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Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Home


Mosquito season may not last very long, but it can feel like an eternity. Males typically last anywhere from five to seven days, whereas the female can live much longer – anywhere from two weeks to a month. Obtaining proper mosquito control methods are essential to cutting off the mosquito breeding lifecycle and keeping your home free from pests.

Springtime brings rain and with it puddles around the yard that attracts mosquitoes. Mosquito control tactics should ideally begin before the season arrives so you can get a jump on egg infestations. Whether you live near a pond, lake, or even out in the suburbs, these pests are likely to pose a problem, so it’s in your best interest to address them now. If you need further information about Mosquito in TX then you can learn further here.

Plano pest control experts can tell you that a mosquito will continue to bite a host until their abdomen is full of blood. This could happen after biting one person, or numerous people. After the bug has gotten its fill of blood, it will rest for a few days, lay eggs, then prepare to bite again.
Here are the best ways to keep mosquitoes away from your home:


1. Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquitos flock to standing water as this is where they can nourish themselves, lay eggs, and thrive in larger groups. Eliminate any areas of standing water near your home. Fill puddle-prone spots with gravel, cover boats, and unused cars, clear out downspouts, and seal your pool.

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2. Use Specialized Tools 

Adult mosquitos can be difficult to eradicate, but this is a crucial step in preventing a further problem. The goal of eliminating active infestations is to trap and kill the larvae using specialized traps. Safe Pro Pest Control offers three solutions: Backpack Fogger, In2Care, and Mist-away Mosquito Fogging Misting Tank.

Backpack Fogger is one of the most sought after services offered by Safe Pro Pest Control. This service creates a fog that covers all areas of your plants. This will prevent mosquitoes from creating breeding grounds in your home.

On the other hand, the In-2-Care system is an anti-mosquito device that traps female mosquitoes inside a device filled with larvicide and fungus. Once mosquitoes fly out of the trap, they carry with them the larvicide which in return, will destroy breeding grounds they go to.

Lastly, there’s the Mist-Away Mosquito Fogging Misting Task. It’s a daily mist that works like a sprinkler system. By far, this is the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes.

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3. Mow the Lawn

Mosquitos can find nourishment, gain their strength and eventually breed in wet grass, especially when it grows tall and offers protection. The easiest way to eliminate these breeding sites is to keep your grass cut short. Mow your lawn each week during the spring and summer to keep mosquito breeding under control.

This year, let SafePro Pest Control in Texas, handle mosquito control for your home. Well-equipped in today’s most effective systems, they offer the chance for homeowners to get rid of mosquitoes effectively. This friendly team of professionals will walk you through its innovative engineering and give insider tips to keep your home safe. Visit them online now. 

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