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Termites Signs to Lookout for to Keep Your Premises Safe and Comfortable

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Signs You Have Termites at Home

Your home is a haven for your family and everyone who visits, so it is imperative to take good care of it. Pests such as termites often wreak havoc, and they tend to crawl into the spaces slowly and without any detection. Luckily, there are termites signs that you can look out for to know when it’s time to contact a professional pest control service provider.

1: Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are the most common and easily recognizable signs that your home is infested with termites. The tubes are often spread out on walls and indicate that the termite’ nest is around. They use the tubes as pathways to move around the home, destroying cabinets, picture frames, furniture, and other wooden items.

2: Wood Damage Signs

The first thing to note is that wood-boring beetles are different from termites. The wood-boring beetles lay eggs under or on the wood’s surface then the larva creates holes on the wood as it grows. Unlike such species of beetles, termites eat the wood, thereby ruining its appearance and durability. The damage can be so extensive that they create hollow spaces inside the wood once they manage to penetrate the outer layers. A professional pest control expert can help you determine if beetles or termites punched the holes before applying the necessary extermination processes. Wooden Windows and Doors

3: Termite Mounds

Like beetles, there are hundreds of termite species, and each has its unique preferences and characteristics. For example, the subterranean termites usually thrive underground while the rest build colonies and nests on wood. Irrespective of the size, a termite mound on your property is a sign that termites are close and could attack (if they haven’t already done so). In most cases, they create extensive underground tunnel networks to access the target area.

4: Wooden Windows and Doors no Longer Open with Ease

If your notice that your wooden windows and doors no longer open with ease, there is a high likelihood that the frame has been eaten away by the termites. In most cases, these are the first wooden areas they attack as they can quickly gain access to them from outside your home or below the floor if their tunnel network extends to your wooden flooring. Some of the termites signs that you should look out for on the frames include small holes, mud tubing, wood dust, and a hollow sound when you tap the frame.

5: Termite Swarms

These swarms are very common during humid and warm evenings, especially in the late monsoon season. Every large winged termite in the swarm could be the new queen inducted to start a new colony. Most of them stick together, but some may fly hundreds of meters away from the swarm. That said, you should seek help from an accredited pest control company whenever you notice a termite swarm in or around your property.

When you Need to Ask for Termite Control Service

Like any other pest control service, it is imperative to seek help as soon as you notice any of the above five termites signs. A timely service would cushion you from the high cost if the termites were to eat away all your wooden flooring and furniture. If you are unsure whether the signs on the walls are a red flag, it is recommendable to contact a professional for help to be on the safe side.

Termite Treatment Cost

The cost is dependent on the magnitude of the problem and the termite species. Other factors that are considered include;
  • The size of the area infested with the termites
  • The general condition of the structure, that is, is it dry or dump
  • Number and type of treatments required
On average, expect to pay between $250 and $910 for termite control. Be sure to request a quote to budget and avoid any challenges down the road. As mentioned earlier, the termites should be eradicated as soon as you notice the signs to avoid additional expenses.

What to Look for in a Professional Termites Pest Control Services

Licensing and Legal Accreditation

The best pest control services are offered by a company that is legally accredited and licensed. Carry out background research to know if the company is licensed before hiring to get the utmost value for every dollar you spend on the service. You could also request the company to show you the license before you sign the contract.

Timely Service Delivery

The best pest control services are rendered promptly to cushion clients from more problems. The company put in place measures that enable it to respond to clients’ calls and needs quickly without compromising the service’s quality. Most of them have a support team that works round the clock and hand-in-hand with the technical team to ensure fast and efficient service delivery. Don’t hesitate to contact this team when you notice termites signs on your property.

Reputation and Feedback from Past Clients

Reputation and feedback from past clients are clear indications of the quality of services offered. Too many negative reviews are a sign that the provider does not meet the requirements of the customers. It is also essential to look at how the company responds to negative criticism to gauge their commitment to providing stellar termite control services.

Types of Termites Treatment Procedures Used

Unlike in the past, there are modern ways of getting rid of termites without polluting the environment. It is recommended to hire a Plano pest control service provider whose treatment procedures eradicate the problem and prevent it from recurring but is also conscious about the environment.


Different companies price their services differently. Ask for a quote from various providers, then compare and contrast to find one that suits your budget. That said, you should not consider this factor solely; keep in mind the quality of service and how it’s offered. More often, than not cheap is expensive, and you may have to hire multiple companies to deal with the same problem if you go for the most inexpensive option available.

Safety and Precaution Standards

Pest control involves using chemicals and equipment that can damage your belongings if not used the right way. The best service providers adhere and maintain high safety and precaution standards to protect their clients’ belongings and guarantee the safety of their personnel.


Termites signs should not be ignored, and it’s imperative to get in touch with the pest control company as soon as you notice them. Contact Safe Pro Pest Control team for the most comprehensive and affordable termite control services today. Knowing the signs of termites and termite damage is key to protecting your home. To learn more about termites, contact Safe Pro Pest in Frisco, TX at (214) 773-9548 for professional termite pest control.

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