• What is a roof rat

What is a Roof Rat


Rodents are the most common pest in the US, representing 30% of all pest infestations in America.

Mice and rats are the most frequently seen rodents in residential and commercial properties. One particular kind of rat has been especially troublesome, and that is the roof rat.

You might be wondering what is a roof rat? A roof rat is a type of rat that was named due to its tendency to hang out on roofs and higher elevations in buildings.

Like other rodents, roof rats can cause damage to your house and your family’s health. In this article we will go through the origin of roof rats, what is their habitat, tips to get rid of them, and much more.

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What is a Roof Rat?

When it comes to rodents, there are many types and they all vary in shape, size, color, and even behavior.

One of the most common rat varieties in the US is the Texas roof rat. Black rats and ship rats are other names for roof rats, Texas just uses the term roof rat more frequently.

Thought to have originated in Southeast Asia, Texas roof rats can now be found anywhere, but they are most common in tropical areas. When discussing roof rats, Texas may not seem like an obvious issue as they are known to be a common problem in the southern half of the country, around seaports, especially in coastal areas.

So, what is a roof rat and what does it look like? Texas roof rats are long, slender rodents with prominent eyes and ears, a snub snout, and a scaly tail. Roof rats Texas often have soft, smooth fur that is brown with scattered black patches. They also frequently have white, gray, or black undersides.

The overall length of an adult roof rat’s head and body is 6-8″ (16-20 cm). Their tails, which measure 7 to 10″, are noticeably longer than their heads and bodies (19-25 cm). Normally, they weigh 5 to 9 ounces (150 to 250 g), although they can get as big as 12 ounces (340 g).

If you already know what a roof rat is and you suspect you’re having a roof rat infestation at your property, our roof rat control experts will take care of the problem and offer advice on precautionary measures to keep it from happening again.

What damage do roof rats cause

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Why is it Called a Roof Rat?

The moniker “roof rat” refers to the animal’s tendency to take refuge in buildings toward the roof instead of the ground.

Once they gain access to the inside, roof rats are known to contaminate food that has been stored and act as carriers of harmful diseases.

In addition, roof rats consistently cause material damage by chewing through almost anything they can dig their teeth into. Because roof rats are excellent climbers, they can access almost any area of your home or business.

How Do You Get Rid of Rats on the Roof?

The Texas roof rat can be challenging to eradicate because they will reside and hide in areas of your property that are very tough to get to. Getting assistance from a pest control expert is the most efficient technique to control roof rats in your home. For assistance with roof rats in your house call SafePro for a free consultation.

For homeowners, roof rats in the attic can be a serious problem. To stop a roof rat invasion, here are some tips for you to take into consideration:

  • Repairing or replacing any missing or loose roof shingles
  • Covering chimneys with a tight-fitting cap
  • Make sure that outdoor garbage cans are set back from the exterior of your house and have tight-fitting lids
  • Trim back bushes and trees that are near the exterior of your property
  • Fill up any gaps near windows and doors
  • Make sure that vent covers are snugly fitting
  • Food stored within your home should be maintained in refrigerators or sealed containers
  • Contact a local rodent expert, like SafePro

Rats will not go away on their own so to protect your family’s health and your property before they cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of damage.

A professionals pest control specialist should take care of the issue correctly the first time before it spreads. With the correct procedures, tools, and training necessary to deal with rats, they should be able to take care of your problem for you.
An expert exterminator may use a variety of eradicating techniques. Here are just a few:

Rat Baits and Glue Traps

Rat traps and rat bait traps are by far the most popular and reasonably priced ways to deal with a rat problem. What is a roof rat’s nemesis? Not being able to flee when they sense danger. The rat bait lures them in and glue traps prevent them from moving on. A pest control expert will determine the correct bait and the high rat traffic areas that will be most beneficial. Sometimes a rat’s pathway is evident as they leave evidence of where they congregate and eat. Rats need time to develop a trusting relationship with new objects, thus a pest control specialist will know the best places to set up this type of trap.

Electronic Traps

Rat extermination with ultrasonic technology is chemical-free and humane. With sounds that are imperceptible to human ears, rats are annoyed and driven away rather than killing them.

However, professional ultrasonic products do not promise to eliminate rodents, but they do a good job at decreasing rodent numbers.

Now sure the best method to get rid of roof rats for your home or business? SafePro experts are familiar with rodents that invade north Texas so know the best extermination methods to get rid of rats efficiently TODAY. We offer safe and chemical-free options and work hard to make sure we have the latest and greatest techniques to solve any kind of pest infestation problem you may have.

rat seating on the roof

What Damage Do Roof Rats Cause?

What is a roof rat’s favorite thing to do? Besides reproduce, roof rats love to chew. That’s why homeowners will notice damage caused by roof rats before they ever actually see one.

Roof rats love to chew through walls, wiring, pipes, and other essential components of your building. They generally don’t stop as soon as they gain access to your home.

Roof rats will devour food, paper, cardboard, and just about anything else they feel like chewing. And the more they eat, the more harmful they are as they can transmit disease through their feces and urine.

Get Rid of Roof Rats in Your Home Today

Now that you know what is a roof rat and the potential risks and damage they can cause to your property, it is necessary to get rid of them before the problem escalates.

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