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Rodent Removal Service is Often Needed When You Make These Mistakes


Rodent Removal Service Frisco TXHaving a mouse problem is an issue that can start out small but becomes enormous in no time. In fact, mice multiply quickly and a colony can reach a population of 200 in just a few months. Despite their best efforts, some homeowners seem to never completely eliminate their mice problems and perpetually need a rodent removal service in Frisco, TX. If you’re wondering why you also have rodents in your home, you may be making these simple mistakes.

How They Get Into Your House

You likely aren’t in the business of running a bed and breakfast for mice, so you don’t want them coming into your home. Unfortunately, without knowing it, you may be inviting the small rodents into your house. When the temperature drops, mice look for warm and cozy places to call home and will seek out ways to get into yours.

Holes and gaps in your windows and ceilings are inviting spots for mice to enter. They may also enter through sewer lines and holes around plumbing and oven gas lines. These scrappy rodents can also fit into the tiniest holes around sink and bathtub drains.

Walk around your home and seal any gaps or holes you see. Even if you think the holes are too small for mice to fit into, seal them anyway, as mice are able to contort their bodies to squeeze through even the tiniest of spaces.

Why They Stay Inside Your Home

Just about everyone loves free food and a mouse is no exception. When they get inside your home, they will want to stay a while if they have a steady supply of free fare. So this means, not only are they living in your home rent-free, but you’re also supplying them with delicious food at no cost. If you’re not a fan of enabling free-loaders, you’ll want to prevent them from snacking on your groceries.

Keeping your kitchen tidy and free of crumbs is essential, but it’s only the beginning: you’ll also need to secure your food to prevent the mice from making a smorgasbord out of your pantry items. Store foods like sugar, flour, cereals, rice, grains and pasta in a glass, air-tight container. Mice may be able to chew through any other type of material. Loaves of bread, cat and dog food and plastic bags that contain fruit are also mouse favorites, so you’ll want to keep these food items secure in mouse-proof containers.

Safe Pro Pest Keeps the Rodents Away

Mice are difficult to eliminate from your home unless you have the help of a Plano pest control professional. Safe Pro Pest offers rodent removal service in Frisco, TX, to help you serve the mice in your home an eviction notice. Call us today at 972-435-0700 to schedule your consultation.

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