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Signs it is Time to Call a Pro for Rat Problems in Plano

Professional Pest Control Frisco TXYou’ve just gotten yourself comfortably into bed when you hear a strange noise coming from your kitchen. You know everyone else is already asleep so you head to the kitchen to investigate. When you get to the doorway you flick on the switch only to find a mouse scurrying across your kitchen floor. Unable to catch the pest, you check for other intruders. With no others critters in sight, you turn out the light and go back to bed; knowing you will need set some traps in the morning.

Before you can attempt to catch the mice, you need to visit the hardware store to purchase some traps. You speak with a sales representative who shows you a wall of various products from which you choose two or three moderately priced trap. After spending a few bucks you did not want to waste on pests, you go home and set the traps but with no luck. The mice seem to know what you are up to and are not taking the bait.

Trying to manage rodent pests in your home requires some expertise in the field. You may think you know how to get the job done, but there are some important facts about pests that can make successfully getting rid of them much easier.

Rodent Facts to Consider:

  • Mice do not generally travel more than 25 feet from their nests.
  • Mice have poor eyesight so it is necessary to place traps in a position high enough for them to see.
  • Holes that are the size of a dime provide enough space for a mouse to travel from one space to another.
  • Mice often drop food as they move from one area to another, so rodent bait should not be used inside your home to prevent the chance of it being inadvertently eaten by you or your family members.
  • Trap bait should be same the size of morsel that they typically would eat.

Understanding these rodent behaviors makes the process of finding and removing these pests much easier. If you believe you have issues with rats then you should consult our Ultimate Guide on Texas Rats Pest control professionals are specifically trained in the field of pests and can solve pest problems using this expertise.

Rather than wasting valuable time, money and effort on trying to trap rodent pests in your home, get the help you need from a qualified pest control professional. Contact the service professionals who have the expertise necessary to quickly eradicate your rodent pest problem.

For any pest problems in the Plano TX area, consult our Plano pest control page and contact the pest control professionals at Safe Pro Pest. Call (972) 435-0700 to schedule a consultation appointment today!

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