart of Texas households! Whether you have a wooden house or cemented one, you may never want to have a termite infestation at your home.

Already have termites in your home? You might consider having a professional termite control service for prevention. Before you consult a professional, it’s always a great idea to know how much termite treatment costs and what affects it the most.

So, here we are with a detailed guide to almost everything you need to know about the termite treatment cost. Let’s dig into it!

Identifying Termite Infestations and Types of Termite Treatments

When you want to know about the cost of termite treatment it is important to identify the termite treatment infestation. This will allow you to determine what kind of infestation you’re suffering from and what will be the best termite treatment.

The termite treatment average cost in Texas will vary depending on how serious the issue is. Like every pest control, termite infestation may be cleared in just one visit and can even take several weeks.

From sun exposure to fumigation, the exterminator will choose the best termite control option. We can use this to identify the maximum and minimum termite treatment costs. That’s why SafePro Pest is the best option when it comes to treatment infestation.

Termites in house

Common Types of Termite Treatment

Now that you know how the type of treatment varies depending on the type of infection, we can talk about the common types of termite treatment. After the inspection, the exterminator will confirm the treatment type and the price variation.

Bait Station

The bait station is one of the most common termite control practices that mostly works like a rat trap. The exterminators place baits and bait stations across the home to attract the termites and kill them. Also, baits are monitored and updated with time to ensure their effectiveness.


We all know termites for attaching wooden essentials and destroying them from the inside out. They travel through the soil and reach the flooring of your home. So, the termiticide is the process by which exterminators spread chemicals in the soil to make it poisonous for termites.


Fumigation is the most effective and affordable termite control solution on the list. If you have a termite infestation across the entire home, exterminators will use gas fumigation for the best results. In Fumigation, they tent the entire home and pump toxic gas to all the termites.
The process may take from one day to two weeks depending on the area of your house

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment can be a great alternative to fumigation if you have a severe termite infestation at home. Unlike fumigation, professionals heat your house until the structural wood reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature precisely kills and exterminates termites and bugs from your home. Despite its effectiveness, heat treatments are quite cheaper than fumigation. 

How do you know which treatment type is best for your home? It all starts with a termite inspection!

SafePro Pest Control offers an exclusive pest inspection including both indoor and outdoor to identify the infestation.

Let’s do this!

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Factors that Affect Termite Treatment Cost

As discussed above, termite treatment cost significantly depends on several factors. Whether you have a house or office, these factors apply to the termite control of every property. Let’s see what we have brought for you.

Size of Your Property

The size of your property is the most effective factor when it comes to calculating the cost of termite treatment. It’s simple logic. The higher the size of the property, the higher the cost of termite treatment. Additionally, the design or complexity of the structure also matters.

If you have a complex home with multiple attics, the termite treatment may be more expensive for you. Especially in the case of fumigation, each corner of your property is measured during the quote.

Termite Treatment

Well, we have already discussed the termite treatments a lot but it’s an essential factor to elaborate on. That’s because chemical treatments and fumigations are quite costlier than bait systems.

For instance, a chemical treatment may cost just $3 per linear square foot while the fumigation can reach up to $20 per linear square foot. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional for inspection and ask them the type of treatment they are planning to do.

The Intensity of Termite Infestation

Termites are famous for their quick breeding and for converting them into an army in no time. As they travel in colonies, termites can take over multiple places at your home.

Exterminating one or two termite colonies should not be very expensive.

But what if they are in hundreds, thousands, or millions? An intense termite infestation may demand a costly treatment such as fumigation or heat treatment. Also, a large infestation can significantly damage your property and raise repair costs.

Type of Termite

Surprisingly, Texas is the home of more than 45 termite species. But only dry wood, subterranean, and damp wood termite species infest the homes. Each species features different characteristics and preferences to build its nests.

For instance, dry wood termites make their nest inside the wood restricting pesticides to reach them. It means exterminating dry wood termites may be costlier than removing less stubborn subterranean termites from your home.

Damage Cleanup

No matter how effective the termite treatment is, termites can infest your home through structural damage. Termites generally attack damaged wooden pieces and create their nests in the same. So, even after the extermination, an untreated piece of wood is a direct invitation to termite infestation.

We recommend you consider damage cleanup and structural repair as a part of the termite treatment cost. In this step, you can expect an exterminator to remove/replace damaged wood and remove unnecessary moisture.

Preventative Measures

Now, your house doesn’t have any broken pieces of wood or moisture that can invite the termites. But don’t forget termites travel through soil and easily make their way to the flooring from the foundation.

In preventative measures, exterminators include soil treatment and humidity control to keep the termites away. It might sound additional but is an important part of the termite treatment cost.

Condition of Your Foundation

Last but not least, the foundation of your home can be the first place to be attacked by termites. They dig tunnels under the foundation and make a way to destroy your home. In case of infestation, termites can significantly deteriorate the condition of your foundation.

So, a less damaged foundation enables the exterminators to easily find and treat the termites at an affordable price. But the termite damage repair cost and cost of termite treatment can skyrocket if your foundation it’s not the best.

Termite solution

Termite Inspection Cost

A termite inspection is the most important part of calculating the cost of termite treatment. But, of course, termite inspection itself is not free! The cost of termite inspection will vary depending on the size of your property and how serious the infestation is.

In technical terms, you must hire a professional for a Wood-Destroying Organism (WDO) inspection based on US-specific guidelines. This inspection covers both indoor and outdoor determining whether your home carries wood-destroying pests or not.

One thing you must know is that termite infestation is silent and you may not even identify it unless it reaches the next level. So, the question is, when to consult a pest control company for a termite inspection and know the termite treatment cost? Keep reading to find it out.

When You Notice Signs of Infestation

Termites may be great at hiding themselves inside the wood but they leave a couple of clues. If there’s an infestation at your home, you may notice several signs such as chopped wood, hollow sound, and hard-to-open doors & windows.

Whenever you notice these signs, you must call a professional for inspection before further damage.

Annual Inspection

No signs of termites? Sounds great! However, termites can knock on your door anytime and start destroying the property without letting you know. Scheduling an annual or half-yearly termite inspection could be the best bet to keep your house protected.

During an annual inspection, you can expect exterminators to check signs of infestations and make minor structural fixes for prevention.

Real Estate Deal

Whether you’re selling a home or buying one, pest control documentation is essential for every real-estate deal. You need a document with the name of the exterminator and details about the termite treatments as legal proof.

Even if you have a wooden house less than 5 years old, you should consult a professional for pest inspection and get the registered document from them.

Would you like to get a great real estate deal for your wooden house? Don’t miss the chance for just a document! As a professional service provider, SafePro Pest Control provides a detailed pest control document after every inspection and termite treatment.

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Types of Termites to Watch Out For

After all this information, you may get an idea of how much does termite treatment costs. The cost of termite treatment also depends on the type of termite. So, we listed the termites commonly infesting Texan houses to level up your knowledge.

Drywood Termites

As the name describes, dry wood termites thrive for dry wooden pieces instead of those with moisture. These termites usually appear on sunny days and build their nests inside the wood in your roof, attics, beams, and furniture.

That’s because they don’t travel through soil and prefer choosing dried wooden pieces rather than your flooring. As dry wood termites live inside the wood, their extermination is more difficult and costlier than any other species.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are the most destructive pests known for their sharp teeth and large underground colonies. Unlike dry wood termites, they travel through soil and prefer living in damp conditions like mud tubes.

Therefore, you may spot them destroying your softwood, newspapers, and cardboard in case of infestation. Subterranean termites may be small in size but they have large colonies and sharp saw-like teeth for massive destruction.

Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites explain themselves with their name. They are termites that seek wood with high moisture content to live and nest. As your home essentials are built with dry wood, you may not see damp wood termites inside your home.

But they can infest your garden or wherever they find damped wood near your home. You must guide the exterminator to check any old tree stump or piece of wood outside your house during the inspection.

Formosan Termites

Formosan termites are among the aggressively emerging termite species in the US. Despite their origin in China, these destructive termites are migrating to the Southern US because of the mild climate. They are aggressive and even more destructive than subterranean termites.

Like subterranean termites, they build large colonies and can destroy a great amount of wood in one go. Formosan termites also like to stay in contact with the soil and create underground colonies in mud nests.


Texas is a place that has its challenges in the form of termites. The weather conditions are perfect for them to thrive, making it difficult for homeowners to protect their property from an infestation.

Even if you are facing a problem already, a professional termite control service can do the job for you effectively. Understanding your options, and researching how much termite treatment costs and what are its effects, is essential before you call a professional service.

If you are looking to get quality advice and timely treatments on termites, then contact us right away for a free consultation! We at SafePro Pest Control, believe in providing a superior customer experience so that all our clients can have a safe and secure living environment.

Let’s work together towards controlling the termite menace and making your home safe again!

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