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Pest Control Tips… Delivered with a Smile! – July 2019

Plano TX Carpenter Bees Pest Patrol and July 2019 Update Table of Contents Pest Patrol Carpenter Bees Welcomed Praise! On a Personal Note Referral Rewards Pest Patrol Carpenter Bees: Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton County, Dallas County and surrounding areas Carpenter bees look like bumble bees. They get the name from their nesting habits. Most dig tunnels into dead wood (like your house!) They excavate nearly perfect circular holes about a half inch across by vibrating their bodies as they rasp their mandibles. The bee tunnels in about an inch, makes a turn then burrows 4 – 6 inches along the Read more
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Rodent Control and Removal in Plano Texas

FREE QUOTE CONTACT US Safe Pro Pest Control was voted a top rodent control company Plano, Texas by fellow residents for eight years in a row. Call Safe Pro at 214-773-9548 for a complete and detailed inspection of your home or commercial property to discover your pest problem. Plano Texas is a suburban city nestled in the greater Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. Because the city of Plano is a geographically flat terrain, has very few trees and few other variations to the terrain, the name ‘Plano’ stuck with when settlers were reviewing various names to call the area. Plano, Read more