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Efficient Pest Control in Frisco, TX

SafePro Pest Control is your local pest specialist with efficient and effective pest control services for homes and commercial buildings in Frisco, Texas. From rats to termites, we have dedicated our service to make sure your property and family stays safe and pest free.

Residential Pest Control in Frisco, TX

Pest Inspection

Our residential pest control Frisco, TX starts with a detailed home inspection. SafePro Pest experts will inspect your home inside and out to identify the signs of pest problems or even potential problems. We check everywhere that bugs and pests hide. Our thoroughness allows us to recommend customized treatment for your needs. If an infestation is determined, our Frisco pest control experts will assist you with professional extermination at an affordable price.

Rodent Removal Services

Rodent removal is one of the top areas of expertise for SafePro Pest Control, Frisco. Whether it’s rats or mice, our rodent exterminators will help to get rid of any type of rodent in the house. When necessary, we use high-quality game cameras to identify the level of infestation and exterminate them accordingly.

Additionally, our experts will seal all entry points that rodents use to enter your home. This not only aids in removing the current infestation but will also keep rodents away in the future.

Mosquito Control Services

As Frisco, Texas is a sub-tropical region, mosquitoes are a constant issue. Chances are you’ve been annoyed by these creatures as they leave their mark. Many BBQs and nights by the fire pit have been ruined over mosquitos.

Not only are they extremely frustrating to deal with, they can transmit over 35 diseases to humans. West Nile and Zika virus are just a couple of mosquito-borne diseases that have impacted north Texans.

We have dedicated professionals that are trained to effectively remove mosquitos from your property. We pride ourselves on safe pest control services in Frisco, so that you and your family can get back to using your outdoor spaces. Our In-2-Care program is considered a premier product to exterminate mosquito infestations as well as to prevent future ones.

Termite Extermination

Don’t underestimate these tiny creatures, termites are capable of causing thousands of dollars in damage. Our SafePro pest specialist will conduct a complete inspection to identify any termite colonies.

If an infestation is present, our termite control team will perform a complete termite proofing job that could include repellent sprays and wood coating. Since your home is likely made of wood we want to make sure you have long-lasting protection, so regular termite inspections are key.

Preventive Measures

No doubt our Frisco pest control services will help to eradicate pests in your home. We are dedicated to cost-effective preventative measures to prevent pests from coming back. Our preventative measure may include installing rodent traps, ultrasonic repellents, mist foggers, and more. Additionally, our experts destroy the habitats of pests and seal all the entry points possible to keep your home safe from future infestations.

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Rodent Control in Frisco, TX

Rodent Inspection

From roof rats to house mice, there is a large variety of rodents infesting homes in Texas. That’s why we run a detailed rodent inspection to understand the type and level of rodent infestation. We look for signs such as droppings, gnawed materials, and pawprints.
Rodents are really smart and can hide making them hard to spot during an inspection. Thus, we install game cameras to analyze the activities and catch them whenever they get out of their nests.


Now that we know the type of pest inside your home and where they are likely to be. It’s time to exterminate them all with professional equipment and chemicals carried by our rodent pros.
At SafePro Pest Control, we offer guaranteed extermination services that remove all the rodents from your home and discourage them in the future.


Structural Fixes

From mice to squirrels, most rodents gnaw your home’s structure to create a suitable place for their habitat. You may notice gnawed holes in your cupboards, flooring, and ceiling that may compromise the integrity of your property.

SafePro Pest Control, Frisco, has included structural fixes in which we repair holes, cracks, and other structural damages done by rodents. Our experts will also seal all the entry points and highways that rodents use to enter your home.

Effective baits and traps

In addition to exterminating rodents, we offer rodent preventive and management solutions. Our experts will install the most advanced rodent traps with an effective bait to catch any rodent left.

Our rodent traps rodents without creating any mess for you. Even if you don’t want to kill the creatures, we have safe solutions that catch the rodents without harm.

Rodent Repellents

Opposed to having rodent traps in your home? We have a modern solution too! SafePro Pest, Frisco, implements high-quality ultrasonic rodent repellents to discourage the entry of rodents. These repellents are designed to produce ultrasonic waves at a low frequency that rats and mice detest.

The sound discomforts the rodents and discourages entry into your home. Not to worry, humans and pets can’t hear the ultrasonic waves and feel no sense of discomfort.

Roof Rats
glue trap

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Mosquito Control in Frisco TX

Infestation Check

Mosquito infestation can be identified with inspections and annual treatments. SafePro Pest Control offers in-depth mosquito infestation checks in which we do everything from identifying flower beds to confirming the level of infestation.

For best results, you can schedule annual inspections to keep an eye on mosquito infestation regularly before it spreads and infects your family members.

Safe Pro Pest Control Frisco

Mosquito Control Solutions

Though our annual inspections reduce the chances of mosquito infestation, mosquitoes can find a way inside your home. In case of infestation, we help you out with advanced mosquito control solutions discussed below. 

Backpack Fogger

When it comes to getting rid of mosquitoes, a backpack fogger is probably the best option among all mosquito exterminators. The fogger produces fog that breaks up to cover the entire area of a plant or wherever you place them.

Don’t confuse backpack fogger with fumigation as there’s no spread of lethal gas to exterminate mosquitoes. As it covers both parts of a plant, the backpack fogger protects infestation from the top and underneath leaves.


In-2-Care is the most advanced mosquito control solution that we use during the extermination. It’s an amazing tool designed to attract female mosquitoes and kill them all with fungal infections. We install this innovative gadget outside your home and help you maintain it for efficient working.

Our safe pest control services in Frisco include implementation, repair, servicing, and maintenance of In-2-Care solutions. Our experts regularly refill larvicide and dump standing water for the best prevention.

Mist-Away Misting Tank

Mist-Away misting tank is among the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes. It’s an easy-to-use sprinkler system that kills all the mosquitoes with just one button. Being an effective method, Mist-away misting tank is capable of killing mosquitoes within 15 minutes.

We install the tank, including lines and filters so that you can use it whenever required. To avoid any inconvenience and contact with family members, it is recommended that the mist be scheduled between 3 am and 6 am.

Cleaning habitats:

Mosquitoes are great at building habitats to survive and lay eggs in your home. It could be your plants or swimming pool – wherever mosquitoes get water and damp soil. Our experts will identify and clear all the habitats on your property to prevent mosquito breeding.

Our experts will advise you on the best ways to avoid stagnant water and eliminate areas that mosquitos find attractive about your home.

Have mosquito infestation on your property? Don’t worry! SafePro Pest Control, Frisco is here to help you! Whether you want residential or business pest control in Frisco, our experts will help you get the best out of your investment.

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When Do Mosquitoes Go Away

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Termite Control in Frisco, TX

Termite Inspection

An inspection becomes really important if you even suspect a termite infestation on your property. Termites will silently eat anything made of wood and that includes the structural foundation of your home.

Many infestations go on for months without detection. This is why we recommend annual termite inspections by a professional.

SafePro pest control specialists will inspect indoors and out. We check your home for mud tubs, wood piles, and any sign of damage to wooden structures. Also, our experts will look at your foundation and ceiling to look for an infestation.

Termite Control Services

In the case of an infestation, our experts will help you with high-quality termite control services. Regardless of the type and level of infestation, our Frisco pest control services will help you rid of termites for good.

Spot Treatment

As the name describes, spot treatment is conducted whenever you find a termite infestation. It works like a partial treatment that aims to exterminate termite infestation from one part of your home.

If there’s only one termite colony in your home, spot treatment could be effective. However, we recommend a full treatment because there is a strong likelihood that more than one colony exists.

Full Treatment

We consider our full treatment as the most effective termite solution. It’s a complete treatment in which we deal with every colony and fix all the structural damages to prevent future infestation. No matter the level of infestation, the full treatment ensures there’s no termite left inside your home.

Also, the best thing about this treatment is we offer a one-year warranty and pest control Frisco document. Your house is safe from troublesome pests!

General Pest Control

Similarly, our experts do through visual inspection every three months and look for the signs of a termite infestation. If a return infestation is spotted, our team will take quick measures to prevent it from spreading further.

In simple words, general pest control is a maintenance program designed to keep your home safe from destructive pests.

Preventative Measures

Termite infestation is always uncertain, but our preventative measures can help you. SafePro Pest Control, Frisco uses Termidor that efficiently exterminates any left-out termite and offers prevention in the future.

Furthermore, we fix damages made by termites without affecting your interior design and any configuration of your property.

Say goodbye to termites with SafePro Pest Control Frisco, TX! We have in-depth expertise in termite control and will get you the best out of your investment. So, call us today and schedule your inspection with certified exterminators.

Termite Pest Control Frisco TX
Termite Inspection

Why Choose SafePro Pest for Pest Control in Frisco, TX?

SafePro Pest Control works with professional resources for the best results. Our products like In-2-Care and ultrasonic repellents ensure your home’s safety from troublesome pests.

Additionally, we use next-gen equipment during the inspection and extermination. For instance, you may have noticed how we use game cameras to track rodent activities and take corrective measures accordingly.

Trained Exterminators

SafePro Pest Control knows the importance of experienced professionals using complicated tools to the fullest. Therefore, we have certified and trained exterminators in our team who know how to utilize professional equipment and get rid of pests.

Moreover, they have a sharp eye on pest habitats and identify the infestation for an effective treatment.

Professional Ethics

Professionalism is the foundation of SafePro Pest Control, Frisco TX. Whether it’s our services or consultations, we display our professional ethics at every moment. Our experts conduct a thorough inspection and give a worthwhile estimate to get rid of the infestation.

Also, we take care of your home and any other essentials during the inspection and extermination process.

Are you looking for pest control services in Frisco, Texas? SafePro Pest Control Frisco, TX is a perfect place to end your research journey. Call us today to explore more about our services and schedule a consultation with the experts.

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! The mosquito treatments offered by Safepro pests are safe. Not only do we use America’s #1 mosquito treatments chemicals solutions, but we are also white-glove customer care and friendly.

There are as many as 85 different species of mosquitoes in Texas but the four most common Texas mosquito species are:

Aedes Aegypti, also known as the yellow fever mosquito. This mosquito is found along Texas’s coasts and commonly breeds in pails, flower pot plates, and trays.
Aedes Albopictus, referred to as the Asian Tiger Mosquito, is known as the forest mosquito. It got its “tiger” name from its appearance with a single white strip from its head to the back.
Culex, known as the house mosquito, is the most known summer pest which locates food by detecting body heat and exhaled carbon dioxide by humans.
Culex Quinquefasciatus, known as the Southern Mosquito, is the most common type of mosquito which is known for carrying diseases such as the St.Louis Encephalitis virus and West Nile Virus.

Safe Pro Pest Control works with you to not just exterminate mosquitoes but to eliminate them from your property for good.

Depending upon the infestation, SafePro will set up the best line of defense to protect your home, property, and humans from mosquitos. We will also recommend any preventative measures that will help keep mosquitoes from becoming a problem.

We specialize in both residential and commercial properties of all shapes and sizes, Safe Pro Pest Control offers sniper-precise solutions that destroy, exterminate and defend your property from just about every pest you may encounter living in North Texas.

There are several ways to get rid of mosquitoes, but one that is healthy and non-toxic for you and your home is the way to go.

Some natural ways of controlling mosquitoes include:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Clove
  • Citronella
  • Peppermint oil
  • Lemongrass
  • plants
  • Removing standing water.

The benefits of using natural pest control alternatives include environmental friendliness, kid and pet friendly, practical, and easier to use. However, their effectiveness may be compromised

There is no pest worse than mosquitoes. Not only do they spread diseases from itchy bites, but this is exactly the type of insect you want to keep away from your home.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. The larvae stay here, feeding on plankton until they become adults. For this reason, water is your enemy in backyard mosquito control.

Remove any standing water as it becomes the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
Clean drains and gutters as mosquitoes can lay their eggs in this stagnant water.
Maintain yard and pool to ensure that you are free from any mosquito habitats.
Moreover, you can do the following to control mosquitoes:

Keep doors closed
Make use of fans or air conditioning
Avoid excess water usage
Keep ponds clear of debris and maintained
Burn wood in your outdoor fire pits as smoke repels mosquitoes
Avoid using perfumed shampoo or soap
Maintain proper chlorine levels in your pool
Change the water out of your pet bowls daily.

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