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3 Things Roaches Can Do to Thwart Traditional Exterminator Efforts

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Frisco TX ExterminatorWhen you discover a nasty roach in your home, an immediate response would be to either start spraying bug killer or call a Frisco, TX exterminator. The first reaction may prove pointless because roaches are tricky little creatures. Here are three surprising things cockroaches can do that will thwart your traditional extermination efforts:

  • They can live off of eating anything, not just your food.
  • They can become immune to chemical pesticides.
  • They can hold their breath for a long time; spot spraying won’t work.

Having a pest control company trained in properly exterminating your roach problem is essential. Safe Pro Pest Control can help rid your home of obnoxious roaches. Call us today at (972)435-0700 to schedule an appointment or visit us online at

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