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With Allen, Texas and Plano, Texas being right next to each other, when we get a call from a resident wanting a free inspection our technicians simply jump on the Central Expressway – U.S. Highway 75 and head north into Allen.

If you believe that you have a rat, rodent, insect, termite or other pest issue, you should schedule a free, no cost, no obligation inspection with the most trusted extermination company in greater North Dallas area.

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Let’s review our pest control Allen TX services, to give you a clear picture of what we can do for you.

Pest Control Allen TX Services:

Why Residents Love Safe Pro As Their Exterminator Allen TX

Residents know that exterminator Allen TX service providers come in all shapes and sizes. You should weigh your options and compare providers to ensure you work with the best company available.

Some of the secret sauce that makes Safe Pro Pest Control the top choice for residents includes…

  • Trained and licensed technicians – also insured, bonded, and workmen’s compensation covered
  • Family owned and operated – so technicians are managed daily by the owner and thus have a higher level of professionalism and expertise
  • Full-time staff – which means customers get well-trained and pre-screened technician service
  • Most effective and safest chemical solutions available
  • 100% lifetime warranty provided – which means we focus on long-term prevention and elimination of issues
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Problem of Texas Rodents

Texas rodents are a big problem for residents of Allen, Texas and other residents across Collin and Denton counties.

As a matter of fact, Dallas, Texas makes the top 10 list of cities with the highest rat population based on the September 2016 study that the Orkin company conducted.

You may ask, “Why are there so many rats here?

There are many reasons that the rodent problem is so prominent in this area. We’re going to outline a few below and you may also be interested in our ultimate guide to exterminating Texas Rats in which we provide more facts about rodents, a do-it-yourself semi-annual inspection and provide pictures for typical signs of damage.

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Ideal Climate

Texas rodents love the ideal climate that this area provides.

Being a warm-blooded animal, rats, mice and other rodents get cold just like us.

Allen, Texas has a climate that is in the humid subtropical region of the country. This means we get hot, dry summers and mild, cold and rainy winters.

This means that vegetation and other wildlife in the food chain are in ample supply for the rodents.

The city of Allen has a total of 27.1 miles, all of which is land and not covered in water. However, there are a few ponds spread across the city.

All this provides a great environment for rodents to breed and multiply their colonies.

Wild life is displaced when developments spring up on raw land that’s previously populated by insects, rodents, snakes, spiders and other pests.

When they are displaced, this means they may find their way back to where they came from… the land now occupied by your home!

This creates huge need for rodent control.

Rodent Control

You need to have a company that you know and trust to take care of your pest control issues because they spring up all time.

Even though rodents are small, they are not a small issue for homeowners in Allen, Texas.

Fact is, rats and mice are big pest problems for local homeowners. However, the bigger problem of the two definitely rats.

Rats are far more intelligent than mice, can cause more damage to your home, and can be more aggressive than mice.

The rodent control of rats can be tricky.

Rodent Control in TX

Rats. . . We Have Company!

Out of the 70 different species of rats that exist, the ones that give homeowners and property owners the most issues include just three:

Polynesian Rats – these rats are known for their Brown fur and tales that may be longer or shorter than bodies.

Norway Rats – these are also known as simply Brown rats. Just because they have brown fur and white belly fur, small ears, and tails smaller than their bodies. Brown rats are usually quite challenging to remove from properties due to their intelligence.

Roof Rats – these are also known as black rats. They are known for their large ears, long tails and black or brown fur coats.

Now that we have identified the top culprits that cost the most problems for homeowners in Allen, Texas, let’s take a look at some other facts you should know about these unwanted pests.

Rat Facts

One of the reasons rats are tougher to capture than mice is because they are simply more intelligent.

They are more aware of their surrounding area and they have extremely strong noses. With these powerful noses, rats can smell human sweat on rat traps.

When they smell your scent, they know not to go near that trap even though it’s laced with something most people think rats can’t resist – cheese!

If you have rats in your attic, one of the things they will do to survive is send out ‘test rats’ – usually younger members of the colony to check the source of food to see if it’s safe. Rats are scandalous, and will send in their own offspring as test-rats to save their own… tails!

While many people think that because they keep a clean house, they shouldn’t struggle with rats, the truth of the matter is that rats love invading freshly cleaned areas – not just dirty, grimy, abandoned homes like you see in the movies.

They’ll invade your freshly cleaned area and leave their scent to trace the areas they’ve been. The big problem with rats remaining in your home without being completely exterminated is that they can quickly multiply from being a small problem to a huge problem.

You see, rats reproduce very quickly.

In fact, they mate up to 20 times each and every day and can reproduce as many as 20 rats in a single litter. These new offspring become fully grown in just 3 to 4 months, which are soon ready themselves to reproduce the next generation of rats!

If you have rats that remain in your home for just 6 months, you can experience two generations of rats that have only known your attic as HOME!

If this happens it will be really tough to exterminate the leaders of the colony because they will send out the test rats to do the dirty work when traps are set.

But rats aren’t the only problem for homeowners in Allen, Texas.

Termites in Texas pose a huge threat also.

Termites In Texas

The reason termites in Texas give homeowners such a big problem is the same reason that rats give homeowners issues. The weather is perfect and it’s an ideal climate to multiply numbers and thrive.

You see, termites are a cold-blooded creature and are strongly influenced by the temperature.

It’s been proven that termites that live in this subtropic climate will forage for food in temperatures that range from 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. They won’t move around if it’s too hot or too cold.

Here in Allen, Texas, this means they get to move around a lot, with our mild winters and long summers.

Termites live in colonies that can number from several hundred to several million. They use soil, mud, wood, saliva and feces to build elaborate structures they call home.

This is especially problematic because they are very good at remaining concealed. It’s not until you see surface changes of wood that you can tell the presence of termites, in some cases.

Since these colonies of termites can go undetected and grow so large, and since they survive primarily from eating wood, it’s no wonder how they can cause such significant damage to homes and buildings.

One way you can detect the presence of termites is by seeing discarded wings that have shed and seeing winged termites inside your home.

Termites in Texas costs millions and millions of dollars in damage each and every year. You have to be vigilant regarding your home – ensuring that your home is safe from these silent killers.

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About Our Technicians

Our pest inspections and services are always provided by a licensed professional that works full-time for our company.

You should also rest assured that all of our full-time staff members are insured, have Workmen’s Compensation, and are bonded.

This should provide a lot of peace of mind because if any of our technicians are injured at the site of your home and they don’t have workers compensation, you can actually be sued.

With Safe Pro Pest Control, you get a 100% risk-free experience knowing all of our staff and technicians are fully covered.

Beyond this, we perform drug screens and background checks on all of our technicians. This is particularly good news because this industry is littered with unsafe and uninsured workers who come into your home.

Since a lot of companies use subcontractors to do the work, many homeowners experience service provided by subcontractors who don’t necessarily have proper insurances, bonding, workers compensation, training and a clean background.

Book Your No-Cost or Obligation Inspection Today!

The best way to ensure that you eliminate rodents, insects, and other wildlife that may be invading your home is to schedule your free, no obligation, no cost inspection with Safe Pro Pest Control today.

Before they cause further damage or before a worsening infestation of pests takes place in your home, let us complete a thorough inspection of your property.

When you schedule your inspection, we can usually come out to your home within 24 to 48 business hours.

What sets our inspection far apart from inspections provided by other extermination companies is how thorough it is. Most inspection firms offer a short 10 min. inspection.

Practically speaking and professionally speaking, you just can’t know the entire situation of a home’s pest problem in that time.

Case in point, most other pest control companies don’t get on top of your roof. The reality is that most pest problems take place in the attic and most pests find their way into the attic through the roof.

So, without getting on the roof you can’t know how pests are getting into your home. This means they will likely find their way into your home again, quite easily, if the breach in your roof is not fixed.

When we perform service for clients we not only do we exterminate all pests – even if it takes several visits to completely exterminate your problem (at no extra charge to you) – we also repair the damage done to your home.

This means that if rats have chewed a hole through your roof to get in, we will prepare that hole so they don’t have that opportunity anymore.

Since our inspection is so much more complete than the service provided by other pest control companies, the value of the services is $180.

Still, the good news is we provide the service absolutely free.

There’s no reason to wait.

You should pick up the phone right now and call 214-773-9548 or fill in your details below to schedule your free inspection.

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