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Protecting Your Small Business With a Spring Rodent Control Service

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Whether you own a clothing boutique, coffee shop, or gourmet restaurant, a pest and rodent control service should be a priority. Rodents near food and food prep areas are a threat to public safety, so it is imperative to prevent mice, rats, and other rodents from your business especially if you run a restaurant. Before the spring season begins, make sure to use these tips to prevent rodents from affecting your small business.


Mice, rats, raccoons, possums, and other rodents will attempt to enter your establishment in the spring to search for food and to make nests. Repairing any cracks, holes, or structural damage before the beginning of the spring season will decrease the odds of these rodents making your small business their home.

To get started, repair or replace any broken or torn window screens. Seal any cracks or holes in the foundation, roof, attic, window frames, and doors. Use silicone, caulk, or pieces of steel wool to seal these openings.

Check and repair any leaks in and around the building as well. Rodents and other pests are attracted to moisture, so stop leaks to reduce excess moisture content in and around your building.


Your business should also be clean at all times. This is necessary for making your business more appealing to potential customers and clients, but also for reducing the risk of infestations.

Remove and dispose of any clutter in closets, pantries, basements, and storage areas. Rodents use clutter as an easy hiding place, but removing the debris will make the space less attractive to pests.

Deep clean your place of business using anti-bacterial solutions or wipes to remove food, debris, and bacteria that will attract pests. Anti-bacterial agents will kill any harmful bacteria that is lingering in your space, making your business clean and healthy.

Clean out the area outside your business. Pick up wood debris before it decays and trim overgrown trees, bushes, and grass regularly.


Once your business is repaired and clean, you should consult a rodent control service to conduct a full inspection of the property. If signs of a rodent problem, such as droppings or nests, are documented, the technician will discuss treatment options with you.

Baits that contain a rodenticide will be used to trap and kill any rodents in your business. Once the problem is eradicated, the Plano pest control service will offer tips to prevent future rodent infestations.
To learn more about keeping your business safe and clean with a spring rodent control service, contact Safe Pro Pest in the Frisco, TX area at (214) 773-9548

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