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Do I Need a Pest Control Service?: 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control

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The Citizen’s Guide to Pest Control Texas

Going out on your own to rid your home of pests can be overwhelming and highly dangerous. If not done properly, it can put not only you at risk, but your entire family as well as your surroundings. That’s why even though you might opt to do this yourself, it’s always advised that you contact a professional Plano pest control for more information. You can call (972)435-0700 and we will put you in touch with a professional right away. But before you pick up the phone,read the following tips for a pest-free home.

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Prevent Pests in the first place for better pest control!

Most homeowners focus on getting rid of pests, but don’t take the time to investigate why they have pests in the first place. Most bugs and rodents that come into your home are looking for shelter or food, so if you can identify their point of entry you’re going to be more successful at getting rid of them altogether. 

But sometimes getting rid of their entry point isn’t enough. Pests are persistent. As long as pests find your home appealing they are going to find a way in. Some of the easiest ways in which you can avoid pests gathering in your home are to follow these EPA’s guidelines known as “Indoor Preventions”. 

One of these tips includes fixing any pipe that leaks before enough water is accumulated for the pests to survive. Remove any water-damaged and damp materials and make sure the area remains completely dry. Store food in an airtight container and keep areas where food is consumed clean – this includes areas where pet food bowls are kept. Block off entry points and hiding places where pests may find inviting. This may include caulking cracks and crevices around cabinets or sealing door frames. It’s advised by the EPA to cover any drain holes with wire mesh. 

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Some words regarding Chemical Pesticides

If you do decide to use a pesticide in or around your home, remember that they will only have a temporary effect. If you suspect that there is a considerable amount of pests scattered around your house, it’s suggested that you call an expert to examine the damage, and get rid of them.

Our team of experts at SafePro knows what works best when it comes to pest control within Texas. So, call us today at (972)435-0700 to schedule an appointment!

Even if you choose not to hire an expert and deal with pests on your own, you should follow some of the following guidelines. Keep in mind that some of these pesticides can be extremely hazardous to your family or your surroundings if they’re not properly stored, handled, applied, or disposed of. As mentioned earlier, the results typically won’t last for long, and repeated treatments may be required. 

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Because you may need to repeat treatment, it’s important to choose the right pesticide to make sure it is safe for your family and your home.Read the product label carefully before buying and know how to store and dispose of it properly. You should also be cautious when determining what amount to use. Most importantly, remember to never use the same device which you used to measure the pesticide, to use for food. Even if you’ve washed them, don’t.

Lastly, never use pesticides meant to be applied outdoors for inside application. This is because the proportions would be very different from the one written on the label intended for indoors. When you improperly misuse a pesticide, the results could be highly toxic and hazardous to humans.

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