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Your Frisco, TX Exterminator Can Tell You Why Bugs Are Bugging You


At Safe Pro Pest Control, we are bug experts and we know that it’s impossible to keep every bug out of your Frisco, TX home even with the help of an experienced exterminator. We also know that if you have more than your share of bugs, it could be because of something you’re doing – or not doing. When you procrastinate or just ignore some home maintenance and housekeeping tasks, you’re making your home a magnet for insects and spiders. When you call to have one of our Safe Pro Pest Control technicians inspect your home, he can tell you why you may be having a bug problem and how to fix it.

 Your Entrances Aren’t Adequately Sealed

If you want to keep larger pests like rodents, squirrels and raccoons out of your attic or crawlspace, you should install mesh over vents. To keep smaller invaders out, use caulk or expandable foam to seal around utility line access points and dryer vents and to fill cracks in the foundation and holes in the fascia and wall boards. Check around doors and windows for daylight and seal them with weatherstripping or a new threshold and inspect window screens for holes or tears.

 You Have Too Much Moisture Around Your Home

Bugs need moisture to live and if they can find it in and around your home, they’ll stay. You should check to make sure you have no excess water pooling up or leaking in and around your home. Check to make sure your outside faucets don’t drip or leak and make sure that your air conditioner drain hose is situated away from your foundation. Your exterminator will tell you that one of the most destructive insects you may encounter in Frisco TX, termites, thrive on the water leaking around your foundation or in your crawlspace.

 You Aren’t Cleaning Up Food Messes And Household Garbage

Your kitchen is ground zero for pest infestations because it provides a moisture source and a food source. You can thwart an invasion of bugs by keeping your kitchen clean. Put dishes in the dishwasher or wash them by hand daily. Empty your trash cans, keep the floor swept and throw away pet food left over at the end of the day. The most important thing you can do is to make sure all the food you keep in your cabinets or pantry is sealed tightly to keep out cockroaches and other dry goods-loving pests.

 Your Shrubs Are Overgrown And You Have Debris In Your Yard

Don’t let trees or shrubs growing around your home touch the structure of your home. There are a number of pests that require shade to survive and your overgrown trees and shrubs provide plenty of cover for them to thrive. In addition, these shade-loving pests can use plants touching your home as a way to access it. Clean up any kind of construction garbage, leaf piles and more that can hide bugs and check sheds and outbuildings for beehives and wasps nests.

At Safe Pro Pest Control, we can help you keep bugs out of your home by giving you more ideas for repelling insects, spiders, and other invaders and by offering our professional pest control services in Plano & other nearby areas. Call us at Safe Pro Pest Control at (214) 773-9548 or visit us online at

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