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Pest Control Tips Keep out Pests During the Summer Season

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No matter the season, there always seem to be bugs that will not leave you or your home alone. Without proper maintenance, care, and pest control, your house may become the perfect environment for a pest to disrupt a party, a family dinner, or even just your well-deserved peace. No pest, big or small, should cause disruption or danger in your home. Here are six tips to keep out the pests this summer so you can keep your home safe.

  1. Take out the trash. Particularly in the hot Texas heat, garbage and recycling bins can be the perfect host environment for bugs, mice, or other animals. Be sure to frequently take out the trash when bags become full and place your garbage bags securely in a bin either in your garage or outside.
  2. Dim the lights. Bugs and other animals are attracted to light, especially at night. If you have a porch light, patio lighting, or something else that can draw in pesky creatures, think about purchasing a dimmer light bulb or switching off the light altogether.
  3. Seal the gap. Where you see a hole or space in the exterior of your house, bugs or rodents see an opportunity to sneak into your home (especially on those hot days). This can easily be avoided with a little maintenance and a sharp eye. Sealing gaps with copper mesh, coarse steel wool, or similar substances are more successful than caulk because caulk can be chewed through.
  4. Check the drain. Drains in sinks and showers can often be filled with elements that are attractive breeding grounds to mayflies and other pests. Double check the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms for clean drains to ensure that your summer won’t involve a flying infestation. If you are unsure of whether or not your pipes are safe, try a pest control service in Plano.
  5. Close your doors and windows.  Keeping your doors and windows closed seems like an obvious choice with the summer heat. Just as you like your cool home, so do other animals. Double checking that your windows and doors are sealed properly will keep you from finding an unwanted visitor when you least expect it. If you would like a breeze during cooler mornings, make sure your open door or window has a screen.
  6. Hire professional help.  Sometimes, pests just won’t seem to disappear. If this sounds like the case, calling a professional pest control service in Frisco, TX can guarantee fast results to save your summer from those pesky home invaders.

Just because pests may be attacking your home now, does not mean that it has to ruin the rest of your summer. For help removing pests or animals from causing damage and stress in your life, let Safe Pro Pest, the best pest control service in Frisco, TX, help you. To learn more, give them a call at (214) 773-9548

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