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When it comes to exterminating pests, a trusted pest control service provider is a must. SafePro Pest Control offers professional and affordable solutions to get rid of pests in McKinney, TX.

We are proud to offer high-quality solutions based on years of expertise. Our products and services not only exterminate current infestation but also safeguard your home from future pests.

SafePro Pest offers dedicated pest control services for residential and commercial buildings. Types of your building may vary, but our quality of services won’t!

Here’s what we have to offer you!

McKinney Pest Control for Residential Area

Regular Inspections

A regular pest inspection is key to keeping your home safe from these annoying pests. That’s why our residential pest control services start with professional inspections. A Safe Pro Pest Control inspection includes a thorough check of pest infestation both inside and outside your property.

Some pests are crafty and may find their way back. Therefore, we schedule inspections yearly, half-yearly, and quarterly to keep pests from bothering you.

Extermination Services

Do you have a pest problem? Don’t worry! SafePro Pest Control’s team of exterminators will help you with guaranteed McKinney pest control services. Whether you have termites or rodents on your property, we are here to get them out.

Let’s see what we include in our extermination services!

Rodent Control

Rodents such as rats and mice are famous for their destructive habits. From electrical, furniture, to valued heirlooms, they have the ability to gnaw at everything thanks to their sharp teeth.

SafePro Pest Control, McKinney are experts at rat thinking and know where they build their nests. When we are unable to locate the pests and their hiding spot, we use game cameras that consistently track the activities of rodents and help us figure out the level of infestation.

Mosquito Extermination

Mosquitoes can be a real problem here in Texas and are responsible for spreading deadly diseases. Not only are they annoying but they can create a real health hazard to you and your family. That’s why we use professional tools such as In-2-Care and Backpack Fogger to help you get rid of mosquitos for good.

These solutions are popular for exterminating mosquitoes and creating a shield around your property to prevent future infestation.

Termite Control

With insanely sharp teeth and fast breeding capabilities, termites are the most dangerous pests to have in your home. Regardless of the type of termites you have on your property, we have the experience and tools required to exterminate them.

Our experts have years of experience to identify structural damages made by termites and clear the identified colonies. Also, we can help get your home repaired from termite damage and make recommendations on how to prevent them from coming back.

Structural Fixes

Not only do we identify and exterminate your pest infestation, but we also help you maintain your home for the future. Our experts will fix or seal the entry points for pests and make structural fixes if required. Cracks, holes, pipe openings are just open invitations to future pests.

This includes mosquito infestation control. We will implement preventative measures such as clearing stagnant water and destroying flower beds to keep mosquitoes away.

Commercial Pest Control in McKinney, TX

Commercial buildings, especially restaurants and cafés, are more prone to infestation than residential houses. The reason is an optimal amount of food and large space for pests to create their nests.

Therefore, SafePro Pest Control, McKinney, comes with its commercial services designed to meet business needs.
Let’s see what we include in our commercial pest control in McKinney!

Commercial Building Inspection


As you know, commercial buildings have a more complex configuration and infrastructure when compared to residential ones. Pests, especially rodents, will make their way deep into the structure and will cause destruction as they nest and reproduce.

We inspect every corner of your business looking for signs of pest infestation. Clues like hollow wood, rodent droppings, gnawed materials, and more, are just a few signs that pests have invaded your space.
Also, our experts will implement game cameras in regular inspections so that they can identify the secret activities of rodents and determine if additional measures are needed.

Pest Control

In case of pest infestation, our McKinney, TX pest control services include extermination and maintenance. From rodent control to termite extermination, our McKinney exterminators are trained and equipped to handle the pests that bother you.

Structural Fixes

Whether it’s your home or office, we will offer improvements to your infrastructure in our pest protection services in McKinney.
Our experts will fill all the required structural gaps such as holes, cracks, or anything that pests use to enter inside. Additionally, we fix structural damages created by pests using durable materials without compromising the design.

glue trap

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Most Common Pests in McKinney, TX


Rodents are something every homeowner dreads. There are a variety of rodents in north Texas that seek refuge in our homes.
Here are some of the most common rodents we find in DFW.


Rats are most commonly found infesting homes and offices in and around McKinney, TX. As rats have an incredible gnawing capability, they can destroy just about anything. We’ve witnessed them destroy electronic wiring, wood, and plastic (see types of rats for more details).

Also, rats breed really fast thus keep increasing the level of infestation if they do not have a predator.

We recommend looking for signs such as droppings, chewed materials, unusual smells, and noise to indicate that you may have an infestation.


Mice look generally similar to rats but are smaller. Just like in the cartoons, mice look for food, especially cheese and peanuts, as well as a warm place inside your property. Like rats, you can identify them by droppings and chewed items. You may also see them scurrying around behind furniture and along baseboards.

Termite Pest Control Frisco TX


In addition to rodents, mosquitoes are very common in McKinney. These troublemakers are famous for being annoying, contaminating foods, and spreading deadly diseases. Though there are 85 species of mosquitoes worldwide, we typically only find three species in and around McKinney.

Yellow Fever Mosquitoes

Yellow fever mosquitoes have the ability to breed inside your home and bite you anytime throughout the day. As they transmit Zika Virus and dengue fever, these are considered among the most dangerous types of mosquitoes.

Asian Tiger

The Asian tiger is a forest mosquito with a single white stripe appearing like a tiger. Like yellow fever mosquitoes, they can bite you during the daytime and infect you with the Zika virus, West Nile, and dengue fever.

House Mosquitoes

House mosquitoes may be the most common summer pests, but the diseases they spread are not. Surprisingly, their bites can infest you with diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and West Nile.


As we live in a subtropical region, termites are everywhere from Frisco Texas to McKinney, Texas. Termites have silent destruction skills and can even collapse a complete building if not identified on time.

There are generally three types of termites including swarmers, subterranean termites, and drywood termites. No doubt they are famous for their destructive capabilities, but termites can also spread allergies and respiratory problems.


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Other Pests

The list of pests invading homes and offices is not limited to the three pests we have discussed. There are numerous pests, including ants, cockroaches, spiders, and more.

Additionally, there are some occasional invaders like fleas and ticks that we consider under our pest control regiment.
Spotted a pest inside your home? SafePro Pest Control is here to help you.

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Protect Your McKinney, TX Home From Invading Pests

Searching for the best pest control McKinney TX provider?

You need not look any further than Safe Pro Pest Control serving the greater Collin, Denton and Dallas County areas.

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Complete guaranteed pest control

DIYs may help you protect your home from pests and ensure some safety at least temporarily. But they are no match for a professional like McKinney pest control.

Pest control service providers that offer guarantee-backed services ensure there are no pests left behind after the extermination.
Also, using termite proofing sprays, etc., may be harmful to an inexperienced person. Pest exterminators bring the proper equipment and have the experience to deal with pests.

Where to get professional pest protection services in McKinney, TX? SafePro Pest Control is the best answer thanks to our guaranteed services and trained exterminators.

Call us today and schedule an inspection for your home and office at an affordable price!

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McKinney TX pest control services

Why Choose SafePro Pest for Pest Control in McKinney, TX?

Solution for every pest

SafePro Pest Control experts come with in-depth knowledge about each pest and will use their years of experience to best recommend the solution to your pest problem.

Sof you have noticed any pests in your home, call on our experts. Our team will work with you to exterminate them all and create a preventative shield to prevent future infestation.

High-quality solutions

Our professional and high-quality solutions are what make us the best choice for pest control in McKinney. We use products like In-2-Care, Backpack foggers, flashlights, game cameras, and ultrasonic rodent repellents during and after the extermination.
Not only do we implement these solutions, but we also help you maintain regular refills and servicing for consistent performance.

Experienced professionals

Our McKinney pest control team is rich in certified and trained professionals with years of expertise. The experts know how to identify an infestation and take effective action according to the number of pests on your property.

From inspection to installing preventative measures, our experts will guide you to every step and explain everything while sharing the quotation. Also, they stay available 24/7 to answer your questions and queries if you have any.

No damage to property:

Professional pest control doesn’t mean you will experience damage to your property and interior design. At SafePro Pest, we have dedicated experts to take care of your assets throughout the process.

Even if they had to remove any part of your property during termite control, we will fix it with durable materials and ensure there’s no effect on your home.

Pest control McKinney becomes worthwhile when you have highly experienced exterminators at your side. SafePro Pest Control meets your needs with certified professionals and new-gen pest protection solutions at an affordable price.
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There is a great reason why Safe Pro Pest Control has been voted to be a top 1% extermination company over other pest-control companies located in the Dallas, Texas Metroplex on Angie’s List eight years in a row and still counting.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Safe Pro Pest Control.

Is a family owned and operated company which is why staff are so well-trained, professional and friendly. Speaking of well-trained staff, customers prefer Safe Pro they can trust any technician who goes out to perform an extermination job will be a team member that is trained, licensed, bonded and insured.

Cutting technicians only use America’s best chemical extermination solutions and traps and protect your home and your family’s health while eliminating insects and pests.

Safe Pro Pest Control provides white glove service and care to customers and a complete warranty ensures we do their job right the first time. Our philosophy is to provide maximum protection, exterminate your problem with pests in take every possible measure to prevent future invasion by pests.



Things You Should Know About Common Pests

There are many telltale signs that you have a pest control McKinney TX problem.

Pests have plenty of opportunity to grow and flourish in the humid subtropical climate of McKinney, Texas. All throughout North Texas area, the climate is prime territory for a wide variety of insects, rodents, and other pests to multiply the numbers.

Mosquitoes have also found their home locally and can ruin the best of days in minutes if left unchecked. Many people resign themselves to itching and scratching themselves from bites for months on end but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve developed an expertise in mosquito control that is always safe for your family, your home or your business.

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McKinney TX pest control services

Weather, Seasons And Insect Problems

When the weather turns spring and goes into summer, it is normal to experience an insect problem. As pest-control experts we can always tell when the winter is on its way. You see, we see a dramatic increase of pest control McKinney TX inspections for rats, mice and other rodents that are looking for a warm spot to settle in for the cold winter.

That’s why the first thing you need to know is that it;s not your fault if you face a pest control issue.

However, it is important that you take action as soon as you detect a problem. If you come across a few ants this could mean you have a bigger problem.

If you hear something, smell something or seen any other signs of a mouse, rat, or other rodent the last thing you should do is ignore it or procrastinate.

Pest control McKinney TX companies are so needed in this area due to the idealistic weather conditions that allow so many pests to flourish.

If you detect you have a problem with mice or rats you must act fast to remove them. But you also must know that rats for more advanced than mice. Rats are smart enough to know how to avoid traps that are set.

If they smell that a human has touched either the bait or rat trap then they will either avoid it at all or will send their offspring to check out the trap.

If this sounds scandalous to you then just added to the list of reasons rats get a bad rap.

Rats are also very wary of their environment. So then, if you place a rat trap in the attic where they normally hide out, they will likely detect the new hardware. If they do they will come close to your traps.

Still, if rats are not quickly and decisively exterminated they will likely multiply in number at a rapid rate. If you let just a few months go by because you forget that they are there, or you just don’t notice anything anymore, then you could create a situation where you allow these rodents to flourish unchecked.

This is not intended to frighten you but just to educate as to why it is important to act sooner than later if you detect a pest problem.

So then schedule a free, zero obligation pest control McKinney TX inspection provided by Safe Pro Pest Control.

Give us a call today at 214-773-9548 to receive a complete and detailed inspection of your home or office.

More About McKinney, Texas

McKinney Texas small town located just 30 miles from downtown Dallas Texas. You can hardly tell that this is one of the fastest-growing cities in America with the current population of over 180,000.

Residents and visitors of the small-town feel of McKinney, it’s diverse population, tree lined streets, solid education options and bustling economy. There are many great backdrops and historic sites that make McKinney Texas the perfect destination for weddings.

In 2014, Money Magazine ranked McKinney, Texas the number 1 Best Place to live in America. Some of the ranking factors included elements that create high quality of life. Things like low crime rate, high safety, great school system, amenities and the economy.

While McKinney is loved for its Southern charm, it is actually a technology advanced city.

Maybe that’s why accolades include ranking among best real estate markets in the US, best city in the US for first-time homebuyers, best place to raise a family in the US, best city to start a family, most successful city in America, fastest growing cities in America, safest cities for women in America and many more highly ranked accolades.

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The last step the trained technicians at Safe Pro Pest Control will take is to take preventative measures to ensure you don’t have the pest problem again.

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