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Signs it is Time to Call a Pro for Rat Problems in Plano

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Rat Problems Plano, TX – Signs it is Time to Call a Rat Control Professional

There are three different rat species in Plano, TX. Norway rats, Polynesian rats, and Roof rats. Each type can wreak havoc inside homesteads. In 2017, there was an outcry from homeowners over rat infestations. Homes were being overrun . Why do we see rat problems in Plano, TX? One reason is the fact that the terrain of the area is flat, with  few trees and no variations of the geographic terrain. The second is the subtropical climate. The warm temperatures make it suitable for rodents like rats and other pests. Winters are mild and summers are warm. This is an ideal climate for the pests and rodents to mat, and multiply populating in number.

The pertinent issue in Plano, TX is how to rid homeowners of their rat problems. There are three factors to take into account when The problem compounds by two factors. One is the species of rat in Plano, referred to as ‘’the rats of Plano’’. Two is why they cause such havoc – the facts to consider. Three is how to manage the rat problems in Plano, TX. Finally, is signs that tell you it is time to seek professional rat management solutions.

Rodent Facts to Consider – Rat problems Plano, TX

Habitat Changes due to Climate changes – Rat Problems Plano, TX

Climate changes define rodent habitat. Homeowners in Plano, TX see a spike of rat problems when winter starts to set in and the temperatures are dropping. The rodents are always part of the environment, but in summer, they are outside the homesteads foraging for food and escape the notice of homeowners. during the winter, however, they shift to spending 80% of their time inside the home. Homes are safe and warm for them. They find their entry points through the attic, the gutter, and the roof. They also squeeze themselves into any small opening around the home–their body structure is flexible and they can squeeze through small openings the size of a nickel or dime.

Rodent reproduction – Rat problems Plano, TX

Rodents like rats can reproduce quite fast. Rats can mate up to 20 times a day and reproduce a litter of five or six in as little as three weeks and can have up to 15 litters a year. What does this mean for homeowners? That there can be an infestation within a short span of time. Despite the fact that they do not live long, the damage they bring to your home is enormous.

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Rodents continuous chewing – Rat problems Plano, TX

Rats are crazy about gnawing. They never stop. Their teeth continuously grow. over their lifespan. They have to keep gnawing on anything and everything to trim their incisors. This Includes hard substances like steel, cinder block, or sheeting material. They can cause massive damage. For nesting purposes, they chew on books, papers, wiring, wood, insulation pipes, and bricks. They also bow to peer pressure just like humans. They eat food they would not otherwise simply because another rat ate it.

Rodent Control in Texas

Rodents’ have high Intelligence – Rat Problems Plano, TX

Rats are smart and intelligent. They notice changes in their environment and are always wary of their surroundings. This makes it difficult for humans to trap them. They will smell the scent of humans and avoid them. They even make their young rats test the food (rat-test) that is in human traps! Due to their high intelligence, they are also aggressive in spreading diseases and parasites. They can spread to humans 35 diseases,like Salmonella,Rat-bite Fever, and Hantavirus amongst others. They spread these infections through their urine, bites, and droppings; and through the fleas and ticks from their skin. They are a health issue for your family. Their intelligence means they are difficult to trap, which is why you should seek rat management services from a professional. 

Rodents hydration – Rat Problems Plano, TX

Rodents do not need water to hydrate. They get their hydration from the food they eat allowing them to survive without water. Thus, they can feed without worrying about their digestion.

How to Safely Manage Rat Problems in Plano, TX

The best management of rat Problems in Plano, TX is to control and prevent them from inhabiting your home. Once an infestation has commenced, it is hard to eradicate them. They become a challenge. They reproduce fast, are clever, and cannot stop chewing. These factors make it harder to eradicate them.

Look for signs of rat presence – Rat Management Plano

Look out for the signs of rat presence in your home. Throughout all seasons and especially in winter. This is the period when rats are notorious for seeking the warmer environment in your home. If you can hear the sounds of rats in your attic or walls, see them crossing over the room– especially during mating or if you find droppings that are solid black in color,  you have a rat infestation. They also leave marks of their gnawing on surfaces. These look like charred paper or holes in your wall. Once you detect a sign of a rat invasion, call professional rodent control personnel. 

Rat Problems Plano TX

Cover holes, cracks, and gaps – Rat Management Plano

Rats can squeeze into holes the size of a coin. Inspect your house for any holes of that size and larger and cover them up with appropriate materials. These are cement, steel wool, hardware cloth, and plaster. Also, apply weather-strips to doors and windows if there are large cracks.

Avoid feeding them – Rat Management Plano

Rats are clever. They will get things to eat on your property. You have to be thorough with them. Cover garbage cans all the time. Pick produce from your garden and plants immediately as it ripens. Collect compost fruit and vegetables that are on the ground. Feed your pets during the day. Remember not to leave leftover food out. Don’t store pet food outside,especially without ensuring its security from rodents.

Extract their habitat – Rat Management Plano

Don’t create a living space for these critters. Get rid of debris such as limbs, old cars, or instruments from your house. Store your wood piles or lumber 18 inches above the ground. Additionally, a foot or so away from your home and other surfaces. Clear heavy vegetation, as rats use this is a great hiding area.

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Professional Rat Management in Plano, TX

Not only does rat infestation pose a risk to your health but also your property. Rats are vicious and dangerous. They carry diseases and contaminate food,destroy property and cause electrical mayhem,like fire as they chew on cables. Preventative measures, like rodent-proofing your property, are imperative for every homeowner in Plano TX.

The most efficient process for eradicating rats is to call on rat exterminators, especially when signs of a rat infestation are visible. Why take chances?  Professional personnel will offer much better results than DIY. Safe Pro Pest Control polled as the best rodent control company in Plano, Texas. Contact Safe Pro Pest Control for a full and extensive inspection of your household,including your commercial property in Plano, TX.

For any pest problems in the Plano TX area, consult our Plano pest control page and contact the pest control professionals at Safe Pro Pest. Call (214) 773-9548 to schedule a consultation appointment today!

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