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What to Do Between Exterminator Visits in Frisco, TX

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If you’ve noticed more pests than normal around your home, there is something that you can do to eliminate them before your exterminator comes. There are several DIY methods to try, but one seems to work better than others.

Get some fresh garlic, put it in a bowl and smash it up with some water. Try to get a sticky consistency when mixing the water and garlic together. Put on some rubber gloves and apply the garlic with your fingers to areas where you think bugs might be getting into your home. Bugs and other pests don’t like the smell of garlic and will often stay away.

Make sure that whatever you use for pest control that it is safe for your children and pets. Do bear in mind home remedies are often a temporary fix, and it’s best to call an Plano pest control exterminator to fix this issue once and for all. Use the best exterminator in Frisco, TX at Safe Pro Pest.


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