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Why Pest Inspection is Crucial for Homeowners: Avoiding Costly Infestations

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A pest inspection is when a licensed pest professional thoroughly inspects and examines all aspects of your property to identify any presence of pests. A pest inspection is not only valuable, but it is a small preventative measure that can save you a lot of money and hardship down the road.

Regular pest examination by a qualified company offering pest inspection near me can help you keep ahead of pests and minimize any costly fixes. If you are located in the Dallas Texas, Collin and Denton counties then you’ll want to call Safe Pro Pest Control at 214-773-9548 to schedule an inspection from a local provider with 2,000+ five star reviews.

Understanding what a pest inspection entails and what to expect during a visit, makes it easier to choose an experienced pest inspector and get the value for your money.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about pest inspections, signs you need professional help, where to get pest inspection near me in Texas, and how to make sure you are prepared. Here is a comprehensive rundown of what a pest inspection entails:

What Is A Pest Inspection?

A pest inspection includes a search for bugs, termites, mosquitoes, and other harmful pests that can cause structural damage to your property and pose a health risk for you and your loved one.

When scheduling a pest inspection, whether it is a residential pest inspection or commercial pest inspection, it is important to remember that it is just an inspection. It does not include any pest control removal services. However, it is a crucial step to eliminate pests from your property.

A pest inspection should include an evaluation of the following areas:

  • Every room of your home
  • Subfloor
  • Fences
  • Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Roof voids
  • Outbuildings
  • Attics

Safe Pro Pest Control in-house trained inspectors possess the highest level of pest control licenses, and are licensed, bonded, insured and given workman’s compensation. Our experts will design a custom, site-specific plan of action, and long-term solution. If you’re looking for a pest inspection near me in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen or Celina, give us a call at 214-773-9548.

To better understand what is a pest inspection, let us give an overview of what is usually included in a pest inspection and what to expect when using Safe Pro Pest Control.

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What Does A Pest Inspection Entail?

A pest infestation can remain unnoticeable for some time, slowly eating away your property and keeping its presence a secret. If you notice signs of pests, then it is time for you to seek professional help to understand the magnitude of the problem.

A quality home pest inspection includes a detailed and careful visual examination of your interior and exterior property by trained and experienced pest inspectors for evidence of pests.

Your pest inspector will be looking for signs of pest presence as well as conditions that may increase the risk of future infestation. They may also use specialized tools such as moisture meters, motion detectors, and thermal imaging cameras in areas of concern.

Depending on the region you live in, the common types of pests you may encounter include:

  • Subterranean termites
  • Bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Cockroaches
  • Rats and various kinds of
  • rodents
  • Spiders
  • Moths
  • Bees and other stinging insects.

A home inspector will walk around your house to properly inspect the interior spaces of the property. Your inspector will look for entry points like pipes, windows, and doors. Part of the inspection involves looking for obvious signs of various pests, including droppings and evidence of nests. Depending on what they find, they use various technologies to assess the extent of the problem.

A good pest inspection also includes examining the exterior structure for cracks, holes, and other ways for pests to invade your building. It is possible to find that pests have not yet entered the main property, but if the exterior is left untreated, they eventually will.

The professional should also inspect the attic, which is often overlooked or excluded by pest removal companies. An infestation often starts with a few critters left undisturbed in the attic.

Once the inspection is complete, they’ll issue a pest inspection report given to the homeowner. The information should contain a comprehensive breakdown of your current and past pest activity detected, along with the damage caused by these pests.

Finally, they’ll go over the necessary treatment recommendations, pest control measures, and steps to take to secure the property against further problems. A fixed price quote should also be provided. Depending on the severity of the pest problem, it is advisable for pest control services to visit the property every three to six months.

Whether you need help eliminating your pests or want to prevent an infestation, Safe Pro Pest Control provides a complete, top-to-bottom inspection of your residential and commercial properties.

Then, we’ll help you create a pest control plan to effectively control specific pests with targeted treatments that are environmentally safe and effective.

If you live in the North Texas area and you are searching for a quality pest inspection near me, ask for a free quote from us today!

6 Signs You Need to Call for a Pest Inspection Immediately

Anytime an infestation occurs in your home, taking swift action can help you stop the activity, minimize repair costs, and prevent future damage. Here are six tell-tale signs that you need to call pest control companies near me for an inspection:

Pest Droppings

An undeniable sign of pests in your home is droppings. If you see visible feces in your home, it is a clear sign that you have a pest problem. In addition to obvious places like a pantry, make sure to check your basements, attics, roofs, crawl spaces, and any other dark areas of your property.

These droppings can help determine what kind of pest you are dealing with. Our pest inspector will examine the shape and size to know the pest infestation you have. For example, conical droppings indicate a rodent problem while insect droppings appear as tiny black dots.

Exercise caution when working with a professional as we are aware of a practice in the industry to pretend that lizard droppings are rat droppings to charge a costly remediation service.

Your local pest control company will determine the best course of action to tackle such problems.


When pests find a comfortable place, they’ll make a nest in that location. This nest will help them stay comfortable, breed, and multiply.

Rodents, for instance, are particularly known for creating nests, and will usually choose a dark corner to do so. If mice or rats are the culprits, they’ll create their nesting place from waste materials like household papers, fabrics, leaves, and grass clippings.

Check your basement, attic, roots, and crawl spaces for nesting that show signs of rodent problems, and inform your pest control specialist right away.

You Hear Strange Noises

Do you ever hear strange sounds in your home? Maybe it’s late at night and you hear weird pattering or scratching sounds.

These sounds indicate pests like rodents in the attic or termites in your walls. You may also notice other noises like squeaking, squealing, flapping, or scurrying,

While some of these noises can occur inside your home, you may also hear the same ones along your exterior.

Don’t let these pests cause unwanted damage to your home. Considering the wide range of possibilities of what pests might be on your property, it is best to call pest control so they can identify your pest problem. In Texas, you have to be alert for the presence of termites which could eat away at the value of your property.

Strange Smell

Have you been picking up on an odd odor lately? It could be the unwelcome scent of pest droppings or urine, which is pungent and musty. You might be smelling a rodent’s nest, which might include decaying or rotting food.

Pests can leave urine and droppings throughout your home, even if you don’t realize it. You could also be picking up on the scent of dead, decaying pests.

If they die within the walls of your home, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the smell is coming from, but a qualified pest control team can help.

Visible Sighting

Sometimes, you may see the pest in front of your eyes. If you see a mouse scurrying under your sink, you know you’re dealing with a rat infestation. Or, you might pull back your sheets to discover bed bugs crawling near the edge of your bed mattress. If you have an ant problem, you might notice a dozen of them crawling along your furniture.

All these obvious signs are what you need to call a pest control company immediately. It might be unpleasant to deal with, but leaving these issues untreated will only worsen the damage.

Gnaw Marks

As you inspect your property, keep an eye out for torn fabrics, holes, and gnaw marks. Rodents can chew and tear off fabrics throughout your home. They’ll use this torn fabric to build their nests.

You might also notice scratch marks on your walls and floors. Also, stains on your upholstery, clothing, or surfaces indicate the presence of rats and mice. Rodents can gnaw on your electric wires, cardboard boxes, and any other belongings. If your home is sustaining damage, call the pest control service right away.

Need Immediate Help With Pest Inspection?


How Much Does a Pest Inspection Cost?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average pest inspection cost is $100. However, the cost can vary a bit depending on the size of the home and what it is being inspected for. Additionally, you might be able to get a deal if you have a regular home inspection with the company.

Here is the average pest inspection cost for the following types of inspections from This Old House article as of April 2023.:

  • Mice: $180–$540
  • Mosquitoes: $70–$1,900
  • Termite treatment: $230–$940
  • Bed bugs: $300–$5,000
  • Fleas: $75–$400

However, there are a couple of factors that could affect your pest inspection bill, some of which are:

  • Home size and value: The size and overall value of your home are important factors for determining cost.
  • Risk: The higher the risks for pests, the higher the cost.
  • Location: If your location is prone to pest infestation, the cost of an inspection will likely be higher. Although Safe Pro Pest Control doesn’t charge based on the distance, many pest control companies will charge for travel time.

Pest inspectors don’t look for the actual pest, although that is part of the inspection process. They look for areas that could house pests in the future. For example, fallen trees in flower beds next to your home attract termites and should be removed.

Your pest inspector will also look out for signs of pest damage in your home.

Importance of Having a Reliable Pest Inspection Expert to Help You

No matter how significant or insignificant the pest infestation is, a pest inspection specialist can resolve your problems efficiently. Remember, prevention is the best medicine!

If you are having second thoughts about hiring a pest control service, the following advantages may change your mind.

Look for a Free Inspection/Quote

Find a pest control company that offers a free, zero-obligation inspection of your home or office that includes a comprehensive top-to-bottom investigation of your pest problem.

Safety Guaranteed

When you hire a pest inspection expert, you are also ensuring the safety of your family since environmentally friendly products are used.

Time and Money Saving

If you are not skilled enough, doing pest control will put your money and time to waste. If your remediation fails, for example when it comes to termites and rodents, then you could lose out a lot more money than you saved.

Proper Pest Control Solution

With a pest control specialist, an effective long-term plan is made to resolve your pest problems successfully. The specific solution and the right equipment make it reliable to eradicate pests.


You don’t have to worry about solving the problem because the pest inspector will do it for you. Also, you won’t have to deal with creepy pests; all you have to do is wait for the expert to do the work and you can enjoy your pest-free home again.

Pest examination by a qualified company offering a pest inspection near me is not only valuable when you need to remove pests; it is a smart preventative measure as well. Regularly scheduled pest inspection visits from experienced exterminator ike Safe Pro in Texas can help you keep ahead of pests and minimize any costly fixes.

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Home Pest Inspection FAQs

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding pest inspection:

What Happens During a Pest Inspection?

A pest inspection includes a thorough search for any of the locally found household pests that pose a hazard. Insects and other pests get into your house by causing structural damage to your home. The inspector will look for evidence of pests in their hiding places.

Once the inspection is complete, they’ll issue a pest inspection report which contains details about the pest activities found. Finally, they’ll go over possible treatment plans.

How Long Does A Pest Inspection Take?

Most pest inspections typically last around 30 to 60 minutes. However, at Safepro Pest Control, we take our inspections to the next level by conducting thorough and comprehensive assessments of your home or office.

Our expert technicians are trained to meticulously examine every nook and cranny to identify any potential pest infestations and assess any existing damage. With our comprehensive inspection services, you can rest assured that your property is fully protected from any pest-related issues. Trust Safepro Pest Control to deliver exceptional results and unparalleled customer service.

The actual length could be longer or shorter depending on several factors, including what they have to look for, the square footage, and the layout of the house. If you have a crawlspace or attic that is hard to access, it may take some additional time.

Do I Need to Get a Pest Inspection if I’m Buying a House?

Yes, a pre-purchase pest inspection is important and can help you when negotiating. Termites are very common in the McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Celina, Dallas and surrounding area. Surprisingly, they are not always easily visible but a termite infestation could cost you several thousands of dollars to remedy and decrease your property value.

Repairing property damage can be expensive, which is why evidence of a pest problem is a powerful negotiating tool when buying a house.

Additionally, you don’t want any nasty surprises after you’ve moved into your home only to discover a major termite infestation in the subfloors.

What Does a Building and Pest Inspection Cover?

Pest examination by a qualified company offering pest inspection near me will cover the following:

  • Current termite or pest activity
  • Evidence of past activity
  • Any previous treatment that may have been applied to the home
  • Damage to the structure of the house
  • Recommendations to prevent future pest problems
  • Quote for remediation measures, if any

Why is a Pest Inspection Important?

With a pest inspection, you will be able to understand the condition of the property you are purchasing or your existing property. Pest inspectors look at every nook and cranny that may not be visible in a normal home inspection.

Having regular pest inspections will save you money in the long run. Fixing damages, especially those caused by termites, is expensive. Identifying issues earlier on will help you avoid these issues.

For those who are located in the Texas area, Safe Pro Pest Control is the best pest inspection company with 2,000+ five star reviews. With more than 14 years of experience, our team of professional exterminators will help you get rid of any vermin that might be disturbing your peace at home.

Need Immediate Help With Pest Inspection?


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