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4 Interesting Facts About Texas Home Centipedes and How Home Pest Control Can Help


Texas home centipedes

If you have your own house, you’ve probably been subjected to the annoyance and disgust of different pests looming in your house. And I’m sure you have contacted pest control services to get rid of those pests. Texas home centipedes may not be as common as some pests but they can still affect your health and home. Regrettably, some homeowners are not familiar with such unwanted pests.

To get rid of them right now, call (972) 435-0700 to reach Home Pest Control Frisco TX and enjoy a pest-free life! Nonetheless, here are 4 Interesting Facts About Centipedes and How Home Pest Control Can Help

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It does not have 100 legs!

You will notice first the legs of a Texas home centipede when you come across it in your home. These pests have a lot of legs, but it is not true that they have 100 of them. It only has 15 pairs of legs. The body, legs and antennae of Texas house centipedes can be in the length of 3 to 4 inches long.

It lives during the night

A house centipede is only searching for food during the night. Their favorite meals are also out during those times. Most of the time, these pests feed on nocturnal pests like cockroaches, ants, silverfish, spiders, and termites. If you have one of these insects in your home, you are highly likely to meet these centipedes during the night.

Gladly, pest controls in Plano can inspect and treat your home for any type of insects, including centipedes and its midnight snacks!

It bites and it stings!

A Texas home centipede bite feels like a bee sting. If you have allergic reactions to bee stings or any other insects, the poison from its bite is dangerous too. To lessen the risk for such reaction, avoid stepping on it. Furthermore, do not try to touch one of them. It moves quickly which increases the risk of you getting bitten as catching one is hard.

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It’s controllable!

Many centipedes at home are equal to numerous home problems, that is why it is crucial to contact professional control services for pests. The experts will offer you suggestions on how to remove home centipedes and prevent possible issues with other pests in the future. Application of insecticide might be an effective and efficient way to eradicate centipede issue. The insecticide, when applied to cracks in your home, will be a great step. This will protect and treat the area while removing the Texas home centipedes as they attempt to enter you home.

Try to inspect your home and surrounding areas for signs of moisture, in that way, you may prevent possible issues as soon as possible. Remove pots, planters, and toys that may have moisture. Furthermore, trim overgrown plants and mow the grass regularly to lessen the risk of Texas home centipedes and other insects around your abode.

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