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Tips To Help Homeowners With Preventive Winter Pest Control

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There’s no doubt that the coldest part of winter is still to come to North Texas; and for homeowners, that means thinking about preventive pest control that either stops winter pests from entering their homes or that makes their homes a little less pest-friendly.  If you’re wondering how you can keep bugs, spiders, rats and mice from looking for a warm place to hide out this winter, here are some DIY home maintenance tips you can use to minimize the number of pests in Plano you have to deal with:

Look For Holes And Cracks On The Outside Of Your Home

Inspect the perimeter of your home. Walk around the outside and look for cracks and holes, especially around pipes and utility lines that penetrate the wall of your structure. Check for loose or missing mortar that can give bugs access to your home.  Remember that most pests, including rats and mice, can squeeze through very small spaces. You should also make sure to cover larger access points like attic vents and chimneys with wire mesh to keep squirrels and other larger critters out.

Move Or Eliminate Food Sources Outside

Wood and water are excellent food sources for many types of insects, especially termites.  On the outside of your home, move firewood and any other kind of wood debris as far away from the foundation as possible.  If possible, store your firewood at least five feet off the ground. Trim shrubs and bushes so that they don’t come into contact with your home.  To eliminate water sources near your foundation, install gutters and downspouts on your roof that will divert rain, melting snow and ice so that there is no water accumulation along the dripline of your roof.

Move Or Eliminate Food Sources Inside

Even if you can’t keep every pest from entering your home, you can ensure that you don’t end up with an infestation by not feeding bugs that make it into your home – or that are already in your home. Store all of your pantry items in hard, plastic containers. Clean up food spills immediately. Don’t leave crumbs on the counter any longer than is necessary and make sure food garbage makes it all the way into the trashcan. If you have cardboard boxes in your attic, basement or garage, rats, mice and other rodents will not only eat the cardboard; they may also turn it into winter nests. If you can, you should move everything from cardboard into large, plastic, storage containers or, better yet, have a garage sale to get rid of items you no longer need.

Preventive pest control starts with you. Take steps to ensure that your home won’t be overwhelmed by insects, spiders and rodents this winter. When you need professional help with preventive pest control, call Safe Pro Pest Control in Frisco, TX at (214) 773-9548. You can also visit to find out more about the many types of pest control services we provide.


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