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Is Your Pest Control Company Licensed? Find Out Why It Should Be

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When you’re tired of sharing your home with ants, spiders or other unwanted guests, it’s time to hire a pest control company. Along with making your conditions unsanitary, pests can also bite and cause other kinds of harm to you and your loved ones.

Striking back fast is your best approach, meaning you’ll need to employ the help of professionals who use the safest and most effective practices. You’ll also want to look for someone who is licensed. Hiring just anyone to eliminate the nuisance, or even attempting to do it yourself, can make the situation worse.

The Structural Pest Control Act (Chapter 1951 of the Occupations Code) requires that all businesses that perform structural pest control for hire have a license. Structural pest control covers all of the aspects of working for this type of business, such as conducting inspections, identifying infestations, offering estimates and advertising.

Code also states that state government employees who apply pesticides as part of their job duties must be licensed. Additionally, anyone performing pest control at specific properties like daycares and hospitals requires licensing, as well.

Obtaining a License

Those looking to acquire a pest control license in Texas can choose from a few different routes. To become licensed, you must:

  • Have held a technician’s license for at least six months and have worked for a pest control company under the supervision of a licensed, certified applicator for at least 12 of the last 24 months, or:
  • Have a degree in an eligible biological science, or:
  • Have 12 months of technical field experience in the past 24 months at another occupation.

You will also have to pass the certified applicator license exam to receive your pest control license.

License Categories

When it comes to pest control licenses in Texas, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. The state has a few different categories for this type of license, including:

  • Pest, termite and weed control
  • Lawn and ornamental
  • Structural and commodity fumigation
  • Wood preservation

Before you hire a pest control company in Plano to come into your home and implement treatments to eliminate your infestation, you’ll want to make sure they are licensed. If not, you may find you receive sub-par work that could be dangerous to you and any other residents or pets in your home.

If you’re looking for a pest control company in Frisco, TX, consider hiring Safe Pro Pest to complete the job. As licensed professionals, we use the most effective methods possible to restore comfort and peace of mind to your home.

Call (214) 773-9548 or visit for more information on how Safe Pro Pest can help eliminate your pest problem.

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