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Pest Control Frisco TX: Harmless Or Harmful? Know Your Texas Spiders!

Pest Control Frisco TXArachnophobia, or fear of spiders, is a common condition for one simple reason – spiders are scary. Unlike most of the pests that invade our homes, spiders seem to be bigger, uglier and more deadly. In fact, North Texans call for help with their spider pest control in Frisco TX for those reasons; but the reality is that most species of arachnids in Texas are small, inconspicuous, completely harmless to humans and they work diligently to keep the population of other pests down.

The larger species like tarantulas, wolf spiders and jumping spiders look menacing, which makes people believe that they’re dangerous to humans; but their venom, if they bite, is less toxic to most people than a bee sting. Seeing even one of these spiders can mean a phone call for pest control in Frisco TX; but learning to distinguish which spiders are harmful to humans and which aren’t means we can stop trying to squash harmless, beneficial spiders while we get professional help with the still-beneficial – but potentially deadly – spiders like the recluse and the widow spiders.

In North Texas, the spiders to watch out for are the five species of recluse spiders and the four species of widow spiders. The most well-known of the recluse spiders is the brown recluse, which is typically found anywhere there’s clutter and quiet, like in attics, garages and firewood piles. They also make themselves at home in secluded corners of closets, bathrooms, behind baseboards and even in clothing that isn’t worn very often. They are most dangerous at night, which is when they hunt for food. Humans have been bitten when putting on clothing that’s been undisturbed or even when rolling over on top of a recluse while they’re sleeping.

The most well-known widow spider is the black widow. Unlike the recluse, the widow spider prefers protected cavities outdoors where they have the most access to food sources. They can live in patio furniture, rainspouts, electric meters and other undisturbed places. Humans encounter these spiders – and are bitten by them – when they stick their hands into or under places where the spiders are hiding. Both the recluse and the widow spiders have identifiable markings that separate them from other, harmless species. The bite of both can leave the victim with fever, chills, nausea and a host of other symptoms. The bite of the brown recluse can cause tissue death, which results in significant scarring. Although both spiders bites can lead to death, it is rare.

If you’re unsure what kinds of spiders you’re seeing in and around your home, check online to find photos of the different species that inhabit Texas. If you don’t want to get close enough to your spiders to check for identifying marks or you simply have too many of them, call us at Safe Pro Pest Control in Frisco TX at (214) 773-9548. We can take care of your spider problem. To learn more about us, visit www.safepropest.com.

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