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Pest Control Frisco TX: Prevent Fleas Guide

Pest Control Frisco TX

Pest Control Frisco TXWhen you need pest control in Frisco TX, you can rest assured knowing Safe Pro Pest Control cares about your property as well as your health and safety. We want to make sure your home stays pest-free. Fleas are one of the many household pests that can infect your home. In addition to being an annoyance an itchy one at that they can carry dangerous diseases. Fleas were responsible for transmitting the bubonic plague between rodents and human beings. Tapeworm and endemic typhus fever can also be carried to humans from fleas. Eggs and larvae are the majority of the flea population in an infested home. Here’s what you need to know to prevent a flea infestation.

If you don’t currently have a flea problem, the simplest thing you can do to prevent one is to vacuum regularly. Vacuuming, and home sanitation in general, will halt the flea life cycle. Adult fleas must have a source of blood in order to be able to reproduce. If you have pets, you know to keep up with their flea preventative monthly. However, even if you don’t have pets, you may not realize that unwelcome outdoor animals can carry these pests into your home or yard. Make sure you have an effective plan in place to keep flea-carrying animals (such as rats and mice, squirrels and raccoons), away from your property. Areas where the host rests and sleeps becomes the primary place fleas lay their eggs.

Think you’re safe if you’re animal-free Think again. Flea infested areas outdoors, whether it be your own lawn or just a public park, are a hazard. Fleas can easily hitch a ride into your home unnoticed and multiply in no time. Fleas lay eggs in batches of about 20, and these easily roll onto the ground where they are inadvertently picked up and transported.

Prevention is always best. Safe Pro Pest Control can help eliminate unwanted rodents carriers of fleas and make your property inhabitable to fleas and their life cycle. If you need pest control in Frisco TX, we will not only give you your home back, but also give you the knowledge you need to prevent fleas from coming back. We have a variety of solutions for various pest problems in Plano to fit your needs.

Call 214-773-9548 or visit for pest control in Frisco TX and find out how we can help you eliminate and prevent future flea infestations.

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