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Rodent Control Service to Prevent 4 Common Health Threats

Having rodents in your home are more than just creepy little animals scurrying about, they pose a risk to both your physical property and your health, so having a rodent control service in Frisco, TX can prevent a potential problem. Rodents, such as mice and rats, can leave droppings that can spread bacteria, contaminate food, and cause allergic reactions. Here are four diseases that can be spread by rodent droppings: Hantavirus Bubonic plague Salmonellosis Rat-bite Fever Don’t take chances with the health of you or your loved ones. If you notice any signs of rodent presence in your home, give Read more
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Why You Should Use a Rodent Removal Service Instead of Home Remedies

There are many recipes for ridding your home and property of rodents. Some of these recipes sound logical, but they won’t actually do the trick, and here’s why. Spreading mothballs around your home and property is thought to detract rodents because of the Naphthalene aroma, but this aroma rises and rodents are close to the ground. Putting peppermint oil around your wood piles or anywhere else might make rodents think twice, but if they have a steady supply of food, they will return. Remember that home remedies might seem like they eliminate rodents with their scent, but rodents live in sewers, so scents probably won’t bother them. Keep rodents away Read more
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Breaking Down the Cost of Commercial Rodent Control Service

Rodent control service is an expense that you likely don’t want to make, but it’s important for your place of business. Rodents in your office can not only destroy expensive items but can potentially expose you and other employees to diseases, such as salmonella, foot and mouth and rabies. Not to mention, seeing them run by you is harrowing and can be quite embarrassing if you have clients visiting. Cost is often the first concern business owners have when determining which company to hire for their rodent control needs. They usually don’t want to spend much, but they also want Read more
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Three Signs You Need Rodent Removal Service Now In Frisco, TX

This time of year could find you playing host to a number of unwanted furry nightmares, as rodents both large and small seek shelter from the colder weather in, around and under your home. If you find yourself plagued by mice, rats, possums, raccoons or squirrels, you can try to get rid of the problem yourself, or it may be time to call a professional rodent removal service in Frisco, TX. Here a few things to look for that should tip you off that it is time to call the pros. Chewed Up Wires Or Worse — Evidence of Fire or Read more
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Rodent Removal Service is Often Needed When You Make These Mistakes

Having a mouse problem is an issue that can start out small but becomes enormous in no time. In fact, mice multiply quickly and a colony can reach a population of 200 in just a few months. Despite their best efforts, some homeowners seem to never completely eliminate their mice problems and perpetually need a rodent removal service in Frisco, TX. If you’re wondering why you also have rodents in your home, you may be making these simple mistakes. How They Get Into Your House You likely aren’t in the business of running a bed and breakfast for mice, so Read more
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Use this Exterminator Tip to Rid Your House of Ants

Summer is here and so are those pesky little ants! The following exterminator tips will help you to get rid of your unwanted summer house guests. These tiny insects find ways to infiltrate homes in looking for food, water and shelter. The most common ants that might make your home theirs are black, carpenter and sugar ants. Knowing which type you are battling will help you get rid of them. Since the primary mission of ants is to find food and water, they tend to make your kitchen and bathroom their main targets. Getting them out of these spaces will Read more
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Proper Ant Bait Placement for Extermination Service in Frisco TX

If you’ve got ants coming into your home searching for food, you might cringe at the sight of them. However, with the proper placement of ant bait traps, you can get rid of them quickly. Placing the bait containers outside can help protect kids and pets. But when you set them out, make sure that they are away from doors. Ants flock these containers and if they are close to the doors, they will simply come into your home. Once the ants take the bait back to their queen in the mound in your yard, the queen dies off and Read more
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Do you Need an Exterminator In Frisco, TX for Termites or Ants?

At Safe Pro Pest Control, we know that the last thing you want to think about with summer cookouts, baseball games and family reunions is having to call an exterminator. Unfortunately, in Frisco, TX – and everywhere else in North Texas – summer is never just about fun, it’s also about biting, buzzing, stinging pests whose sole purpose in life seems to be to make you miserable.  There is one pest that can make you really miserable when the weather heats up and that’s the one that doesn’t bite, buzz or sting – the termite. Termites can and will, literally, Read more
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Exterminator Frisco TX: What You Should Know About Cockroach Allergies

Did you know that you can alleviate some of your springtime allergy-related sneezing and wheezing by calling an exterminator Frisco TX?  Though ragweed, mold and pollen from trees, grass and weeds can make you miserable from spring through winter, there’s another allergen you may not know about that can trigger serious, sometimes life-threatening, symptoms: cockroaches, specifically cockroach saliva, skin and droppings. Exterminator Frisco TX:  Cockroach Allergies Are Common The National Pest Management Association says that cockroaches are a leading trigger of allergies and of asthma attacks in the United States.  In fact, 63 percent of American homes contain cockroach allergens, Read more