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Why You Should Use a Rodent Removal Service Instead of Home Remedies


There are many recipes for ridding your home and property of rodents. Some of these recipes sound logical, but they won’t actually do the trick, and here’s why.

Spreading mothballs around your home and property is thought to detract rodents because of the Naphthalene aroma, but this aroma rises and rodents are close to the ground.

Putting peppermint oil around your wood piles or anywhere else might make rodents think twice, but if they have a steady supply of food, they will return.

Remember that home remedies might seem like they eliminate rodents with their scent, but rodents live in sewers, so scents probably won’t bother them.

Keep rodents away from your family and home by calling in the professional rodent removal service in Frisco, TX, at Safe Pro Pest.

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