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Chilling Things You Should Know About These 5 Indoor Pests

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Texas’ is mild weather means probable suffering from insect invasion the whole year which requires a whole year professional exterminator’s help. Problems experienced with whatever kind of pest looming in your home could range from painful stings to contaminated food. Controlling indoor pests starts with knowing what the pest is and then starting to get rid of it with the proper means while ensuring that it will not come back. You can call Safe Pro Pest Control at (214) 773-9548  to get you started with living a pest-free life. Below are just some of the chilling things these common pests can bring to your lovely home in Frisco, Texas.


Amongst the dark and secluded areas of your home, a spider will spin their web building multiple hotspots of webs. Spiders rarely interact with humans unless humans would approach their territory. These spiders would reach anywhere from behind your furniture or appliances to things that are rarely moved like boxes in an attic or garage. Seemingly harmless spiders may bite you that could trigger an allergic reaction or something worse! Some of these spiders have venom that would turn into necrotic wounds and worse, death.


Cockroaches multiples very quickly in dark, secluded, and tiny areas of your home. They can eat anything, and it has a lifespan of a few months to two years. Some people are allergic to cockroaches and its allergens will result in health problems that can be irritating or life-threatening.

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House Flies

Like most indoor pests, flies will enter your home through any opening. It would mostly enter in windows and doors that are open. While they rarely bite human, they are more likely an annoyance and even contaminate your food. Furthermore, there are cases where flies transmit diseases as they travel from garbage, animal feces and even to our foods.

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House ants would sometimes be a seasonal problem or a whole year problem. A lot of ant species live in outdoor colonies but would come into your home to get food. Some ant species would build their nests inside a wall and/or void areas. Some ant colonies would become so large that it could house up to 10, 000 ants and multiple queens. Types of the ants you can meet around your home are pavement ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, acrobat ants, thief ants and pharaoh ants. Though all ants seem to be more like annoyances only, they present a great danger to humans as they carry a lot of pathogens that includes Salmonella. Ants move out of their nests as soon as they are threatened. This means that professional help from an exterminator could help you out in getting rid of them.





Silverfish are tiny, silver-colored indoor pests with soft body and wings. They look out for flours, glue, oats, dried meat and paper to devour. They destroy wallpaper and clothing and contaminate foods.

If you are sick of all these indoor pests, it is best to call for an exterminator in Frisco, Texas. Contact Safe Pro Pest Control at (214) 773-9548 or you may also visit to learn more about indoor pests and even the Plano pests control that we can offer.

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